Sunday, 10 June 2012

Adam: No Rest for the Talented! 10/06/2012

Boyfriends Together!

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Adam Lambert thanks to @featherlite

Complete Videos of GAY performance
Thanks to MRLOOOCH

Kickin In




@oriharakaoru: G-A-Y Adam gets the MS Paint treatment:

QueenBert   Rehearsals start today

(Not even Sunday off for Adam!)


Queen, Adam Lambert and Elton John to play Euro 2012 Final -


@QueenRockBand Most Retweeted Tweet of the Week: Adam Lambert Prepares for Queen Shows, Gives Fans a Preview... ★

Adam Lambert's Message


Our cover boy today is Adam Lambert, riding high on his new album and all set to tour with a reunited Queen:


NCOE Video from Royal Albert Hall thanks to Kinkykiedis ==========================================

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Rock of ages director mentions @adamlambert, in terms of how theirs really no singer out their who can sing like that
That '80s rock is not easy for a guy to sing …
Nobody really sings like that anymore, other than Adam Lambert. Their voices were so high, and they were just screaming. (Cruise) had to really work on that.

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@justinbieber @katyperry @JessieJ @brianfriedman @MaxTheWanted @pixiesongs @adamlambert THANKS FOR ANOTHER CRAZY NIGHT at @cirquedusoir


Love it:

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Tommy Joe Ratliff

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UK Promo!

June: UK promo week of June 3. [Source]
June: Australia. Promo during London, UK visit. [Source]
June: UK. Possible interview with Stefanie Faleo/ChartShowTV. [Source]
June: UK. Possible interview with Luke Blackall/@independent & @theipaper. [Source]
June: Never Close Our Eyes on UK music channels. [Source]
June 06: TV, UK. Music 4 ‘everyone’s talking about’. Adam will be at the station around 4pm. [Source | Source | Show schedule]
June 07: Performance at the Royal Albert Hall. London, UK. 7:30pm local time. For Rays of Sunshine children’s charity. [Source | Tickets, More Info | Meet & Greet]
June 09: Performance at Heaven G-A-Y Charing Cross, London, UK. [Source | More Info - timesWeb page]
June: UK. Visiting Manchester for TV show. [Source | Maybe BBC breakfast show]
June 22: TV, UK. Interview and performance The Graham Norton show. Tapes on June 21, airs June 22 at 10:35pm local time on BBC1 [Source | Web page | Program Schedules]
June 24: Never Close Our Eyes released in the UK. [Source] 




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Cannot Wait to Read this! Thanks Angelina!!

Adam Lambert’s Three Gems


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  1. wow busy busy he is thank you for keepin gus updated.


  2. So, what's up with that crowd at the Royal Albert Hall? They looked like they were at a wake not an Adam Lambert performance. I know the Brits can be reserved but Glamberts would have brought the crowd to it's feet! No matter, it was a great performance, a great opportunity for Adam, and I'm betting he picked up plenty of new fans.

  3. Ana Glam - from what I read, it was a charity event with very sick (perhaps terminal) children and teens, plus their caregivers (about a third of the audience, I believe). Someone posted that considering the circumstances, Adam's reception was wonderful. lee

  4. Yikes. Such a schedule. Adam needs a day off. Oh, wait. He's a grown man and already has a mother. But I can't heelp myself.


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