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Holding On! 28/04/2012


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A, D, C... B, E, F, G...what do you mean that's not the order? @adamlambert @DanielleStori @chazio


@adamlambert Most beautiful people inside and out. Happy Birthday, sweet @DanielleStori. We love you.

@adamlambert You looked great tonight. Your new health kick has done wonders for you. Best of luck to you. Thank u for your time


@adamlambert You looked great tonight. Your new health kick has done wonders for you. Best of luck to you. Thank u for your time

Look who we bumped into tonight? I could not end the night any better than this tonight as I ran into Adam who looked as if he had been reborn into healthiness. His skin glowed, he appeared in great shape, nails done, in a great mood, and ready to be photographed for his fans. Adam spoke with myself and a video guy about his future and the amazing projects he has in the works. All I can say is “Hold On” everyone because I think that Adam is about to take the world by the reigns and change the way we hear and know music.

I look forward to bringing you all more photos and news from him again as soon as I see him.


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Queen Talks ‘Idol,’ Adam Lambert & The Queen Extravaganza

While the Queen Extravaganza is touring the States this summer, Brian and Roger will be playing a few one-off dates overseas, in a special Queen lineup fronted by "Idol's" own Adam Lambert, whom they first met on "Idol's" amazing Season 8 finale. When asked what fans can expect from that understandably much-hyped collaboration, Roger exclaimed, "Fireworks!" And Brian expounded: "Something different. [Adam] has an extraordinary voice, there's no way you can get around that--whether you love him or hate him. He's extraordinary. So we'll be exploring new ways to do things. We don't like to just reproduce what we did before; we like to move on and try new ways of doing stuff. So it will be exciting!"



Video: Adam Lambert Kicks A** On Jimmy Kimmel Live

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With Adam Lambert


So Much to Look Forward to!!

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  1. Gloria, I could tell you thank you every day. I keep watching the JK videos and it is so thrilling to be a fan of this exciting, talented, beautiful, handsome, smart, caring man who is so full of charisma some days I can hardly stand it. Websters:Charisma--a rare quality or power attributed to those persons who have demonstrated an exceptional ability for leadership for securing the devotion of large numbers of people.--does that fit or what??? Glenda

  2. Sauli and Adam look amazing and the videos of th eperformances just get better with each time I watch


  3. That face - what can one say? - Lee

  4. I haven't told you lately, but I <3 you and your blog!

    XO Virg1877


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