Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Sauli! Happy 27th Birthday! 28/03/2012


In my opinion (which means nothing), give it a day or two before you cancel your arrangements for the UK.. Something is gonna happen!  Hoping for all of you with tickets for the UK!

Trespassing from Alice

Better Than I Know Myself from Alice




@Scorpiobert  Screencap of trending WW. Have a great Birthday ! we love you♥

Kathryn17 Adam Lambert in new Rolling Stone issue! Photo by @spreckles And in case you can't read it:

NEW Adam Lambert in Rolling Stone article:

Forget Second-Album Jitters: For Lambert, cutting a follow-up was a delight compared to his 2009 debut. "The las on, we were guessing," says the klaxon-voice, mascara-eyes American Idol runner-up. "There was no time to let it settle and live with music. It was 'Get it out there before people forget about you.'" For Trespassing, Lambert took his sweet time exploring a fun, hybrid sound of his own: "I'm not borrowing so much from classic rock this time - more from disco, funk, house, Dance-oriented stuff." Producers include Pharrell Williams and Chic's Nile Rodgers, who has called his collaboration with Lambert "one of the most organically perfect jams I've had since Bowie." The album's lyrics celebrate hedonistic abandon but also explore the trials of being an openly gay pop star. "I still feel like I'm not welcome," Lambert says. "Pop music feels like high school. There's the really cool kids, and I'm not one of those!"

- Jonah Weiner


@997now Thank you @adamlambert for hanging out with us today! Check out photos & listen to the hilarious interview:


Queen post Sonisphere cancellation message

Iconic rock band Queen have posted a message on their official website that appears to announce the cancellation of the UK's Sonisphere 2012.




GLAMBERTS - You need to ask for ADAM - the Kiss 92.5 music survey today asks who you want to see at Wham Bam Toronto



Photo: @adamlambert holding court in the @aliceradio acoustic lounge with @sarahandvinne and @jaynatalice...



(Photo via 997 NOW/JessRam)


One year ago!


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j azzymixsf

Thx @adamlambert 4 stopping by. He played tracks off the new album. WOW! Lovin the music!


To the beautiful SUNSHINE who helps our amazing STAR SHINE! 

 Have a great day!  XO 

(Thanks @aquariussue7)


Fan tribute birthday videos down the page!


Trespassing release dates:

May 11, 2012: Norway
May 15, 2012: US, Canada, Mexico
May 16, 2012: Finland
May 18, 2012: Germany, Austria


Twelve Songs on the Standard Release and Fifteen on the Deluxe!

Can't Stop Listening!




Thanks to @TrespassMyAss



Does he know something we don't know? 

 (This article has now been deleted by the way)


American Idol season eight runner-up, Adam Lambert, is set to release new single ‘Never Close Our Eyes’, from his forthcoming album “Trespassing”, which is due out in May.

The single, written by r ‘n b sensation, Bruno Mars, sounds very similar to Adam’s previous track ‘For Your Entertainment’ in terms of tempo, yet at the same time, possesses a very different sound.

‘Never Close Our Eyes’ moves away from traditional pop music to electronica and dance, with definite influences coming from the Queen of Pop herself, Lady Gaga, the current Britney Spears, and some dub-step thrown in there as well.

When I first listened to this song, I could have been forgiven in thinking that somewhere along the line, someone had put the wrong artist’s name on the cover.

From American Idol runner-up to Pop sensation, Adam Lambert has certainly done well for himself, be it performing at the MTV EMA Awards with Queen, and having a Sonisphere headlining slot with the rock legends, to belting out hit after hit, I believe he will long reign in the Pop world alongside the likes of and Rihanna.

No doubt this single will be a chart climber and a floor filler

jok1213 @shoshannastone Is this true SINGLE REVIEW: ADAM LAMBERT – ‘NEVER CLOSE OUR EYES’

@shoshannastone @jok1213 they are guessing

shoshannastone @jok1213 page no longer exists

Adam Events!

March 28: Radio, US. 99.7 NOW San Francisco, CA. [More Info]
March 28: Radio, US. Star 101.3 San Francisco, CA. [Webpage]
March 28: Radio, US. Alice Radio 97.3 San Francisco, CA. [More Info]
March 29: Radio, US. Mix 106.5 San Jose, CA. [More Info]
March 30: Radio, US. Star 94.1 San Diego, CA. [More Info]
March 30: Radio, US. Sophie 103.7 San Diego, CA. [More Info]
March 30: Radio, US. HOT 103.5 Sacramento, CA. Ray Styles Tonight with Adam Lambert 7p-9p PT. [Source]

Sauli Koskinen and sisters

Happy 27th Birthday Sauli!

Sauli's Blog

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Funny and True!!

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  1. I love the Meeting Adam cartoon. That would totally be me!

  2. I'm so glad I ordered the deluxe version of Trespassing...more Adam is always betterer! I hope Sauli is having a nice birthday. I can't get a feel for how much time he and Adam have had together on the promo tour...surely not enough. I'm sorry to hear that Sonisphere 2012 may be cancelled. I feel bad for the fans who have tickets plus there'll be no vids of Adam performing with Queen. ):

  3. I am so bummed that they have cancelled Sonisphere. I am sure that some other venue will jump on that though. There are tons of places that would love to have that concert. I hope it is in the states. I was not going to see it. But I was really looking forward to the DVD.
    I love the Sauli wishes and vids. So sweet.
    I am a huge fan of the cartoon also. So adorable, and sweet. I love love love it...

  4. You are seeming to make it impossible to post here...
    I will try again.
    I love all the Sauli videos and cards, etc. I am so in love with the cartoon also. So cute and funny, and ironic, in so many ways. I am sure there are gazillions of people that are just like them.
    Thank you for all the news and updates you post here. I met his uncle and aunt in line for the Portland appearance on Sunday, and the uncle says he is a big fan too. I spend about an hour a day reading and watching the blog. So please try and make it easier to comment. I know if others are having as hard a time as I am, it is curtailing the amount of response that you are getting.

  5. Sorry if you have a problem with leaving a comment. Perhaps this will help

    You can also email to me or tweet @adambertdaily and if you ask me to, I will post for you



  6. I am incredibly disappointed that Sonisphere has been cancelled especially as I had VIP seats to see our amazing Adam. Hoping they can play at another venue in Britain when I'm over there. Thank you so much for all the great live performances of Adam's new songs. May 15 can't come quick enough. He just gets better every year and his sense of humor is just a joy to behold.


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