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Adam Everywhere! 26/04/2012

Watch the whole mini concert here:


Link for LARGE HQ picture: 

(scroll down to bottom for largest view)


Possible UStreams for Jimmy Kimmel 12AM EST

Another possible ustream to watch Adam on Kimmel 

IMPORTANT Choose stream 5 




Jimmy Kimmel Live posts performance videos on their YouTube at about 3am CT here:


WIN a duoticket for the ‘Trespassing’ album pre-listening!

Belgian Glamberts, we have some great news for you!


This is pop music as simple arithmetic: A Bruno Mars tune plus Dr. Luke production plus an Adam Lambert vocal equals hit radio gold. "Never Close Our Eyes" is that calculated – right down to the lyric, which aims for the same party-at-the-edge-of-doom vibe as recent smashes like "I Gotta Feeling" and "Till the World Ends." ("Why can't we just live life with no consequence/And always live in the now?" Lambert sings.) But there's no denying the pulsating electro drive of Luke's beat, or the blustery power of the melody and lyrics. 

As for Lambert: The magnificence of his strident vocals defies all formulas and precepts, mathematical and otherwise.


OMG! Look at that little picture of him with the hat, looking down! EEE!!


Clear Images of Instinct Magazine Article on Adam 

Thanks to @14Gelly


Adam Lambert at AOL sessions thanks to Allan Larsen

@SincerliOctavia How'd the session go? #curious

@adamgasm1982 It was great! Adam friggin blew us away!!!!!! DAMN!


@adamlambert ·

I'm still learning.Sometimes I state my opinions as fact and make generalizations.I apologize to the LGBT community.Great music is the key.

Adam Lambert ‏ @adamlambert

meanwhile, Jessica Sanchez and Joshua Ledet sang their asses off on Idol tonight. damn!

@adamlambert I agree with what you said. Us gay guys are always in 'competition' with one another, while our girls are royalty.

Adam Lambert ‏ @adamlambert
@Mattdc821 Good point

the talent IS really good this year. They all have great chops. It will be interesting to see who can make the tricky transition to radio

(I've been thinking the same thing.... only the country singers?)

@xIIHY4lyfx ·
@adamlambert Any hints about how the NCOE Music video is going to turn out? Have you brainstormed anything yet? #NCOENOWWithVideo. :)

Adam Lambert ‏ @adamlambert Close

@xIIHY4lyfx YES! Been working w the director on the NCOE concept. Very excited to shoot it next week.


So excited to perform on @jimmykimmel tonight. Thats my cue to get to sleep. See you all onstage! :)

Jimmy Kimmel‏ @jimmykimmel 
@adamlambert yes - GO TO SLEEP! (I am very demanding)

Adam Lambert ‏ @adamlambert

@jimmykimmel :)

Jimmy Kimmel is broadcast for one hour at 12:00AM EST 
Adam is on tonight and should be on during the last half of the show

WHAT TIME IS THE TAPING OF THE MINI CONCERT and Livestream??  (check back later for the answer)

@vanglam RT!! International Adam's fans: possible ustream to watch Adam live on Jimmy Kimmel Show (for international fans):



ADAM LAMBERT's "Never Close Our Eyes"debuts on the Hot Digital Songs chart at#69.


“@IamCarmit: Werkin wit my girl @LenaG678BAM Aol sessions today maƱana Kimmel Mister A is Killin em;)”..werk mamas!

 @milestougeaux @adamlambert I`ll be one of them soon. Taking train/metro up manana. Cheers!

@josephllanes We had such a fun shoot with my old bud @AdamLambert today. Still the same sweet guy I knew.

Adam mentioned on Entertainment Tonight

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4 new pictures in HQ from a photoshoot in Stockholm (March 31, 2010) -






Adam Lambert Queen MTV EMA's - P 2012

The American Idol top six will tap into their innerAdam Lambert tonight with two songs each -- one from the songbook ofQueen and the other a tune of their choice.

Queen was there to see the top 6 perform their songs.....and what was missing was Adam Lambert with Queen to show them how it is done.
I watched the top 6 perform....and their are a couple of good voices but this season is lacking....and it needed an Adam Lambert to propel the show and make people care about it again.  People can argue numbers with me but Idol is not what it once was.
Adam may have finished 2nd in Idol the year he was on, but he was the true winner.  In hindsight, he is the real Idol.  The American Dream so to speak.
The good news is that Adam will be everywhere.  He just recorded AOL Sessions and will be on Jimmy Kimmel tonight.  He is also slated to be on Idol later this season.  There is NO reason, however, that he could not have been performing with Queen last night.



Thanks to @jiang... Adam in newspaper in HongKong


Thanks to NiteNurseStat

News from Japan!

Ongaku do (Hokkaido) is inviting 10 pairs to the Trespassing Listening Party held in Sapporo on May 11

Adam will be on the cover of INROCK June 2012(out May 15) RT @YukoKato_INROCK: IR


Adam Lambert in Instinct Magazine -photos and article (iPad edition pt. 1)

Insight Magazine Article (Get out the magnifying glass til we get a transcription!)

Thanks to @spreckles for the scans!!


Click on this link  and click on View Full Size to read!

Click on this link  and click on View Full Size to read!


Thanks to GlamStarlight


Check these amazing lists for all your local stations, save the addresses and request 2-3 times/week if NCOE not added yet

Top 40

RankMarketStationWebsiteMediabase RequestGroup OwnerProgram DirectorMusic DirectorPhone
-->SiriusXMS001-FM KellyMichael Pifferrer212-584-5100
-->SiriusXMX003-FM Satellite Radio, Inc.Kid KellyRyan Sampson
1New YorkWHTZ-FM Channel CommunicationsSharon DasturJagger212-377-7900
1New YorkWKTU-FM Channel CommunicationsRob MillerBartel212-377-7900
1New YorkWXRK-FM RadiogilletteRob Wagman212-242-6190
2Los AngelesKAMP-FM RadioKevin WeatherlyMichelle Boros323-930-1067
2Los AngelesKIIS-FM Channel CommunicationsJohn IveyJulie Pilat818-559-2252
3ChicagoWBBM-FM RadioTodd CavanahErik Bradley312-861-9600
3ChicagoWKSC-FM Channel CommunicationsRick Vaughn312-540-2400
4San FranciscoKMVQ-FM RadioMichael Martin415-391-9970
5DallasKHKS-FM Channel CommunicationsPatrick DavisPriscilla Kinkaid214-866-8000
5DallasKLIF-FM FoxxJohn Foxx214-526-7400
6HoustonKKHH-FM RadioMark AdamsMark Adams713-881-5100
6HoustonKRBE-FM WhittleLeslie Whittle713-266-1000
7PhiladelphiaWIOQ-FM Channel CommunicationsTim HerbsterMaxwell Jones610-784-3333
8Washington, DCWIHT-FM Channel CommunicationsMark MedinaGillian Sussman240-747-2700
9AtlantaWWWQ-FM RobertsRob Roberts404-497-4700
10BostonWXKS-FM Channel CommunicationsDylan SpragueJim Clerkin781-396-1430
11DetroitWDZH-FM RadioTim 'Rayne' RayneGrooves248-455-7350
11DetroitWKQI-FM Channel CommunicationsMichael McCoy248-324-5800
12MiamiWHYI-FM Channel CommunicationsAlex TearBrian Mack954-862-2000
13SeattleKBKS-FM Channel CommunicationsEric PowersEric Tyler206-494-2000
13SeattleKQMV-FM RadioMaynardDaniel Weatherhogg425-653-9462
14PhoenixKMVA-FM CommunicationsJerry KiddJerry Kidd602-222-9750
14PhoenixKZZP-FM Channel CommunicationsTim RichardsAaron Taylor602-374-6000
16MinneapolisKDWB-FM Channel CommunicationsRich DavisLucas Phelan952-417-3000
17San DiegoKHTS-FM Channel CommunicationsJoe HazeFrankie Vinci858-292-2000
18Nassau-SuffolkWBLI-FM Radio IncJeremy RiceAndrew Sykora631-669-9254
19TampaWFLZ-FM Channel CommunicationsTommy ChuckKatie Sommers813-839-9393
19TampaWPOI-FM Radio IncTim ClarkePhoebe727-577-7131
21BaltimoreWZFT-FM Channel CommunicationsMick Lee410-366-7600
22St. LouisKSLZ-FM Channel CommunicationsTommy AustinTessa Hall314-333-8000
23Portland, ORKKRZ-FM Channel CommunicationsKristina Z503-323-6400
24CharlotteWHQC-FM Channel CommunicationsBoomerBoomer704-714-9444
24CharlotteWNKS-FM RadioJohn ReynoldsDrex704-522-1103
25PittsburghWKST-FM Channel CommunicationsDavid EdgarFlick412-937-1441
27SacramentoKDND-FM MasonChris K916-334-7777
27SacramentoKHHM-FM CommunicationsPattie Moreno916-646-4000
28San AntonioKTFM-FM Media PartnersMark LandisNick Russo210-654-5100
28San AntonioKXXM-FM Channel CommunicationsChase MurphyRussell Rush210-736-9700
29CincinnatiWKFS-FM Channel CommunicationsJare Jordan513-686-8300
30ClevelandWAKS-FM Channel CommunicationsBo MatthewsKasper216-520-2600
31Salt Lake CityKUDD-FM Media Group IncMatt Johnson801-524-2600
31Salt Lake CityKZHT-FM Channel CommunicationsJeff McCartney801-908-1300
32Las VegasKFRH-FM International Broadcasting CompanyCarmelo FerreriJames Palomares760-341-0123
32Las VegasKPLV-FM Channel CommunicationsZach DillonZach Dillon702-238-7300
33Kansas CityKCHZ-FM DeVoeBrodie913-514-3000
33Kansas CityKMXV-FM Broadcasting LLCPonchSteve Serrano816-753-4000
34OrlandoWXXL-FM Channel CommunicationsJordanJana Sutter407-916-7800
35Columbus, OHWNCI-FM Channel CommunicationsTony Travatto614-486-6101
36AustinKHFI-FM Channel CommunicationsJay ShannonZannie K512-684-7300
38MilwaukeeWRNW-FM Channel CommunicationsDave AdamsDave Adams414-545-8900
38MilwaukeeWXSS-FM KellyJojo Martinez414-529-1250
39Hudson Valley, NYWSPK-FM Broadcasting Ltd.Scotty MacScotty Mac845-838-6000
40IndianapolisWNOU-FM One IncorporatedLeo BaldwinReka Robinson317-684-2021
42ProvidenceWPRO-FM BristolDavey Morris401-433-4200
43RaleighWDCG-FM Channel CommunicationsZac DavisBrody919-878-1500
43RaleighWPLW-FM Media GroupLisa McKayMike Biddle919-790-9392
44NorfolkWVHT-FM MediaPaul McCoyPaul McCoy757-671-1000
45NashvilleWNFN-FM Communications(615)-321-1067
45NashvilleWRVW-FM Channel CommunicationsBrian Mack615-664-2400
46GreensboroWKZL-FM Broadcasting CompanyJason GoodmanJosie Cothran336-274-8042
46GreensboroWMKS-FM Channel CommunicationsJoJo
47New OrleansWEZB-FM 'Jammer' NaylorStevie G504-593-6376
48Oklahoma CityKJYO-FM Channel CommunicationsMike McCoyChris Frioux405-840-5271
49West PalmWLDI-FM Channel CommunicationsChad ValentineChad Valentine561-616-6600
50JacksonvilleWAPE-FM Radio IncKobe904-245-8500
50JacksonvilleWNWW-FM Channel CommunicationsTommy BoDeanBrian LaRoche
51MemphisKWNW-FM fmClear Channel CommunicationsDino901.259.1300
51MemphisWHBQ-FM Broadcasting CorporationChris TaylorJoe Mack901-375-9324
52HartfordWKSS-FM Channel CommunicationsStan Priest860-723-6080
54LouisvilleWDJX-FM Line BroadcastingBen DavisBen Davis502-625-1220
54LouisvilleWNRW-FM Channel CommunicationsJonathan ShufordJonathan Shuford502-479-2222
55BuffaloWKSE-FM O'Neil716-843-0600
56RichmondWHTI-FM Radio IncMelissa ChaseMarino804-330-5700
56RichmondWRVQ-FM Channel CommunicationsDave SymondsChris Kash804-474-0000
57RochesterWPXY-FM DangerMegan Carter585-423-2900
58McAllenKVLY-FM CommunicationsAlex DuranMeridee Hernandez956-661-6000
59BirminghamWQEN-FM Channel CommunicationsKeith AllenKeith Allen205-439-9600
60Greenville, SCWFBC-FM SchusterKaci Kruz864-271-9200
61TucsonKRQQ-FM Channel CommunicationsChris PickettChris P520-618-2100
62Ft. MyersWXKB-FM Broadcast Group, Inc.Adam StarAdam Star239-495-2100
65Albany, NYWFLY-FM Broadcasting CompanyAlly ReidMarissa Lanchak518-786-6600
66TulsaKHTT-FM Broadcast Group Inc.Jet BlackChase Thompson918-492-2020
68AlbuquerqueKDLW-FM General MediaJeff JacotJeff Jacot505-878-0980
68AlbuquerqueKKOB-FM RileyCarlos Duran505-767-6700
69Grand RapidsWHTS-FM ArriensGravy616-456-5461
69Grand RapidsWSNX-FM Channel CommunicationsEric O'BrienInternio616-459-1919
70AllentownWAEB-FM Channel Communications610-434-1742
71Wilkes-BarreWKRZ-FM O'DonnellKelly K570-883-9850
72KnoxvilleWWST-FM Broadcast Group Inc.Rich Bailey865-824-1021
73Des MoinesKKDM-FM Channel CommunicationsGreg ChanceJay Thomas
74OmahaKQCH-FM Broadcast Group Inc.Mark ToddCorey Young402-592-5300
77BakersfieldKKXX-FM General MediaJ. ReedJ. Reed661-328-1410
80HarrisburgWHKF-FM Channel CommunicationsMike MillerMike Miller717-540-8800
80HarrisburgWWKL-FM ODeaVenetia717-238-1041
82Greenville, NCWERO-FM GroupChris 'Hollywood' MannCrystal Legends252-639-7900
83Charleston, SCWSSX-FM EdwardsDaniel Diaz843-277-1200
84Little RockKLAL-FM CainCharlotte501-401-0200
85SyracuseWNTQ-FM MitchellRick Roberts315-472-0200
86GainesvilleWYKS-FM Broadcasting Corp.Doug Gillen352-331-2200
89Columbia, SCWNOK-FM Channel CommunicationsJonathan ReedJonathan Reed803-343-1100
90Portland, MEWJBQ-FM MooreMike Adams207-774-6364
92Colorado SpringsKKMG-FM Rusch719-593-2700
93SpokaneKZBD-FM CommunicationsToby HowellMike Skot509-444-1000
94Daytona BeachWVYB-FM Crow BroadcastingAmmie OlsonDJ Tremble904-257-6900
99WichitaKZCH-FM Channel CommunicationsSassy316-494-6600
100Madison, WIWZEE-FM Channel CommunicationsHunter QuinnKatie Kruz608-274-5450
101Boise, IDKSAS-FM BroadcastingKeke LuvLucky Tha DJ208-275-8134
102MelbourneWFKS-FM Channel CommunicationsKevin CampbellKevin Campbell321-733-1000
105Johnson CityWAEZ-FM BroadcastingJason ReedJason Reed276-669-8112
106HuntsvilleWZYP-FM Kelly256-233-3000
108ChattanoogaWDOD-FM CommunicationsDanny HowardSean Stewart423-321-6200
108ChattanoogaWKXJ-FM Channel CommunicationsJoJo423-892-3333
109Lafayette, LAKSMB-FM Novosad337-232-1311
110Augusta, GAWHHD-FM Broadcast Group, Inc.Chuck Whitaker706-396-7000
110Augusta, GAWZNY-FM Channel Communications803-510-3123
111Corpus Christi, TXKKPN-FM BroadcastingDave RossDave Ross361-814-3800
112LancasterWLAN-FM Channel CommunicationsDerrick ColeDerrick Cole717-295-9700
113Ft. Wayne, INWJFX-FM Wayne Radio CorporationPhil BeckerCaden260-482-9288
114Roanoke, VAWXLK-FM Wheeler, IncKevin ScottBob Patrick540-774-9200
116New Haven, CTWKCI-FM Channel CommunicationsStan PriestJohn Mayer203-281-9600
118Modesto, CAKHOP-FM RobertsMoJoe Roberts209-766-5000
119Oxnard-Ventura, CAKFYV-FM Coast BroadcastingBrian DavisJoey Boy Rodriguez805-289-1400
120Ft. Collins, COKSME-FM Channel CommunicationsChris KellyRyan Kramer970-461-2560
122Santa Rosa, CAKSXY-FM CommunicationsDray LopezDray Lopez707-588-0707
124Reno, NVKLCA-FM BroadcastingBill SchulzConnie Wray775-829-1964
124Reno, NVKWYL-FM BoogieR Boogie775.789.6700
126Jackson, MSWYOY-FM South Radio, Inc.Carson CaseChloe D601-956-0102
127LansingWJIM-FM fmCumulusDarrin ArriensDarrin Arriens517-394-7272
129Youngstown, OHWHOT-FM
130Fayetteville, ARKMCK-FM RyanJJ Ryan479-521-5566
130Fayetteville, ARKMXF-FM Channel CommunicationsJay SteeleJay Steele479-521-0104
132Palm Springs, CAKRCK-FM International Broadcasting CompanyCarmelo FerreriJames Palomares760-341-0123
133Flint, MIWWCK-FM Powers810-744-1570
135Canton, OHWDJQ-FM A Peterson IncJohn StewartNikolina330-821-1111
136Shreveport, LAKRUF-FM MediaErin BristolErin Bristol318-688-1130
137Appleton, WIWIXX-FM Communications IncorporatedCorey CarterOtis Day920-435-3771
137Appleton, WIWKSZ-FM RadioDayton KaneJoe Marroe920-734-9226
138Springfield, MOKSPW-FM Broadcast Group Inc.Simon NytesScott Ellis417-865-6614
139Saginaw, MIWIOG-FM
141Beaumont, TXKQXY-FM KQXY -fmCumulusBrandin ShawPatrick Sanders409-833-9421
142Burlington, VTWXXX-FM BroadcastingBen HamiltonPete Belair802-655-9550
144Tyler, TXKLJT-FM Broadcasting IncBrainBrain(903)-663-2477
145Atlantic City, NJWAYV-FM Communications LPRob GarciaJennifer Knight609-484-8444
146Trenton, NJWPST-FM Broadcasting Partners LPDave McKayMatt Sneed609-419-0300
149Eugene, ORKDUK-FM KDUK -fmBi-Coastal MediaValerie SteeleChino541-485-1120
150BiloxiWXYK-FM Broadcasting CompanyLucas228-388-2001
151Quad Cities, IA-ILKBEA-FM Scott563-326-2541
152Montgomery, ALWHHY-FM LongRex Long334-240-9274
153Peoria, ILWPIA-FM Media Partners309-691-0101
156Savannah, GAWAEV-FM Channel CommunicationsKevin Harbison912-964-7794
157Macon, GAWMGB-FM 'Kelley' BrowningDerek Wright


Hot AC

Format:Hot ACMarket:US
RankMarketStationWebsiteMediabase RequestGroup OwnerProgram DirectorMusic DirectorPhone
-->Dial GlobalDGHA-FM GlobalBill O'BrienBill O'Brien
-->SiriusXMX026-FM Ryan
1New YorkWPLJ-FM ShannonTony Mascaro212-613-8900
1New YorkWWFS-FM RadioJim RyanFabi Pimentel212-352-2200
2Los AngelesKBIG-FM Channel CommunicationsAndrew JeffriesBrandon Bell818-559-2252
3ChicagoWTMX-FM Broadcasting IncorporatedMary Ellen KachinskeNikki Chuminatto312-946-1019
4San FranciscoKIOI-FM Channel CommunicationsCat CollinsTravis Loughran415-975-5555
4San FranciscoKLLC-FM RadioMichael MartinJayn415-765-4097
5DallasKDMX-FM Channel CommunicationsJay Michaels214-866-8000
6HoustonKHMX-FM Radio713-881-5100
7PhiladelphiaWISX-FM Channel CommunicationsBrian CheckLogan610-784-3333
8Washington, DCWIAD-FM RadioSteve DavisSteve Davis301-683-0947
8Washington, DCWRQX-FM King202-686-3100
9AtlantaWSTR-FM Financial MediaScott LindyMichael Chase404-261-2970
10BostonWBMX-FM RadioMike Mullaney617-746-1300
11DetroitWDVD-FM HarrellJesse Addy313-871-3030
11DetroitWNIC-FM Channel CommunicationsTodd ThomasTheresa Lucas248-324-5800
13SeattleKLCK-FM RadioMaynardAlicia Pecorino425-653-1034
13SeattleKPLZ-FM CommunicationsKent PhillipsAlisa Hashimoto206-404-4000
14PhoenixKMXP-FM Channel CommunicationsRon PriceAllen Frey602-374-6000
16MinneapolisKSTP-FM KSTP -fmHubbard Broadcasting IncorporatedLeighton PeckJill Roen651-642-4141
17San DiegoKMYI-FM Channel CommunicationsJimmy SteeleHitman Haze858-292-2000
19TampaWMTX-FM Channel CommunicationsDoug Hamand813-839-9393
19TampaWSJT-FM RadioBob NeumannMelony Torres727-563-8987.
20DenverKALC-FM PetersonSam Hill303-967-2700
20DenverKIMN-FM Broadcasting LLCGeronimoGeronimo303-832-5665
21BaltimoreWWMX-FM RadioDave LabrozziPriestly410-825-1065
22St. LouisKYKY-FM RadioMarty LinckJen Myers314-531-0000
23Portland, ORKBFF-FM BroadcastingKeolaStacey Lynn503-517-6000
23Portland, ORKRSK-FM BridgmanSheryl Stewart503-223-1441
25PittsburghWBZZ-FM RadioMark AndersonScott Alexander412-920-9400
25PittsburghWLTJ-FM City MediaDan MichaelsDan Michaels412-316-3342
27SacramentoKZZO-FM RadioChad RuferSonia Jimenez916-923-6800
29CincinnatiWKRQ-FM Broadcasting IncorporatedPatti MarshallBrian Douglas513-699-5102
30ClevelandWQAL-FM RadioDave PopovichTim Richards216-696-0123
31Salt Lake CityKJMY-FM Channel CommunicationsJeff CochranGreg Applebee801-908-1300
32Las VegasKMXB-FM RadioCharese Fruge702-889-5100
33Kansas CityKZPT-FM LorinoTony Lorino913-744-3600
34OrlandoWOMX-FM RadioBobby SmithBobby Smith407-919-1000
35Columbus, OHWVMX-FM Communications Inc.T.J. HollandJoe Kelly
36AustinKAMX-FM ThomasNikki Nite512-327-9595
37San JoseKEZR-FM GroupDana JangKirk Peffer408-287-5775
38MilwaukeeWMYX-FM MartinezJoJo Martinez414-529-1250
40IndianapolisWZPL-FM AmmonsJR Ammons317-816-4000
44NorfolkWPTE-FM McKayBarry McKay757-497-2000
48Oklahoma CityKYIS-FM BakerCisco405-848-0100
49West PalmWRMF-FM Beach Radio Broadcasting IncSteve Richards561-868-1100
51MemphisWMC-FM MichaelsChris Michaels901-384-5900
52HartfordWTIC-FM RadioSteve SalhanyRyan Jones860-677-6700
53Monmouth-OceanWJLK-FM MediaSteve ArdolinaMatt Ryan732-897-8282
54LouisvilleWXMA-FM Line BroadcastingGeorge Lindsey502-625-1220
55BuffaloWTSS-FM O'NeilRob Lucas716-843-0600
57RochesterWDVI-FM Channel CommunicationsJoe Bonacci585-454-4884
61TucsonKMIY-FM Channel CommunicationsChris Pickett520-618-2100
62Ft. MyersWINK-FM Myers Broadcasting CompanyMichael HayesKevin Quinn239-337-2346
63DaytonWMMX-FM Channel CommunicationsJeff StevensShaun Vincent937-224-1137
65Albany, NYWRVE-FM Channel CommunicationsRandy McCartenTred Hulse518-452-4800
67FresnoKWYE-FM BroadcastingLisa AdamsMiggy Santos559-490-1011
68AlbuquerqueKPEK-FM Channel CommunicationsTony ManeroRyan Safford505-830-6400
69Grand RapidsWLHT-FM MediaTom CookTom Cook616-451-4800
73Des MoinesKPTL-FM Channel CommunicationsGreg Chance515-245-8900
73Des MoinesKSTZ-FM Communications Inc.Scott AllenJimmy Wright515-280-1350
74OmahaKQKQ-FM MediaNevin DaneNevin Dane402-342-2000
75El PasoKSII-FM MediaMonika AcevedoCourtney Nelson915-544-9300
77BakersfieldKLLY-FM Broadcasting CorporationDanny HillLance Sottile661-393-1900
79Wilmington, DEWSTW-FM WSTW -fmDelmarva Broadcasting CompanyMike RossiMike Rossi302-478-2700
80HarrisburgWNNK-FM O'DeaDenny Logan717-238-1041
88Monterey-SalinasKCDU-FM CommunicationsKenny AllenKenny Allen831-658-5200
90Portland, MEWMGX-FM Communications Inc.Randi KirshbaumEva Matteson207-774-4561
92Colorado SpringsKVUU-FM Channel CommunicationsAdam BurnesChris Pickett719-540-9200
93SpokaneKCDA-FM Channel CommunicationsMichael LacrosseMichael Lacrosse509-242-2440
93SpokaneKZZU-FM RadioKen HopkinsKen Hopkins509-324-4000
99WichitaKFBZ-FM Hayes316-685-2121
101Boise, IDKCIX-FM BroadcastingLisa Adams208-344-6363
103Lexington, KYWCDA-FM M. CommunicationsChris ElliottChris Elliott859-233-1515
111Corpus Christi, TXKLTG-FM BroadcastingDanny HillDanny Hill361-883-1600
113Ft. Wayne, INWAJI-FM Tarzian Inc260-423-3676
113Ft. Wayne, INWMEE-FM MediaJimmy KnightDave Michaels260-447-5511
115Worcester, MAWXLO-FM McKennaMary Knight508-752-1045
119Oxnard-Ventura, CAKBBY-FM JaxonKeli Reynolds805-642-8595
120Ft. Collins, COKKPL-FM MediaBeano970-674-2700
124Reno, NVKMXW-FM Broadcasting LLCRob BrooksPepper Smith775-333-0123
131Fayetteville, NCWQSM-FM DavisJeff Davis910-864-5222
132Palm Springs, CAKPSI-FM Radio Corp.Bradley RyanBradley Ryan760-325-2582
135Canton, OHWHBC-FM GroupShawn PowersKayleigh Kriss330-456-7166
137Appleton, WIWQLH-FM ClarkSteve Davis920-468-4100
139Saginaw, MIWGER-FM GroupScott Seipel989-752-3456
142Burlington, VTWEZF-FM AM/FMJennifer FoxxJennifer Foxx802-655-0093
144Tyler, TXKTYL-FM MediaLarry ThompsonLarry Thompson903-581-0606
145Atlantic City, NJWSJO-FM Radio GroupJoe KellyHeather DeLuca609-645-9797
151Quad Cities, IA-ILKQCS-FM JamesSteve Donovan563-322-9352


Monitored Reporting Panel Format: Canada Hot AC

CKMB-FMBarrieCentral Ontario Broadcasting705-725-7304
CKCE-FMCalgaryBell Media403-508-2222
CKQQ-FMKelownaJim Pattison Broadcast Group LP250-762-3331
CKCW-FMMonctonMaritime Broadcasting System506-858-1220
CJFM-FMMontrealAstral Media514-989-2536
CHWV-FMSaint JohnAcadia Broadcasting Ltd506-693-9797
CHUM-FMTorontoBell Media416-925-6666
CHBE-FMVictoriaBell Media250-382-1073
CIGL-FMBellevilleQuinte Broadcasting613-969-5555
CKNO-FMEdmontonRawlco Radio780-433-7877
CIBX-FMFrederictonAstral Media506-455-1069
CIMJ-FMGuelphCorus Entertainment Inc.519-824-7000
CIOO-FMHalifaxBell Media902-453-2524
CKBZ-FMKamloopsJim Pattison Broadcast Group LP250-372-3322
CKRV-FMKamloopsNL Broadcasting250-372-2197
CHSU-FMKelownaAstral Media250-860-8600
CFLY-FMKingstonBell Media613-544-1380
CFHK-FMLondonCorus Entertainment Inc.519-931-6000
CIQM-FMLondonAstral Media519-686-2525
CISS-FMOttawaRogers Broadcasting Ltd Media613-736-2001
CJMG-FMPentictonAstral Media250-492-2800
CKPT-FMPeterboroughBell Media705-742-8844
CIZL-FMReginaRawlco Radio306-525-0000
CIOK-FMSaint JohnMaritime Broadcasting System506-658-5100
CHOZ-FMSt. John'sNewfoundland Broadcasting Company, Ltd.709-726-2922
CKZZ-FMVancouverAstral Media604-241-0953
CICF-FMVernonAstral Media250-545-9222

Monitored Reporting Panel Format: Canada Top 40

CIBK-FMCalgaryAstral Media403-240-5850
CKMF-FMMontrealAstral Media514-529-3229
CKTF-FMOttawaAstral Media819-243-5555
CFMG-FMEdmontonAstral Media780-486-2800
CHIK-FMQuebec CityAstral Media418-687-9900
CKFM-FMTorontoAstral Media416-922-9999
CKMM-FMWinnipegAstral Media204-944-1031
CJCH-FMHalifaxBell Media902-453-2524
CFBT-FMVancouverBell Media604-871-9000
CFXJ-FMTorontoBell Media416-384-4165
CKOI-FMMontrealCogeco Diffusion Inc.514-789-2564
CFEL-FMQuebec CityCogeco Diffusion Inc.418-830-1021
CIQB-FMBarrieCorus Entertainment Inc.705-726-1011
CKBT-FMKitchenerCorus Entertainment Inc.519-772-1212
CKHZ-FMHalifaxEvanov Radio Group902-429-1035
CIDC-FMTorontoEvanov Radio Group416-213-1035
CHWE-FMWinnipegEvanov Radio Group
CFWD-FMSaskatoonHarvard Broadcasting306-653-9630
CJBZ-FMLethbridgeJim Pattison Broadcast Group LP403-394-9300
CKIX-FMSt. John'sNewCap Broadcasting709-726-5590
CKMP-FMCalgaryNewCap Broadcasting403-271-6366
CIHT-FMOttawaNewCap Broadcasting613-723-8990
CIGM-FMSudburyNewCap Broadcasting705-560-8323
CFLZ-FMNiagara FallsNiagara Broadcasting905-356-6710
CFMC-FMSaskatoonRawlco Radio306-934-2222
CKIS-FMTorontoRogers Broadcasting Ltd Media416-935-8298
CHBN-FMEdmontonRogers Broadcasting Ltd Media780-423-2005
CFUN-FMVancouverRogers Broadcasting Ltd Media604-877-6357

UK Radio Request Info

LambritsUK the lambrits

UK fans only plz - you can start requesting Adam Lambert's BTIKM on UK radio now see our master radio list for info…

List of all UK radio stations request info:

Links to US National Stations anyone can request at:





Sirius/XM Request on

Channel 2 SiriusXM Hits Music Pop Top 40 Hits Link:

Channel 3 20 on 20 Link:

>>> This one is an alternate Sirius form:

* For Sirius subscribers only *

Phone: 877-MY-HITS-1

Join the Wutchuwant Crew: in music surveys that help decide what makes it on the air)

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