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Adam in Red! 08/07/2012

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Adam Lambert @adamlambert

Last night's concert with @QueenWillRock in Poland!

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Dragon Attack Jacket collage thanks to @ShadyRekuu


Flash intro
Seven Seas Of Rhye
Keep Yourself Alive
Fat Bottom Girls
Don’t Stop Me Now
Under Pressure (Roger+Adam)
I Want It All
Who Wants To Live Forever
It’s a Kind of Magic (Roger)
Days Of Our Lives (Roger)
Love of my Life (Brian)
‘39 (Brian)
Dragon Attack
Drum Battle
Gtr Solo
I Want To Break Free
Another One Bites The Dust
Radio Gaga
Somebody to Love
Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Show Must Go On
Bo Rap
Tie Your Mother Down(Brian)
We Are The Champions



Seven Seas of RhyeKeep Yourself AliveWe Will Rock You

Fat Bottomed Girls

Don't Stop Me Now

Under Pressure

I Want It All

Who Wants To Live Forever

A Kind Of Magic

Those Are The Days Of Our Lives

Love Of My Life


Dragon Attack

Drum Battle/Guitar Solo

I Want To Break Free

Another One Bites The Dust

Radio GaGa

Somebody To Love

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

The Show Must Go On

Bohemian Rhapsody


Tie Your Mother Down

WWRY and We Are The Champions



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Brian May's Post



NCOE available in UK today! ====================================

Translation from @glamlawyer:

Quick translation of interview in Gazeta Wroclawska

Q: Are you tired, did you visit some clubs in Wroclaw?

A: No, I relaxed. I took a walk at the Rynek (Marketplace), did shop a little. I needed some rest not only after the concerts in Kiev and Moscow, but also because of the promo for my second soloalbum "Trespassing", which was released one month ago. We fly from Wroclaw to London to make another 3 concerts, then I'll go back to LA to continue promoting my solo album.

Q: Which achieved no. 1 on Billboard charts, congratulations!

A: Thank you.

Q: You are very popular, especially in the USA, where you realesed your second album. When Brian May, the guitar player from Queen called you to offer to start a tour together, haven't you thought you would take a back seat?

A: Are you kidding? It was a honor for me. I met Brian and Roger for the first time on stage three years ago during AI, where I was the runner-up. Then me, them and another contestant sang together "We Are The Champgions". After that there was a performence at the EMAs and alredy then whe knew thet there is an amazing chemestry on stage between us. When I heard Brian's voice a short time after that in my phone who offering me singing live the songs Freddie Mercury once performed, I was happy. Of course I had some doubts how the Queen fans would react about me, but I decided to take the risk.

Q: During the auditions to AI you wsa singing "Bohemian Rapsody". Tonight you will sing this song in front of 30.000 fans.

A: This is an incredible feeling. I was always a fan of Freddie, he is an amazing singer. I am actually fan of rockmusic of the 80s, so I feel very good with Queen.

Q: What was the biggest surprise for you after the concerts in Kiev and Moscow?

A: The fact that they got recieved so enthusiastically. I was breathing a sign of relieve, believe me. When I am singing I am always watching the audience carefully. I saw there my fans, Queen fans, people of different age.

Q: Do you thing there is a chance to make a record with Queen?

A: Why not? I don't rule that out. We work very good together and I am sure these few european concerts are not our last. We will see what will happen in the future.

Q: You started your carreer as an actor and singer in American muscials. When you see how your carreer is evolving, do you thing your dreams are coming true?

A: It will surprise you, but I always thought I will stay at the theater for good. It was ok for me, and I get to AI out of curiosity. Or maybe because I needed a change? After that everything eveloped so fast. I am still young and I think there is a lot ahead of me, I am just at the beginning.

Q: You admit openly that you are gay and you support gay organisations. Were you not afraid to lose fans when you came out?

A: No. I think this is very important to speak out loud and clear, who you are. This is cathartic.

Adam Lambert and Brian May  in Kiev!


Adam in OZ August 22!

Thanks to @terra_zephead

Looks like Adam is playing in Sydney on Aug 22!!


with Kathy McCabe

9 Jul 2012
Daily Telegraph



HE has just filled the biggest shoes in rock music, fronting Queen in front of hundreds of thousands of people in Europe and now American pop prince Adam Lambert (pictured) will dramatically downsize to play an intimate club in Sydney on August 22.

The folks at Take 40 Live Lounge and Debit Mastercard, who have cornered the market on small fan-only exclusive shows in recent years, combined forces for the Glambert gig at The Standard with only 300 tickets available to cardholders.

Lambert became the first openly gay artist to debut at No.1 on the US charts with his critically acclaimed Trespassing album in May.

The August promo visit and gig from the charming American Idol and now Freddie Mercury torchbearer should restore the record into the album charts and score him more love at radio when he does the rounds.

``I'm so excited to be coming back to Australia and can't wait to play the Take 40 Live Lounge so I can share that great intimate experience with my fans,'' he said.

Ticket details at

Review from the Times today!


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  1. Wow! 30,000 people at the Wroclaw performance! Imagine the energy and satisfaction Adam is drawing from that kind of concert attendance. I would love to see him play some large venues in the US just because it's such validation of popularity. On the other hand, my favorite venue for Adam is something much more intimate like he's doing in Sydney. GNT was big enough...but of course I being selfish. I like my Adam up close!!!!!!!!

  2. hello Gloria :)
    another great blog today!
    just wanted to drop this off - petition to bring Queenbert to N America. thanks hun

    x0x carter

  3. Thanks for the videos. They were great quality. Adam and Queen have to come to the US. We should be able to be a part of this epic moment. Adam has done Queen proud. If people don't get it they are missing out on the greatest performer of our time. I am proud to be a Glambert. Rock on Adam.

  4. Love it when Adam lets loose during the song "Under Pressure"! Why? Why? WWWWHHHHYYY?

  5. as always you have the best stuff XOXO


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