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On Itunes! 14/04/2012

So far  fans in Norway, Netherlands and Australia can buy NCOE on Itunes right now!!


List of Songs 

4Never Close Our Eyes(4:08)
5Kickin' In(3:16)
6Naked Love(3:22)
7Pop That Lock(3:15)
8Better Than I Know Myself(3:35)
9Broken English(3:37)
12Outlaws of Love(3:51)
14Take Back(3:12)

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Here's a twitlonger of my Twitter translation of INROCK April highlights. Thanks  for consolidating the tweets.

Lol he said in the April inrock that while the compensation for GNT was very big, it was hard work. Oic

He said that chokehold is about his unhealthy relationships that were hard to let go despite being so

Lol and for 's sake, he does talk about Sauli in this interview :3

He said that after he met his bf his life is now happy :3

Also, that he went together with him to Tahiti and Burning Man, and did a lot of fun things together

They went to burning man via a private jet and it was cool

Afaqhahaha I really wanna hear kickin in badly

Heshrbrfbfbret I'm in love with this entire segment where he talks about the collaboration with pharrell

He says that while kickin in features a great beat & groovy bassline like trespassing, the main feature of the song are his vocals

Kickin In is more Michael Jackson esque

He says that underneath doesn't have a big beat, an it doesn't use much instruments,the reason for this to highlight vulnerability

He says that he recorded underneath many times but he wasn't satisfied

But later w underneath he realised the reason why he wasn't satisfied was that the song itself is real & vulnerable, it resulted in unease

He says that in Underneath doesn't have perfect sound, it doesn't use autotune, it's just him. And he was worried about that at first

The song talks about how what's "underneath" isn't necessarily the same as what's perceived by others observing.

Especially for celebrities, there are times where you have to put on a smile and pretend nothing's wrong

lol i love how the interviewer describes GNT as "gorgeous" and "French cabaret-esque" :333

lolol the interviewer asks if he will be completely changing the band and dancers

he says he's not sure about the dancers, but he's one of the few artists who actually have played with the same band for a long time.

There are many artists that change their band often

He says that he's still not sure regarding the band situation but he wants to present the music in the best way possible

lol best memory of Japan: Shopping! By himself


Message from Brian May to Fans: 

"Dear Friends and Russian Queen Fans, We're Sorry to confuse you all by shifting the Date of our Moscow Concert BUT, After the Sudden Collapse of the UK in Sonisphere, We HAD to make some very Hasty decisions, in order to try to avoid disappointing so many fans who already had tickets, and if we had not come up with a new plan, we would have lost the opportunity to play altogether at all. 

Our Moscow promoter kindly helped out by allowing us to reshuffle the dates, so we are now able to play new dates in London and ... a new date for the show in Moscow, moved just a few days. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, but we ask for your understanding that it's the best solution we could all come up with. 

We promise you, with the help of Adam Lambert, a very special and unique Queen 


:: Fuse praises the song for being “a satisfying negotiation between an electro-pop banger and romantic anthem. It’s the kind of song that’s tailored both for the dance floor and at home/in the car sing-alongs.”
:: MTV Buzzworthy gushes, “Set to a pop-rooted dance beat, Adam’s rock-tinged pipes carry the entire song as he sings about staying awake 24/7 to enjoy the hell out of his life.”
:: chimes in with this: “The electro-bassed tune gets down and around with guitar strings and a fast pace beat… The dance-pop ballad starts off heavenly with soft piano in the background before the synthesizer kicks in.”
:: Neon Limelight also likes what it hears: “Grammy winning singer/songwriter Bruno Mars penned the song’s honest lyrics, and Adam makes them all soar with his impeccable vocals.”
:: Says Chart Rigger, “For his second Trespassing single, Adam Lambert was given a Bruno Mars-penned song from 2010. Thankfully, ‘Never Close Our Eyes’ is more ‘total jam’ than tired leftover.”
:: The Prophet Blog gives the Glam One props for staying true to himself: “Overall it’s not the absolute best thing that Adam’s ever done, but it’s head and shoulders above a lot of today’s radio-dance, and there aren’t many artists who can be so blatantly Top Forty while retaining their individuality like Adam can.”
:: PopCrush credits the other two pop forces behind the song: “The track features a hint of Luke’s up-tempo dance sound while retaining Mars’ melodic pop sensibility.”
:: Clickmusic prefers this single over Adam’s previous one: “‘Never Close Our Eyes’ is an electronic dance-ballad with bite, despite the standard Dr Luke tempo treatment, and it’s a far superior song to Lambert’s first cut.”


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Never Close Our Eyes- Stream with Lyrics thanks to @lambosessed


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Sauli's Blog Translation thanks to @miachihu and @tiiqqu




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AdamLambertRUAB: *Glamberts! @adamlambert got #20 (NCOE) and #1 (BTIKM) again (13 weeks in row) on @unistartop20 !!! Hurrrryyyyyyyy!!!

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