Sunday, 3 June 2012

London Bound! 03/06/2012


London Calling!!! So excited!

@sambark2012 he'll be at 4music, winsley st on wed afternoon if fans want to see him
@shealbox4 ish

Adam Lambert will be appearing on Weds on 4Music Everyone is Talking About It between 4.30pm-7.05pm Sky Channel 360 Freeview 18 Virgin 330

shoshanna stone ‏@shoshannastone

@mistyuk he'll go to Manchester later in the month

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If you haven't heard the new bonus song "By the Rules" from Japanese Trespassing:

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"Vote Adam Lambert for Billboard Music’s Sexiest Man Contest| Why? Well, just LOOK at him!! Click pic for original size. Photo credits to, TALC Tuke18 and others. Thank You

More from LynnsBlueEyedSoul

Wallpaper or Twitter background I made using some of my favorite recent photos ofAdam Lambert. Credit to & others for the images.  Is there another more beautiful man in the entire universe? That’s a BIG NO in my opinion. Love him! <3

Kindness Incarnate (Thanks to @snuggle62)

Nice. Honest. Generous. Three adjectives that often do not apply to pop stars, but ideally suited to Adam Lambert. The finalists of the eighth season of American Idol has just launched his second album, Trespassing .


Adam Lambert Says He Can't Win On How He Portrays Being Gay

Lambert, 30, said of the track Outlaws of Love: “This song is super important to me. I think this song probably has the most dignity on the album. It has a certain amount of restraint that I was really excited to create. It's about the sadness that I sometimes feel when I look at the struggle of the LGBT community. All of our challenges. You know there's the marriage equality thing going on right now, kids are being bullied in schools. Just the general ignorance surrounding the community. It saddens me sometimes. … This is the one song on the album that really kind of laments how depressing it can be sometimes.”

Queen drummer pays tribute to his band's music

Q • Why aren't you and May in the production yourselves?
A • We do still play, Brian and myself, what's left of Queen. We're doing shows in Europe, going out with Adam Lambert. But with the Extravaganza, I wanted it to have its own life. I didn't want to put our personalities over it. And I didn't want to commit myself to a lot of touring. These are young people. I am not.

Q • Was Adam Lambert ever looked at to front the Queen Extravaganza?
A • I think that would be foolish, the wrong thing for Adam to be heavily associated with at this time. He has a flourishing career. He would be crazy to do that. He should concentrate on his own career. In the meantime, we have a fantastic temporary association with him. He's an exceptional talent.


Adam answers two questions.... Search for adam lambert and they will show up


@sambark2012 no am not going but suggest you read details hereG-A-Y News (UK) - Adam Lambert To Appear on 9th June


Entire Musique Plus Interview on their site

(doesn't work for me?)
This works thanks to @GaleChester and @devenlane
Never Close Our Eyes Music Video Looped (1,593, 498 views)


Cover of Underneath by Young Austrian Girl

Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

Thanks to @virg1877 enhanced by @weelassie11



We can help make sure millions listen to this album by getting Adam's singles played!

Request, please!

And, these are the stations you can request from anywhere

Dallas<<< before 2:00 eastern

Q102<< scroll down on Rt and use green thumb



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Cannot Wait to Read this! Thanks Angelina!!

Adam Lambert’s Three Gems


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  1. OMG!!!!! That cover of Underneath is frickin fantastic!!!! That song is absolutely gorgeous!!!!

  2. Loved the Underneath cover!


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