Monday, 23 April 2012

Rehearsal Today! 23/04/2012


Thanks to @illuxxia

Thanks to Adamfan4ever339


Five Adds so far for NCOE!


Idol Portion of Last night Fox 25 year celebration show... Adam at 2:16


Pic of Adam Lambert at NNNAwards red carpet on Finnish weekly mag Anna April 19th 2012

Adam Lambert in a Finnish magazine thanks to @ailaah

Vote for your favorite single so far!

New York!

 fans for the great tweets! We'll have 3 mins w/ him tmrw 

at 7:35a & play his new tune

: You can listen to 103.5 KTU New York- outside 

airs 7:35 am ET Tue


Meet and Greet with Adam


And no sign of Melvin so all Glamberts can RELAX!!!

KeishaRenee Close
Ok here is the picture u all have been asking for...

SincerliOctavia RT @styleandchiche 

@SincerliOctavia what's your favorite song to 

rehearse? I love em all...favorites? Never Close 

Our Eyes & Broken English. 

SincerliOctavia: Waiting on Mr.Glambert.... 

SincerliOctavia: Awe glamily.....he was on time 

In rehearsal with @adamlambert. I love this song. He is amazingly talented.

Octavia Latrice ‏ @SincerliOctavia
RT @shortymom69 @SincerliOctavia thanks hun. ! Are u guys having a great run through ? <  We are :)

Octavia Latrice ‏ @SincerliOctavia

Okay guys this is no makeup and sweaty..... Just for u...


Adam Lambert and SincereliOctavia

@sheriglambert · Open
@KeishaRenee will u have another rehearsal tomorrow ?or just gonna rest ?

‏ @KeishaRenee 
@sheriglambert  another rehearsal


@TALCVids TV reminder:  will appear on 

The Insider (CBS) tonight. Check your local listings for 

airing times.


Cuckoo Mikeless thanks to TherealKittyChan in San Diego

Download thanks to @devenlane:

Radio Request Information... Request Locally both BTIKM and NCOE


Donor's Chose Draw for Trespassing Sweater!

@wshupnasta My giving page at Donors Choose, please bear with me. I'm new for every $5 you get a raffle ticket for the scarf.

The winner of the raffle will be announced on May 15 at 10 PM EST


RayzofViolet: Adam on Kimmel in my paper. Thursday!!


Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday night EST

vanglam @AdamLambertRUAB @mmyy9 

possible ustream to watch Adam live on Jimmy 

Kimmel Show (for international fans): 

vanglam @AdamLambertRUAB @mmyy9 

Another possible ustream to watch Adam live 

on Jimmy Kimmel show: 

vanglam @devenlane possible ustream to watch 

Adam live on Jimmy Kimmel show 

(international fans)




BTIKM Jumps to #25!


BTIKM on the World Chart   Thanks to Ame

Here is what she wrote:  Note: This chart is published on the official web page of Slovak radio and it gives a report about the most played tracks internationally.

It is summarized according to the biggest radio stations all around the world.


Adam Events!

Snippets joined together thanks to Jesha84

Song by Song Review from all sources: 


Fan Video Thanks to AdamLambertAlliance

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  1. cute scarf and love the pics of the girls with Adam they are just too sweet for words.


  2. Gaaaaaa!!!! That video of Cuckoo is SO DARN CUTE! No microphone, Adam being Crazy, singing those lyrics, having fun! Oh wow, I love him so much !!! Thanks for a great blog- Andrea @Powderpuffnails

  3. I look forward to reading this every day. You do an amazing job and we all love you for it.

    Any idea why lately I get your blog as "spam"? Something I need to do?

    Thanks, DJ

  4. I just love this man! He invites us to come in and enjoy the joy in such a real and personal way. He makes us have to be there for him. I can't imagine anyone who could resist being a fan.


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