Friday, 15 June 2012

Adam Continues to Soar! 15/06/2012

NEITHER hard work nor will power can turn Tom Cruise’s 

voice into the steely pipes of Freddie Mercury, Steven 

Tyler, Dennis DeYoung, Peter Cetera or Adam Lambert—

that’s simply a scientific impossibility, because an 

exceptional voice is a special gift more than an 

instrument acquired through rigorous training.

@Adamlambert has over 1.5 million followers!

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Jeanjenie ‏@jeanjenie

Lovd mting Adam tday. Told him album AMAZING. Was he enjoying London - yes. And said u sound like u hav cold. He does ;(

Jeanjenie ‏@jeanjenie

Ok so.waiting nr capital door for adam Where r the fans. Get here now!


Wow ! 224 spins on Capital now \o/ \o/


The Week In Music: Britney Spears And Adam Lambert Are Sexy And They Know It

And reigning supreme as the sexiest man in music was Adam Lambert. It looks like Lambert has gone from pop idol to sex idol in true rock star fashion.  


 Tickets today 06/15/2012 at 10:00AM CDT at or at the WinStar World Casino Global Event Center Box Office.

More Queen Tickets Released

@GlamazonToronto:More Queen + Adam Lambert tickets available today for ALL UK shows.@OIQFC...


Highest Percentage LOVE IT ever!  Thanks @1045ChumFM and Glamberts!

CHUM Poll - 97% 'LOVE' Adam Lambert #NeverCloseOurEyes  Jun 14 2012

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Adam talks to us about Queen, American Idol, being a role model and his school days

We have to admit it, we were all a little starstruck when Adam Lambert took over our Twitter account and popped into the offices for a chat.
The raven-haired singer with the piercing blue eyes, is just as striking in the flesh as he is in his press pictures. We know first hand.
After we'd picked ourselves up off the floor, we got down to the business in hand and asked him a few questions.
He chats to us about how "surreal" it is to front the legendary group Queen and how he hopes that "Freddie (Mercury) would have thought that he was fabulou

Video ( if you can't watch it, I'm sure there will be a new one soon :(  )

Yes! Here is the Youtube already!

@HelgaGlambert   in the Russian issue of the mag BRAVO.


Adam Lambert pushes back Trespassing UK release date for more promotion..

Thanks Brian!

BrianMayCom ‏@brianmaycom
DO SOMETHING AWARDS 2012 for world-changers.
 Should mention - Adam Lambert is in the Music Artist nominees.

VH1 Do Something Awards

O Music Awards


in today's newspaper..   (Vancouver, BC)

And in Greece!





Mexico's Newspaper Reforma mentioning Billboard's most sexiest male singer. Adam Lambert winner among male singers!!!!!

Love to you Becky!! XO



He is in in and out section(he is of course IN). It's about his album,Trespassing.

Descpription-> New Adam Lambert's album.
.This album is an invitation into my world' says Adam Lambert about his new album. Twelve hit songs with ,Outlaws of love' song are going to spin every party !

Thanks to @LambiGirly


Old interview??


PressParty Interview Part 2 (audio of part 1 also)

Pressparty meets Adam Lambert (part 2)

Billboard's sexiest male and glam idol, Adam Lambert, recently hung out with Pressparty during his promotional trip to London and had a lot to say on his new album, 'Trespassing', his social responsibilities and the success he has enjoyed to date.


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NICE!! ’s  was #11 on the Top 20 countdown on Sirius 20 on 20!! Subscribers: requesting info here

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Tommy Joe Ratliff 

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  1. I wonder when VH1 will put NCOE video up for Top 20 vote? It would seem they would be all over this since it topped Billboard already. He deserves to be seen, but it seems like we are swimming upstream, and I don't get it! Adam deserves MORE attention.
    BTW, Adam Lambert isn't even listed on the top 10 at 10. Go request PLEASE!!!

  2. wow still so much going on and hope Adam feels better soon noone likes havng a cold.


  3. Hey Everyone:
    I heard NCOE for the first time on pop radio today!!!!!!
    I am so pleased about this. I'll call them tomorrow and nicely request it.

  4. I am starting to think there is a true conspiracy in this thing. I have called, I have imed, I have posted on facebook to all the Portland radio stations that have the correct format. I have asked on I heart radio. The only place I can ever get any of his stuff played is on my own station through Iheartradio. The only place I have been able to hear his stuff on the air, is Fleam fm, with Liam McEwan. He is a doll, and has the whole hour every week devoted to our guy. He has such a great program every week. I think these bigoted idiots dont know of all the sponsorship they are missing. If I could get one single station to play his music, I would be a devoted fan for life.
    I am pissed, totally pissed. He gets more respect on foreign stations and in foreign lands than he is here in the US. I want him to be the star here that the likes of Bieber, and Beyonce, and all that group are. He deserves it, and should get it. Not because I like him, but because he is the best talent out there. As I said, I am pissed. I don't know if a massive letter writing campaign would help or not? I don't know any more to do.


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