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Adam's Busy Again! 30/05/2012

REQUEST  NCOE!  Adam is asking us to do this now!


Proud Montreal Interview ====================

Attention @adamlambert fans, #Glamberts, et al! He is coimg back. July 21st. Tickets on sale next Friday.


MusiquePlus Interview

Fantastic ... must watch!!!  Adam sings and Roger May speaks about Adam!





Adam Lambert Smiles Ritz Carlton Hotel Canada

Pictures here: 



The gorgeous @adamlambert leaving for his flight to montreal! <3 So flawless.

@mikechalut: @adamlambert on @PROUDFM today @ 5pm #leader #star #sexy #lovehistalentedguts #tunein


Adam interviewed by Jian Gomeshi on Q

Amazing interview... one of the best!



VIDEO PREMIERE: Adam Lambert - Never Close Our Eyes

Come on Glamberts! We need much more views for this awesome video!

Check out @adamlambert new video! Choreographed by ME! lol A huge thank you to @IamCarmit for making all this happen!



We're hearing lots of screaming from our office - turns out it's not more student protests, just @adamlambert at @MusiquePlus!


To say Adam Lambert‘s fans love him is a bit of an understatement. With a huge following, both live and online, Glamily has just gotten bigger and bigger, and also more varied. Lambert’s fans range from little kids to grandmothers, and that’s one of the coolest parts about being a rock star for the American Idol vet.


Former American Idol runner up Adam Lambert couldn't be happier than his sophomore disc, the funk-and-dance influenced Trespassing, debuted at No. 1 in Canada and the U.S. last week.
"I think it was a real accomplishment that the album was able to chart that high without a big single," said a smiling Lambert, 30, in a Toronto hotel room this week, glammed up in black and white tie-dyed, torn pants and lots of silver jewelry with his jet black hair possessing a skunk-like blond streak on top.
"So it's kind of a grassroots, kind of fan movement. (I was) very surprised. I mean, I knew that the fans were going to want a copy but I didn't know what numbers we were dealing with."


More Performance Videos from TalcVids




Incase you're wondering what @adamlambert was wearing this morning



New Old Picture thanks to Jeffree Star

Adam's busy with lots of interviews.  We need to be busy helping him by requesting NCOE at our local radio stations!  Have you done your part today?

If you need help with this, email me and will send you the stations you could be contacting.  There is a list of stations everyone can request from near the bottom of this page.  

Do It Now!!

ADAM LAMBERT's "Never Close Our Eyes" rises 34-32 with a bullet on the Adult Top 40 Audience chart. @adamlambert


: well I just got the best news ever for  . Yaaaayyyy!!!



@AliyaJasmine: Adore this guy, AND he's a @1girl5gays fan!! Watch my interview with @AdamLambert on @MTVNewsCanada


Adam Lambert ‏@adamlambert

@AliyaJasmine great chatting w you gorgeous!


With the arrival of Lambert’s new album, “Trespassing” at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 last week and this extremely high concept album it’s clear that the "American Idol" season eight runner up wants to be seen in the ranks of the Lady Gagas, Beyonces and Rihannas of this world (there’s not really a male analog of Lambert right now, is there?) And this video shows that he can more than hold his own in their company.

Last week Trespassing became Lambert's first No 1 album and, unfathomably, the first US No 1 album ever by an openly gay artist. Never Close Our Eyes' task will be to try and maintain that success, which shouldn't be a problem given its fizzing synths, pounding beats and monstrous chorus all seem precision-tooled for playlist ubiquity. In the video,


@mmyy9: Sony Music Japan: One-day Adam Café to open in Ebisu, Tokyo on June 5. Adam mugs to first 100 and Trespassing coasters to all customers, who will be served by “good-looking” waiters dressed like Adam. Website:


Thanks to  @thecenkerdem 


The role music plays in my life is particularly rewarding. I never look at anything as just another job. On any given day a recording session can turn out like Adam Lambert's "Shady." It's a song that's on his new album Trespassing, that debuted at #1 on the Billboard Chart.



Adam on around 10:35


here's a peek at the cover of the 1-15 june 2012 issue of GALAXIE. out on friday! please RT :)

   Malaysia magazine ;) 

@adamlambert in Malaysia newspaper (1) :)

Adam Lambert makes history and releases new music video in the same week - not bad for a runner-up, is it?

So many interviews and articles!  Did you see them all?

Check back later for today's updates!

Never Close Our Eyes Music Video!!!



We can help make sure millions listen to this album by getting Adam's singles played!

Request, please!

And, these are the stations you can request from anywhere

Dallas<<< before 2:00 eastern

Q102<< scroll down on Rt and use green thumb



Thanks to Rabbitrabbit on Adamtopia for links


Cannot Wait to Read this! Thanks Angelina!!

Adam Lambert’s Three Gems


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  1. I've spent the last few days going into all the links you've posted - reading, commenting, etc. - been really interesting. Adam gets so much better press and comments that he did a year or so ago. Things are definitely improving in his acceptance.

    I love the NCOE video - it's current and will bring in younger people brought up on the Hunger Games vibe - this is very important. And doesn't he look beyond gorgeous in the vid? What an incredible face. Hope so much he gets the opportunity to make more of these - he was made for the camera.

    Want to thank you so much for all your work on the blog - the information here is so far-reaching - things that don't see anywhere else. You're a marvel.

    Luv and a big hug to you - Lee

  2. he is brilliant as are you enough said


  3. Adam, you are truly amazing. Taking my breath away every time I listen. Every time I watch or see you. Beautiful. :)

  4. Gloria... Thank you, again, for the BEST "go to" site containing all that is important in the world for a dedicated Adam Lambert fan!!! You are the best. Oh, and so glad you finally got to meet Adam.


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