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Adam Does Royal Albert Hall! 07/06/2012

Videos from Royal Albert Hall thanks to satanicfloret

If this one isn't working, it's still processing!



Royal Albert Hall Videos

I swear the man next to me is still asking about @adamlambert and googling him. His girls know all about him!


@adamlambert your presence on the stage is like no other, all the Brits around me were like OMG, he's incredible! Tons of new fans!

@recklesswanton: Hey @adamlambert you were just INCREDIBLE at the @RaysofSunshine concert!!!! Backing band were tight dude! A+


Got hd vid od all 3 songs


Will upload when I get home.


When I grow up I want to be able to 'hit the high ones' like @adamlambert. Great set. Get ready UK #adamisacomin


More here:


Adam in People Magazine


Keep refreshing cause I'm updating right now!

Brian May performs in Kiev 2008.... similar event to the one Adam is singing with them at June 30... scroll down for even more great news about Adam and Queen in Kiev!

Look at the Crowd!
Thanks to Lastofthetimelordz 

Adam Lambert doing his thing at soundcheck! #raysofsunshine


Twitter List:!/LambertUK/adamlambertroyalalbert

@RoyalAlbertHall eeeeeee!!!! What a perfect venue for his incredible voice! What's he singing? @raysofsunshine

Royal Albert Hall ‏@RoyalAlbertHall
@jennybeamz He did Never Close Our eyes

Sound checked for @adamlambert Boy can SIIING!!. #happyface

I'm an #adamlambert virgin and his voice is incredible

(Playing the Bass for Adam today)


Adam Lambert thanks to @illuxxia (click for larger pic)



We are happy to announce that we will be offering fan club members PRESALE tickets for Adam's show at Fantasy Springs Casino in Indio, CA on July 21st!!!

Presale tickets go on sale tomorrow, June 7th at 10am PST only on!

In order to snag tickets before the public, you must have an active Glitter or Glam membership to participate. Simply login and go to the EVENT page on to purchase your tickets. No password necessary as long as you are logged in with an ACTIVE membership. There is an eight (8) ticket limit per member.

Hope to see you there!

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Today's Interview from Finland

 ( Haven't had a chance to listen yet so not sure if these three soundclouds are the same)  

We are lucky to have so many amazing fans who provide us with everything Adam!!  Thanks to all!

MP3's for NRJ Interview June 7: PT 1: 2:

Thanks to AndPop

Adam Interview with Turkish Radio thanks to NumberOneFM


Thanks to CookieLambrit


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@adamlambert few pics from yesterday. Thanks again gorgeous! xxx


Elton John and Queen will perform in downtown Kiev

June 30th

Broadcast Live!!!!!!!!

From @gelly14 (if she says this, I believe it!)

"I don't know how many of you know or have realized what a HUGE exposure the Kiev concert is. It has to do with the EURO 2012 finale it will be broadcast live and we're talking about THE major event in Europe. (not talking about the Olympics of course) but football (or soccer ) is THE sport in Europe. We're talking about millions of fans. Europeans know all about it, but I don't know if US peeps know how huge this is."

Read this too!!!Thanks to @_ninni

"Elena Pinchuk, Ukrainian business woman and sponsor of ANTIAIDS Foundation (EPAAF) announces a major event on even of the euro 2012 final attended by two showbiz celebraties in Kiev, Ukraine. Thursday, June 7, 2012. On June 30, 2012, at the invitation of the Elena Pinchuk Foundation, Elton John, Adam Lambert and Queen will perform to hundreds and thousands of people in the Fan Zone at Independence Square in Kiev.


Adam Lambert ‏@adamlambert
@nilerodgers well Hellooooo! I am here too!! Welcome!

Nile Rodgers ‏@nilerodgers

@adamlambert Hey Adam. We've just arrived. I've hope we can hook up here in the UK. I'll send you my schedule in an email. Hope you're well

@adamlambert Hey man I'm going to sleep for a bit. We had the flight from hell. I have an interview in 2 hrs. I'll email you then. MAD LOVE

Adam Lambert ‏@adamlambert
@nilerodgers :) sweet dreams!



If you missed this yesterday, <3

Translation of Article in Koululainen magazine 6/2012  thanks to @moominbert

RT by @adamlambert: @TheMakeupExpert (on FB):

New photo of @saulikoskinen1 styling & mens grooming by @AshleyGomila ( @TheMakeupExper ) shot by the insanely 

talented @Emeranie ( ) sleeveless leather top by Skingraft 

Thanks to @GaleChester


Sam Sparro talks about Adam starting around 7:00



@adamlambert will be performing this Saturday at G-A-Y Nightclub in London for all you #Glamberts #Lambrits

Cheryl Cole to perform at G-A-Y for the first time in 10 years


Adam Lambert Twitter Party on @4music #ETAAdam June 7, 2012

Adam: Hey Guys its ADAM!

where is your home town?

Adam: Grew up in San diego- lived in Los Angeles for 11 years!

hey adam, you’ve got such a high voice in person but on your video you’ve got a semi low voice?!is your video edited ALOT then?
(this person deleted her original question already.)

Adam: That makes NO sense, crazy! lol

How do you decide which country gets which bonus tracks?

Adam: Thats really not up to me- its a special agreement with the country’s respective labels

What did U like the most ?the red or the yellow jacket in NCOE video

Adam: Actually, the jacket was red. They made it switch to yellow with special fx! cool huh?

Adam how about the 3rd single? Name?

Adam: Not there yet… weve just released this one… hold your horses!

What was the inspiration behind “BY THE RULES” and when did you write this song? #ETAADAM
Adam: I wrote the song and recorded it in LOndon actually! the Inspiration is a secret!

if you could be any animal what would you be?

Adam: a wolf

You’ll never notice me *sigh* But what’s your favorite thing about Glamberts?

Adam: They’re CUCKOO!

Give us some lyrics of The Map please

Adam: “Now I believe in more than i can see”

How do you keep going & going doing promos, interviews & performing? How do you overcome exhaustion?

Adam: Mind over matter

Why do the people at my school judge me so much? what can I do? I know i m different

Adam: Own it girl! Different is sexy!

and what about Playground? when are we gonna get the song? mind sharing some lyrics with us?

Adam: There is NO song called Playground… where did that one come from hahah. These rumors… oye

Is Tommy going to stay on your right or back to left side?

Adam: No clue… these things arent really thought thru too deeply… hahaha

You recently said in an interview that fans crossed boundaries when asking for a hug? Is that true? If so, I feel bad because I was one of those blessed with one of your famous hugs and apologize if what you said is true. Thanks you so much for your unwavering generosity to your fans. We appreciate it so much! #Trespassing

Adam: I love giving hugs! except for when my jackets get big makeup smudges from fans’ faces..or when i get the odd neck sniff/lick.

what do you think about the duo group Karmin? Have you heard their new album?

Adam: They are SO sweet and genuine! She can SING! Brokenhearted is very catchy

will there be a 3rd single

Adam: yup! and a 4th and 5th if i have my way


Adam: means “im gonna teach you a few things”

So, adam It’s okay for me to say “hi” to you when I meet you someday? I kinda afraid and nervous

Adam: Dont be nervous! I love saying hi!

What is “Nirvana” about? You never tweeted the meaning of the song! =)

Adam: its a lullaby to my love :0

Thanks Adam! I’m relieved to hear that! Phew!! I’ll treasure that hug always! you’re the best!

Adam: hug away–just protect the fashion – no face plants… lol

Do you ever get sick of traveling?..and what do you do to unwind???..and LMAO about the neck licking

Adam: I love takin a bath! helps me unwind fo sho

will the Queen show be filmed for a DVD? Or a cd recording? @adamlambert would be great

Adam: I hope so!

What was the last thing you treated yourself to?

Adam: a Massage

Want to star in a particular TV show? I am SO desperate to see you in a movie one day.

Adam: True Blood!

if you could play an instrument which would you play?

Adam: Piano

Any Plans for the Evening?

Adam: lots of sleep if i can

Have you started rehearsing with Queen yet?

Adam: nope – next week

how does it feel to be on top in Billboard?

Adam: I like being on top *wink

lOVE you new song, Adam! Are you looking forward to performing at G-A-Y on Saturday? @LovelyLovesey + I will be there. xx

Adam: SOOOO excited! cant wait to sing for my british sistahs

Adam: Goodbye folks!!! its been fun! hit me anytime @adamlambert

4Music 2012/06/07 01:51:24

Thanks to Halag



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UK Promo!

June: UK promo week of June 3. [Source]
June: Australia. Promo during London, UK visit. [Source]
June: UK. Possible interview with Stefanie Faleo/ChartShowTV. [Source]
June: UK. Possible interview with Luke Blackall/@independent & @theipaper. [Source]
June: Never Close Our Eyes on UK music channels. [Source]
June 06: TV, UK. Music 4 ‘everyone’s talking about’. Adam will be at the station around 4pm. [Source | Source | Show schedule]
June 07: Performance at the Royal Albert Hall. London, UK. 7:30pm local time. For Rays of Sunshine children’s charity. [Source | Tickets, More Info | Meet & Greet]
June 09: Performance at Heaven G-A-Y Charing Cross, London, UK. [Source | More Info - timesWeb page]
June: UK. Visiting Manchester for TV show. [Source | Maybe BBC breakfast show]
June 22: TV, UK. Interview and performance The Graham Norton show. Tapes on June 21, airs June 22 at 10:35pm local time on BBC1 [Source | Web page | Program Schedules]
June 24: Never Close Our Eyes released in the UK. [Source] 




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Thanks to Rabbitrabbit on Adamtopia for links


Cannot Wait to Read this! Thanks Angelina!!

Adam Lambert’s Three Gems


Tommy Joe Ratliff 

Thanks to @Tuke18 enhanced by @weelassie11

(sorry that the pictures disappear yesterday!)


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