Thursday, 17 May 2012

Trespassing Continues to Soar! 17/05/2012


A sneak peek at my boy @adamlambert rehearsing 4 tonight's @americanidol results show! HOT TRACK!!!



Just watched his fantastic rehearsal. Now I can't wait for the big @adamlambert performance tonight.


@NPRWest Hear on this Saturday, talking to about his new album "Trespassing."

You need a few more copies....right!!!!


#TRESPASSING SALE! at @adamlambert's official site! standard is $6.99 and deluxe is $8.99 limited time only! go get it!



Outtake from the @adamlambert photo shoot!

Adam Lambert ‏@adamlambert

RIP Donna Summer. glorious disco Goddess.

1. Adam Lambert: The dedication and positivity Lambert shows to his fanbase is pretty much unmatched. Every tweet that the artist puts out into the universe is like a daily affirmation to his adoring followers.


This is from May 14th but I just realized I didn't get to watch it yet. Did you?


Spin Cycle: Adam Lambert’s Trespassing




LOOK! @adamlambert in my newspaper @FresnoBee! Fresno loves Adam! #Trespassing


Adam Lambert On Collaborating With Lady Gaga, Being A Kelly Clarkson Fan



Celebrate the release of @adamlambert's new album, Trespassing, with us Thursday, May 24th!




Now #1 in New Zealand too!


#2 on Amazon!

Adam Lambert on course for US number one album


Thanks to @spreckles

People Magazine gives Trespassing 4/4 Stars

@AdamLambertRUAB @adamlambert's #NCOE is #37 in Top Hit Weekly General (Russia & Ukraine)!



hmv canada ‏@hmvcanada

Yes, agreed! RT @zapparapp: OK, we have to say that the @adamlambert fans are just AWESOME. You guys ROCK. You've blown us away #trespassing


Idol Tonight!

I gave up on being invested in the outcome of an "Idol" season the year that the phenomenally talented Adam Lambert lost to the pretty-but-bland Kris Allen, so I honestly have no horse in this race.


May 17 – 24: TV, US. Fuse TV Maxium Top Sexy Beats series repeat. [Source]
May 17: Magazine, US. LA Weekly People Issue. [More Info]
May 17: TV, US. Performance American Idol, performing Never Close Our Eyes. [Livestream |Possible Livestream | More Livestreams| UK May18th on ITV2 | More Streams & Info]


Jeremy Bingaman‏@iowaradioguy A new Des Moines concert festival is born! @STAR1025's All-Star Summer Concert with @Train, @AdamLambert, @NeonTrees...

Daniel Albuquerqueþ@danstruter@adamlambert RELEASE PARTY OF #TRESPASSING IN RIO DE JANEIRO - BRAZIL ON MAY 23!!!| #BrazilLovesYou


Adam Lambert on Music Biz Mistakes, Triumphs and One 'Ballsy' Request for Exec Producer Credit (Q&A)

Songs like “Underneath,” “Chokehold” and “Broken English” really bring out a lot of emotions. How did you get into that headspace?
Lambert: One of the major themes on the album that there's a lot more underneath the surface than what meets the eye. Especially in the public eye, we're expected to be perfect and we’re not. That's not real life. And I think that's one of the things that I've found frustrating about being a celebrity is we're held to this really high standard, where I'm just a guy that sings. I'm not perfect. I'm not a beauty queen. I make mistakes. I fuck up. I say the wrong thing. I misjudge things. I'm sad sometimes or mad about something. And I just don't understand why that's not okay. Everything has to be all hunky dory all the time. So that song, “Underneath,” is saying don’t judge a book by it's cover and also, don't write someone off or classify them, or categorize them so easily because there's a lot more there.

Adam Lambert: Now 50% More Fabulous

"The beauty of this album is that, at the end of the day, anyone can relate to it. It's not specific. It's about the human experience. What it could accomplish in the larger picture is to say, 'Hey, you know what, I'm different, I'm gay, and we go through the same shit. You feel the same way about relationships as I do. You want to go out and get drunk and get crazy, too. You had your heart broken, too.' It's kind of post-gay. It's a post-gay record."
Which makes perfect sense coming from a post-gay pop star. "Hopefully this gives you a taste of the real Adam," he says. "Professionally, celebritywise, and as well on a personal level -- it ticks a lot of boxes. I hope every alternative community gets strength from that.

iHeart taping of NCOE here:


Adam Lambert Discusses His New Album And Bruno Mars’ Hair

One of the new tracks, “Never Close Our Eyes” was co-written byBruno Mars. “It was the first time we worked together and he’s fantastic. He’s so talented and really down to earth and cool and humble. He’s a really nice guy,” Adam said.
And who wins the hair competition? “[Bruno's] hair is higher. I saw him at the AMA’s and I looked at him and said ‘your hair is higher than mine! Bastard!’”
Adam has been busy promoting his new album and will perform tomorrow night on American Idol.

Sony sent me "Trespassing" & a disc of exclusive audio of Adam talking about the album! Tune in on Sunday to hear!


I also love, love, love Broken English. I think it is the sexiest song of all. It will be the song, like Fever, that we can't wait to see performed live. Adam is a sexy beast and he is sure to connect with this song as an expression of his relationship with Sauli. When Adam sings of "getting it on" there will most likely be some fainting go on. Add on more thing to the concert kit, the smelling salts.
I can't rate this album, it is beyond what I had hoped it would be. If Adam attends the Grammys in 2013, I am sure he will not feel like an outsider. He will be the one who everyone else is there to honor. Don't miss this music. I don't care what you might think of Adam Lambert. If you love music, this is a must.



today's issue of the Red Eye (free Chi daily w/ 250k circulation) ran the review of Tsp from newsday

4.5/5 stars!

- Well, the upcoming movie adaptation of "Fifty Shades of Grey" has its theme song, if it wants one. "Chokehold," a provocative track from Adam Lambert's second album, sounds tailor-made for the S&M occasion: "Sheets are in a knot... I kinda like the pain... I keep running away from you, but I can't stop breaking the chains."

All Trespassing Reviews Here:




Beatweek Magazine #115 PDF can also be downloaded on iTunes as a podcast



Check out tons of pics from our exclusive show with @adamlambert @! #glamberts



Thanks to @GaleChester================================Adam's Friends!


@adamlambert so proud of you man. Amazing artistry on this album. Everyone go get #Trespassing! Do yourself a favor!

Adam Lambert ‏ @adamlambert

@EdenEspinosa thank u!

SutanlovesRaja ‏ @sutanamrull
@adamlambert #trespassing album is #AMAZING boppin and sexy groovin listening now!

Adam Lambert ‏ @adamlambert

@sutanamrull yay!!! Thanks Tranma!!


#10 Adam Lambert outside the I Heart Radio theater (blowing a kiss!!):



Thanks to @virg1877


Thanks to x_serenade



Do Your Requests NOW!!



Cannot Wait to Read this! Thanks Angelina!!

Adam Lambert’s Three Gems


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  1. I am so excited about all the positive reviews about the album and sorry that BTIKM did not hit it big. Hopefully he will still have some # 1 singles off of Trespassing and I feel like he will. If you get a chance please don't let anybody relate Adam's art to Shades of Grey. It is such trash and hopefully Adam would not even consider lending his beautiful song "Chokehold" for such a horror film, not what he is about at all. Thank you so much as you have so much to keep up with especially now that the album is finally out. I have my cd but the live videos are excellent. You are doing a terrific job if nobody has told you that lately.

  2. As always, you are the "go to" source you all my Adam info. Love seeing the performances and reading the reviews. It seems that Trespassing is everything we hoped for and so much more. Thank you for keeping us current on what's happening in Adam's world...which is where I want to be. <3

  3. Cathey and Ana Glam: Thanks for your comments. It is getting difficult to keep up with everything in Adamland but I love trying.

    Keep thinking of how Adam is managing all this. He has to create the music and sing for all these concerts and TV shows. He continues to give so many great interviews and do photo shoots. And he still needs time to tweet, travel and eat and sleep and live.

    Amazing guy! He deserves all the success in the world.

  4. It's about time Adam gets the recognition for his incredible talent from the music critics. It's long overdue in my opinion. Most of the ratings are a perfect score ie 4 out of 4 or 3 to 3 1/2 out of 4 which is great. I see a best album win at the Grammy's next year. I too wonder how he keeps his gruelling promotion schedule without getting burnt out. He is an amazing man with an incredible work ethic headed for world wide super mega stardom.


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