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World Peace ! 04/04/2012


Thanks to GaleChester


Excellent! Check it out, it's a 22 MINUTE interview with the gorgeous @AdamLambert all the way from Finland!


6:00pm until 8:00pm
See Adam Lambert live as he performs at the 96.5TIC Spring Fling Concert presented by Coca Cola on the Metro PCS stage in our Catering Grove on Saturday, May 26.


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ATTENTION Glamberts!!!!!! We have #NNNAwards Red Carpet Live stream 🎥

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"There are no more words. Adam is just 

perfect. The End." 

Ana Glam

Adam Lambert Fault Magazine Photoshoot

@Sandishader Adam after the MYFM M and G

This Week!

April 04: Radio, US. 104.3 MYfm Los Angeles, CA. Sean Valentine’s interview with Adam airs. Follow Sean Valentine’s tweets for more info. [Source]

Listen live this morning:

April 05: TV, US. New Now Next awards red carpet live. [More Info] 

Trespassing release dates:

May 11, 2012: Norway
May 15, 2012: US, Canada, Mexico
May 16, 2012: Finland
May 18, 2012: Germany, Austria
June 6, 2012: Japan
July 2, 2012: UK (and you get an extra song)


After a whole bunch of Glambert tweets!

graham norton ‏ @grahnort 

So apparently I need to get Adam Lambert on my show. I'll check the hairspray budget and see what I can do.

yellowsistabert  OK - got Graham Norton interested in having AFL on his show - check. World peace next guys????

(healing the world one person at a time.... right?)


Trespassing  (MUST SEE!)

Never Close Our Eyes

Better Than I Know Myself

Whataya Want from Me

Adam Lambert at GMA (Video below... a favorite!)

‏ @speedy29
@shoshannastone If 7/2 is new release date for Trespassing, is there going to be more promo in the UK before album release?

shoshanna stone ‏ @shoshannastone

EndlessTorture · 
@shoshannastone Why is it two months later than everywhere else? Something special planned in July?

shoshanna stone ‏ @shoshannastone 
@EndlessTorture june actually :)


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@LiamMcEwan happily kissing a dolphin!

Ranking of Happiest Countries!

1.  Denmark

2.  Finland

3.  Norway

4. Netherlands

5.  Canada

8.  New Zealand

9. Australia


Curse of Xena is Lifted!  

Beautifully written recap of our time in Hartford!

Mine is still gonna show up one of these fine days :(

By Xena
It’s almost two weeks later and I’m so overwhelmed with joy, I can feel my heart growing and tears pushing against the dam.  Obsessed all over again, with watching every video, listening to every interview.  I worried I might become jaded and my passion would cool somewhat.   Sorry to say, just the opposite happened, just as so many have said, written, proclaimed, whispered and shouted. “One is not enough!”  A Lays potato chip? a shot of tequila? a square of chocolate? No! One encounter with Adam Lambert.
Anyone familiar with the lament of “The Curse of Xena”, knows how Adam Lambert has evaded me the dozen times I have seen him in concert.  Friends stopped inviting me to join them when we attended the GNT concerts.  It became a joke in my family with taunts like “Has Adam given in yet?” “What’s next, stalking him backstage and in dressing rooms, disguised as the cleaning lady?”  They know that won’t work, I barely know the working end of a broom.
Finally, I settle upon an oblique approach: no wishing, hoping, dialing or fence-climbing just to say “Hi Adam”, they were useless tactics for me.  I became sanguine on the topic itself and just focused on our blog, our radio show and a bit of family time thrown in.  If it was going to happen, it just would.  But I did sneak in a “Plan B” for some insurance.   
 I guess all those trips to Delphi to plead with Apollo’s Oracle, all those gifts of dates, figs & maple syrup I left for her did the trick!  She sent to me a Knight in Shining Armor, Sir Clement of Coors or Sir Clem as we now call him, thanks to a few pints, too many cosmos and sharing a sofa to watch the funkalicious Tower of Power DVD.
 The Invitation
Less than a fortnight earlier, Sir Clem’s leader had proclaimed an Acoustic Café be organized, featuring Adam Lambert!!  In the town of Hartford where he now made his home, having left County Kerry, Ireland, Sir Clem instructed his people to fulfill the proclamation, they did and there was great celebration!  So many Glamberts competed in Olympic sports and complex games to win a coveted spot in the audience.  They dialed phones, pressed buttons, answered questions, pleaded their case and there was a caber toss for the Scots. I never win those, I’m not good at them, so I stopped trying after the Highline Show two years ago, the last time I won any tickets.  I have so much admiration for those who can get through the hurdles to win a coveted spot.

 Sir Clem, a generous and thoughtful man turned to his lovely and talented Lady Ellen and asked if she still had those mad friends suffering from that infectious mass hysteria that had been going around or had all the Glambertinas been locked up in the stocks.  “Indeed!” she exclaimed “they all live and are free to travel!”  The silver haired Knight offered her forthwith, a few parchments inscribed thusly.

Please Join Us
Adam Lambert performing at Russian Lady’s House
March 13
 Upon receiving this very special invitation, each Glambertina accepted with gratitude and promises of first-born things, kittens, budgies, etc.  Among us, only Gloria of King  had met Adam, the rest of us were virgins (a-hem).  Juneau had a couple of brief encounters, but they were mere foreplay to the official M & G.  I immediately summoned a team of hair stylists and estheticians to help prepare me like the Scarecrow was in Oz.  I was soaked, scrubbed, softened, filed, polished, brushed, smoothed and painted.  Hardly a square centimeter of my body was left untouched.  The Glambertinas shared tips on how to pose for photos -  yes there are DIY videos on the topic.  It seems however, that all that practice escapes your brain if you try to remember any technique while standing next to Adam.  A hug from Adam, causes brain waves to go haywire and you pray the guy with the camera will be kind.


Tommy Joe Ratliff

Tommy tweeted this link:

"This is the most badass/cutest thing ever."

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  1. There are no more words. Adam is just perfect. The End.

  2. The videos today were all about the music and that music makes my heart sing. I don't know if those pants are good for a woman who just turned 71:D. Gloria you make waking up so much fun. Thank u again. Glenda

  3. Never Close Your Eyes on repeat...can't get enough. His voice! OMG, that voice! He is gorgeous, but his voice!!! Smash Hits are all over this album and we've only heard a hand full of songs! May 15 can't come soon enough for me!


  4. I often find that it is just too hard to look and/or listen to Adam. His beauty is nearly painful. I have made myself turn it off and walk away. Of course, before I get across the room, I am back.


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