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Love Him So Much! 22/03/2012

Adam in Swedish Magazine Glitter thanks to @_ninni



Trespassing RINGTONE Link thanks to @illuxxia!


@josirose:Brian May, in a brief interview today on SAfrican radio @945Kfm just said @adamlambert is extraordinary!Yes he is:D


Adam in Finnish Magazine thanks to @illuxxia

"Listen to Adam" Demi magazine Finland 4/2012  

"I think life is easier when you don't have to lie. Making excuses and lies is a tough job!" AL 

I'm still learning to be open and at the same time keep some things private. I love Sauli so much and that's all everyone needs to know" AL 

The album is for fans who want to know more about me. The songs are personal, but reflect feelings everyone goes through" AL


Snippets thanks to @mindchnger

@glamgran58  I'll give them a break-they let us come in afterwards for a pic with him! He said Cuckoo will probably be next single at Q&A's...
Cuckoo (likely the next single!) thanks to MrAidanLambert

Trespassing thanks to MrAidanMcEwan

and this one is on repeat for me!

Download this one quick before its gone!

Thanks to ame291079

Adam Lambert thanks to Listoff! 


late flail - Adam said "nice, I have a way w pussy cats" & looks at TJR who covers his face laughing. 

Fan Recap thanks to Lynne on Adamtopia

Adam came out and sang a beautiful unmiked version of BTIKM. It sounded unbelievably crazy good live. Our group was told no vids, and so most were just listening, getting swept along in the beauty of those vocals. I do think he likes seeing people's faces and connecting with them when he sings. Of course, he looked right at me several times when he was singing, LOL. Really, though. He did.

The group was maybe 40 people... 6 guys, the rest female, equal parts girls 20-25 and 40-50 with a few younger teenage girls. Age wise, we were very diverse.

There was no DJ interviewing him, yay, and it was all very informal. After BTIKM he surprised us and asked if any of us had any questions. We did, lol. He chatted with us for a LONG time. It is a joy to watch him talk and to see how he genuinely connects with people. Then he sang WWFM and talked to us some more. He ended with Cuckoo. They sounded amazing unmiked. I can't even believe the things he can do with his voice.

When the questions started, I decided to get my time in right away. I told him I really admire the way he always expresses appreciation and thanks in his life and so I wanted to take take the opportunity
to express my thanks to him for taking some questions from us and for his music, and for retweeting the snippets of his new music yesterday. He asked me if I had listened to them all; I said that I had, that I loved them, he said thanks and gave me a big smile and said he wanted to give something to the fans since that was the original release date.

I asked him to tell me more about Shady and he said that he loves it, that it is groovy and funky and joked that the lyrics are "nasty." I asked him a question from Atop ask Adam about if being an international star influences his song choices. He said that different people in different parts of the world respond to different songs, but the songs last tour that everyone everywhere responded to were Strut, Fever and If I Had You, and that made him want to do more of those kind of dance songs for this album, because he felt how well
they worked on tour. He then added that he still wanted to include some more emotional songs to allow people to connect with him emotionally through the music as well.

We asked if anything surprised him this year in making the album and he said that he was surprised how much he liked his studio time this past year and how much he liked writing
songs, and that that is something he would like to get even more involved in, even with other artists. He says he has written a lot of songs and would be interested in giving them to other artists.

Someone asked him how he memorized lyrics. After admitting to a few lyric fails from time to time, he said that he listens to his album every day, that he has been listening to it every day for a while now because he wants to make sure it is perfect and that he can live with these songs and sing them over and over and not get tired of them. He then very quietly, and somehow humbly, said it is a really good album and he is very proud of it.

He said he probably won't tour for a while because he wants to spend the time necessary
to really be able promote each single well and that when he does tour, he wants the tour to be more of a spectacle this time around and more put together than last time.

Someone asked him how it is to pour himself into the really emotional songs. He says sometimes when he is singing them it is almost like a dream state and that it can be exhausting.

Someone asked if he will ever sing Can't Let You Go live. Laughing, he said it is a really hard song to sing.He said some songs are hard to sing live (mentioned pick you up and broken open) because of the arrangement post production or because they just don't play right live. He did say he might bring Broken Open back this tour because he loves it and he wrote it.

When Adam did Cuckoo, he did some great chair dancing, kind of some of the disco rodeo moves. My daughter (likes Adam, but not an avid fan) loved his voice when he sang Cuckoo. The song sounds really great live.

One young girl asked if she could ask Tommy a question. Adam said of course she could. Then she asked Tommy, with a sigh, very seriously, what it was like to get to be around Adam all day, every single day, lol. Tommy was sweet and said that it has literally been life changing, and they had some cute interaction together.

The thing that was surprising and amazing to me, although some have mentioned this before, was how I felt like I was having a genuine conversation with him during the Q and
A, and how I felt heard. Surprisingly, I didn't feel at all nervous. He made me feel he enjoyed talking to me as much as I enjoyed talking to him. No wonder interviewers rave about how nice he is. He is just a beautiful and very humble man.

I never cared about having my picture taken with him, but ended up doing it because I
wanted that proximity, lol. When my daughter and I came up for our turn, he gave us a big smile, opened his arms wide and said, "My girls." That made my year.

O h yeah, and he said that the album is all done and that there is just some final mixing to do.


Nothing on the Schedule today!


Listen below to a teaser of Adam Lambert’s new album ‘Trespassing’ – our first thought was that he NEEDS a confirmed release date for this album now, otherwise the whole thing will have leaked before it’s available to download legally.
Secondly it’s a very dancey sound on these tracks, Cuckoo still stands out as an obvious single choice but all of the track snippets stand out in their own way, I really liked the one in which Adam sleeps ‘if I had my way we’d never close our eyes’.  Trespassing also features an amazing Queen-esq crowd clapping moment – I can imagine this will go down amazingly well in a live setting.


Adam Lambert in Bravo Magazine Germany thanks to @AdamsGlitter91

Translation thanks to @adamsglitter91

Styled hair, street wear outfit, heavy boots – Adam Lambert looks like a real rockstar. And what is a must-have for that look? Of course: Tattoos!
The „BTIKM“-singer has already four of them! But that's not enough for him, the 30-year-old told BRAVO: „I'm totally into Egyptian symbols, like my Eye of Horus tattoo. I can't even explain why.”
Winking he adds: “Maybe this preference results from an earlier life. Who knows?”
He finds the ideas for his tattoos in his private environment. Like the skeleton key tattoo: “I found it in a painting at home. Maybe I'll add another element out of it.”
You can read about the meaning of the tattoos which decorate his forearm on the left.

The key tattoo: “A friend of mine, Hans Haveron, is an artist. He drew this really big picture for me that I have at home. The skeleton key is a symbol in it. I just think the motif is really cool”

The infinity tattoo: “If you're on stage, this energy develops and you share it with the audience. It's like some kind of magic, that's all around the room – in form of the symbol for infinity”

The Eye of Horus tattoo: “The Eye of Horus is an Egyptian hieroglyph that symbolizes protection. I totally love everything Egyptian!” It was the first tattoo Adam got – in Spring of 2009.

The “OOFTA” tattoo: Adam and his boyfriend Sauli Koskinen (26) both got this tattoo in January 2012. “The word is kind of an insider joke between us. It means something like OMG...”



So why would meeting this person in particular turn me into someone who squeals like a schoolgirl (something which, thankfully, only happened once I’d left Adam’s presence)?
 Maybe it’s because Adam’s more than just an entertainer to me. I don’t mean for this to sound like he’s taken on the form of a deity in my life. But Adam’s impact on my life feels…stronger than most entertainers.
 For starters, there’s the gay pop singer factor. Adam was the first openly gay pop singer to sign to a major label. As somebody who follows pop culture, it felt significant. I normally gravitate towards female pop singers in my listening habits. Adam’s one of the few male singers to grab my interest, not only because he fits the style of music I like, but also because I can sing along to his songs and not have to do a gender-flip (seriously, his song “Fever” is my jam).


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Letters for Adam

Dear Adam,
There are just no words to tell you about the joy you have given me, and how becoming a "Glambert" was a life-changing event for me. 

 Flashback three years ago- a sad, depressed, middle aged lady who once was so full of life, and now lost all of her zest.  Flash forward - and now?  Adam, being a Glambert I have had the time of my life!  Sharing laughter and tears as we follow your journey to stardom.  Meeting such wonderful people who share in the passions of music and life. 

 I now study voice, thanks to your inspiration and have gotten my creative juices flowing.  (And I'm embarrassed to admit, my sexy juices too!)  I have performed in musical theater and for the 2nd year in a row, I am now directing an original children's musical at the school where I work as a teacher.  I am taking more risks with fashion, buying jewelry that I never would have purchased, being more bold.  

And this is a big change - I was never into pop music before - a classical/Broadway nerd, I never even knew about Queen growing up in the 70s and 80s!!  Now, I'm immersed in pop culture, know what all the major hits are, who the stars are, and have learned a lot about the music industry just following your career.  

Your face is my medicine, your voice my vitamins, your good soul my source of sunshine.  I had the joy of meeting you and hugging you in Concord, New Hampshire when you wore the necklace I bought you and wrote you a poem in a card.  It was a moment I'll never forget.  

Thank you so much Adam for the joy you have given me, and I wish you all the success in the world as you embark on album number two!
mermaidlady on AO
@kayakmermaid on twitter


Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner


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  1. HaHa! I sent you an email right before I read your blog and I see you quoted my tweet about Cuckoo! To clarify, I was sitting in the lobby of the radio station following the livestream on twitter and merely quoting what they said there. I sent you a link of our pic of Adam and my friend and her son if you want to post it. Another testament to Adam's big heart for his fans. So worth the 350 mile round trip!


  2. I SO love those vids and pictures with Adam and Tommy. They are so cute. It seems they had a great time. :)
    And thanks so much for the Fan Recap. It's really appreciated.

  3. Ha - Snippet Fever! We've all got it - and we don't care - lol.

    Keep listening - hear different things each time. I love this Album already with a white-hot passion.

    Coming the month of "Maybe" - Not soon enough!

    Having a drink to keep me calm -
    luvya, lee


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