Monday, 2 April 2012

Little Bit! 02/04/2012

Thanks to GaleChester



Got a pic of Adam Lambert's shoes! I had to! #HHBZ



I said hi to him 15 mins ago I can't breathe help



Look who I bumped into... Good to see ya @adamlambert! We took a pic.(I'm on the left)


  @1043MYfm Look! @adamlambert is live on the #MYstage ... #GLAMnation stay tuned for video and pics!


@MeDolive Here ya go! 

Go4Valentine  Interview with @AdamLambert airing Wednesday - Great Guy RT I will post link

Cool drawing of our Adam Lambert cover by talented Twitter user @dolusglitz !

Brian London
Had rehearsal with  yesterday. Brewing up something NEW and FRESH. You're gonna wanna see this. Trust me.   (New Next Now I think?!)


Music Director for Bruno Mars, Taio Cruz, Jason Derulo, John West, Andy Grammer, Iyaz. Keyboards for Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Cee-Lo, Travie Mckoy, B.o.B

4evrmomof4 · 

@brianlondon @adamlambert For American Idol performance or for NewNextNow performance?? PLZ do spill!!

Brian London ‏ @brianlondon 

@4evrmomof4 ALL OF IT!

@brianlondon @adamlambert a new new song?:) Or Better Than I Know Myself?

Brian London ‏ @brianlondon 
@Shining_Adam everything is NEW!


@brianlondon Are you the new musical director for Adam? You have some resume!!

Brian London ‏ @brianlondon 
@barbls23 I am.


@brianlondonDid Kevin H connect you and Adam?I see you worked w Kevin for Rihanna>

@4evrmomof4no, I connected Kevin with Adam. Everyone is great!


Sauli's Blog






Thanks @virg1877


#EnterToWin two tickets to @newnownext Awards and cocktails at @whollywoodhotel!

Adam Lambert thanks to @GaleChester

Thanks to GlambertandProud

Thanks to Glamstarlight


New upload of old promo thanks to hohtmibibug

 Tnkx 4 posting!Just a side note:may want 2 warn ear bleed during cheering,cuz vol has 2 b all the way up 2 hear;)


Thanks to @Listoffsay

Good Day to Catch Up.... all the links here!!

Thanks @lambosessed!

Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

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  1. I can't get Trespassing out of my head...I adore Never Close Our Eyes, Love, love, love Naked Love, needless to say I can't get enough of Cuckoo and Outlaws of Love is amazing! Looks like I am loving them all so far!
    Thanks for all the great stuff today Gloria! Miss u!

    ***did I forget Ckokehold?? LUV IT:)

  2. He DOES have a butt - he's been hiding it under all those loose pants he's been wearing lately. Must have read fans' posts - lol.

    So happy about the upcoming NNN and AI concerts - they sound absolutely fabulous - new stuff - just great.

    April is going to be an extremely exciting month. I'll be here to share it with you, Gloria.

    luv, lee

  3. I ordered two albums from 24/7now Adam said there is more songs on the deluxe so how do I get the deluxe I don"t want to miss anything. thank you

  4. Wonderful pictures and AWWWW, those drawing looks so beautiful!
    I'm excited to hear about Adam's upcoming performances at NewNowNext and American Idol, looking forward to it. :)
    Thank you so much for all the pictures, vids and news Gloria.

  5. XOXO sending love from the dungeon


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