Monday, 26 March 2012

Thankful for You! 26/03/2012

Adam on the Bob Rivers Show


kathyzapata: It was fun hanging out with adamlambert

Adam Sings in Portland thanks to Brityn


adamlambert Get it! Back to the 90s: Boom boom.  

Adamlambert Ugh my fav!! 20yrs since the fabulousness that is   courtesy of  &  

adamlambert I'm so glad you all like "Never Close Our Eyes"! just to get the rumors straight: Bruno Mars WROTE it but its not a duet. Just me singin ;) 


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lizdevine: Adam Lambert!! @ Al's Den (at The Crystal Hotel)

Adam and Tommy shopping? 


Video's from the Bing Lounge in1080 HD: Never Close Our Eyes - WWFM -


"Trespassing" release date for Germany is set for 18th May 2012

Norway... earlier?

Adam Lambert gives fans a rendition of Katy Perry's 'Part Of Me'

Adam Lambert has paid homage to pop star Katy Perry at a fan event in Oregon yesterday (March 25).
The vocal sensation took part in an intimate event where he played some songs and answered fans' questions.
One fan grilled Lambert about the songs that he sings in the shower - to which he replied he hasn't been able to get Katy Perry's 'Part Of Me' out of his head.
A plucky radio DJ hosting the event then tried his luck and asked Lambert if he fancied singing some of the sort - which he duly adhered to.
As previously reported, Lambert recently c


Brian May Interview


Great Quality of Performance at Bing Yesterday!

MP4 of  NCOE

Fan Recap thanks to Abritron on Adamtopia

I was at Bing yesterday with JoGib (Atop lurker). We got 2nd row seats right in front of Adam!! The acoustics were great and it was a very intimate space. There is no doubt that he is best seen and heard live! The voice and charisma are huge. NCOE is my favourite and the live performance was fantastic; probably because he changes a song up every time he sings it so it is fresh. When he asked what we wanted for the third song, the loudest cheers were for Trespassing and Cuckoo. Dunno why he went with WWFM ! I was slightly disappointed as I feel it was an opportunity to finish with a new song. Jo and I got our pics taken just the two of us with Adam ! It must have been our lucky day, what with the second row seats! He looked so slim, clear and composed. The voice was EFFORTLESS AND FLAWLESS!


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New Next Now Thursday April 5

Adam will be performing


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Extended version of this interview


Adam Lambert Screencap thanks to @FoxVegas

Schedule for This Week!

March 25: Radio, US. Live 95.5KBFF Portland, Oregon. The Bing Lounge 6pm local time. [Facebook | Livestream]

March 26: Radio, US. Z100 Portland, Oregon. [More Info]

March 26: Radio, US. 105.1 The Buzz Portland, OR. [Source]
March 27: Radio, US. NOW 100.5 Sacramento, CA. [More Info]
March 27: Radio, US. 107.9 The End Sacramento, CA. [More Info]
March 27: Meet & Greet and performance at MetroPCS Lounge. [More Info]
March 28: Radio, US. 99.7 NOW San Francisco, CA. [More Info]
March 28: Radio, US. Star 101.3 San Francisco, CA. [Webpage]
March 28: Radio, US. Alice Radio 97.3 San Francisco, CA. [More Info]
March 29: Radio, US. Mix 106.5 San Jose, CA. [More Info]

March 30: Radio, US. Sophie 103.7 San Diego, CA. [More Info]


All Performances of Cuckoo

All performances of Trespassing


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Adam Lambert and Tommy Joe Ratliff thanks to @lilybop2012


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Letters to Adam

Dear Adam,

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for 

coming into my life.

I am a person that suffer's Depression and some days are 

just too hard.

But knowing I have you there in my life often lift's me out 

of a dark place.

You make me smile, laugh and just make everything seem 

brighter, even on the darkest days.

The Better Than I Know Myself video for me is an great 

depiction of life for me, the dark fighting the light.

The light doesn't always win, but there is more light in my 

life these days than there is dark.

Please keep spreading your light and love around the 

world for many years to come.

I live in Australia, and I hope in the future that one day I to will get a chance to meet such a wonderful and inspiring human being as you are.

Thank You

Jo H   @tattoojo

Dear Adam,
I have been meaning to send you some fan mail for ages, but school is really hectic with my A levels exams coming up, the results of which will be the deciding factor as to whether I get to go to my dream university.
I’m Lucy. I’ve written to you before, actually, last year. My friend Joan gave you a letter at one of your UK Glam Nation concert…and you’ve also met me (but I haven’t met you…I know, weird) – In your chart show TV interview, I was the girl who asked you in a video message who your ‘hairspiration’ was!

I’m just going to come right out and say that you mean the world to me. There isn’t a day that I’m not thankful for being blessed with you, because you are such a positive influence on my life. When I look at my past, the struggles I had with bullies seem like a distant memory, but one which I remember all too well! Yet I look back cathartically. On the depression the hate made me feel, not so much. There was a time when I hated myself excessively because I believed everything those nasty people said to be true – I thought I needed to change, but hard as I tried, I didn’t seem to be able to, and people were always repelled. I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror without thinking I was ugly. I had absolutely no self-esteem, and it had got to a stage where I was becoming too unable to hide it anymore. I even tried to self-harm, once. The reason for that is too long to state here.

When you came along on American Idol, it was like an answer to my desperate prayers. At first I didn’t know what to think of you except that you were very good looking. However, as time went by and I realized you were doing it for ‘the weird kid’, you became my hero.  Your story of how you weren’t popular in high school and how you always felt different made me feel as though I wasn’t alone. Just seeing you on Idol, how confident and sure of yourself you were, made me forget about how sad I was, and slowly I began to change. To heal.

 Somehow, the confidence you emit, I began to find in myself. I realised I couldn’t give those bullies the satisfaction of seeing me suffer anymore, and I found a voice somewhere within me to stand up for myself. Your version of No Boundaries actually healed a lot of psychological wounds for me and helped show me that there is no need to be ashamed of who I am – that freaky, weird, quirky bassoonist. It helped show me that I could BE anyone I wanted to be, but in my HEART I was deciding to be the girl God made me to be. I realized that it was not ME that needed to change who I was, but the bullies who needed to change. As I began gaining self-respect, I began to take care of my appearance and I began to realise that beauty always comes from the inside out, and confidence follows.

 I started to feel a weird, fluttery feeling inside me all the time, especially while listening to and watching you – I know now that the feeling is happiness. The fact that you went for your dream on American Idol also showed me the importance of HAVING GOALS AND DREAMS and NEVER GIVING UP! You taught me so much about fighting for what I want, and I am now never one for giving up on anything. I am a musician (bassoon and a little piano) and since you taught me to believe in myself and my dreams, my rate of musical success in terms of competitions and getting into various orchestras have doubled. 

I will be playing ‘Firebird’ by Stravinsky with the Ulster Youth Orchestra in the summer and I hope to study music at university so that one day I can be a professional musician, travelling the world with orchestras and inspiring people with music just as you inspired me with YOUR music and message.

Adam, I always remember how strong I am when I look at you, because you stand as a reminder of how I’ve overcome my struggles, just as you did yourself. In 2010, your magical journey of Glam Nation (though I never actually got to see it live) made me realise the way to gain friends and have people love me was to love myself.

Finally, I accepted myself fully and began to love myself, just the way I am, imperfections and all. In 2010, I gained the grades I needed to move from my high school to a grammar school, where my confidence blossomed and I became much more extraverted. I have now got more friends than I can count on my fingers twice, all of whom love me for WHO I AM, and not who I should be.

You also taught me not to judge a book by its cover. I used to be closed minded and believe that gay was unnatural and wrong, because it’s what I’ve grow up hearing in my faith. I’ve actually undergone quite the change of attitude, especially recently. I recently discovered that God is love, and because of this, love is NEVER wrong and is beautiful. I have been allying myself with the LGBT community now for over a year and, while people in my faith still try to change my views, I strongly believe in my own beliefs and have the strength to KEEP BELIEVING and supporting this community no matter what. And I’m convinced there should be a section in that community for ‘Girls who love gay men’ –because that’s me! Not one guy I’ve liked hasn’t been gay all along. I even had someone bible bash me very severely for my beliefs, which caused me to have a little bit of a breakdown late last year, but I’m building myself back up. I actually have had five people come out to me in the past while, and I’ve seen them liberate themselves and it just makes me feel so happy because they’re free now.
Adam, you are so special to make. You opened my eyes, mind and heart and you set me FREE. You made me feel as though I could be ME and because of you my faith has changed to a space in which I know that God is LOVE. Love is the higher law. Because when I live in love, I feel free…I am me! I am original – my friend Megs made up a name for my fashion sense – PIXIE DRAG – Because I am floopy and flamboyant all the time.
I still get negative sometimes, when something triggers bad feelings or memories, and sometimes I still find myself in a place where I feel boxed in and alone. But you help me remember to never give up on myself and to always look for the positive. Glass is half full, never half empty. And most importantly, I’ve learned that I’m not alone. Everyone gets down and everyone has a dark side…we just need to find the balance!
In 2011, when people were trying to drown me with negative messages, telling me you were leading me away from my faith, I felt as though something in me were broken and I felt more and more down. Not to get too deep, but I believe God sent me some people to remind me why I love you – my Glamily. Someone gifted me with your peace pendant. I wear it every day under my school uniform and my clothes to remind me to never, ever let go of my love and self-belief. Another Glambert drew you for me…these two packages arrived on the same day, and it was like God re-affirming that you are the inspiration he meant me to have. Being a Glambert is the most amazing thing ever – unlike any colour or religion or orientation, we come TOGETHER and celebrate difference rather than marginalising it. That’s why we love you so much – you showed us how to unite diversity in peace and harmony.
 Maybe it was because you were away recording your CD…but I missed you last year. I missed flailing over you. THANK GOODNESS THAT FLAILINESS HAS RETURNED! TRESPASSSSSSIIIIINNNNG <3
I don’t like getting too deep because I know you say you just want it to be about the music, but sometimes I can’t help but think that if you hadn’t have come along and shared your amazing gift with us all, I wouldn’t be the person I am. I never would have got to a place where I can say that I AM HAPPY AND I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT MYSELF.

I’m SO excited for Trespassing. I had a countdown going on, but that went to hell when ‘Mapril’ came along! I IMPLORE YOU TO SEE REASON, SIR! I am desperate beyond measure to hear what treats your amazing voice and song writing skills has to offer! I love what we’ve already heard – BTIKM song and video is amazing and really personally speaks to me, Trespassing the song is INSANE (you sounded black at some points while singing it in Austria), and Outlaws of Love is the most beautiful and revolutionary thing I have ever heard. <3 

I believe you have the power to change the world with that song. Now THAT is an active fight for a cause. ALSO, SONISPHERE AND MOSCOW WITH QUEEN OMG! I am so fecking excited to hear what you sing! PLEASE. DO. SOMEBODY. TO. LOVE <3 And Bohemian rhapsody…and and and…Under Pressure…and and and AHHHHHHHHHHHoasjyfgluwhef;ksjhkl;heqlwjhgwwegeg!!!! << Flail <3

This year, I’ll hopefully be going off to the mainland UK to study music, and I’m hoping this year or next will be my first time seeing you live. I’ve waited so long and I know it will mean the world to me. Maybe we’ll even meet (I’m not as whiney in person as I am in this letter) – that would be lovely <3

Until then,
Au Revoir, Mr Lambert, sir,
Love, light, peace and BLESS YOU <3
LucyXX (@glambassoonist)


Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

Thanks to @GrayBooHoo

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  1. I can't stop listening to NCOE, for some reason youtube shut it down but I bookmarked it and emailed it to myself and I still have it, but to see it performed live puts me in another world, I just love that song, I think Bruno co-wrote that one with adam. My favorite by far of all that I have heard, can't wait to hear the rest of the album in May.

  2. Didn't he look absolutely gorgeous in that blue shirt? OMG - that profile while he was singing - such ease - effortless - so darn charming. The quickness of his mind in these situations - his wit and sense of fun - charisma off the charts.
    NCOE is not my fav of the four songs - but his voice makes anything beautiful.
    Thanks for all your work putting these vids up - always know where to come to get the best.
    luv, lee


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