Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Closeness In the Mind! 31/07/2012

Read Sauli's Interview below for the title reference

(and how I feel about Adam and all of you!)

I need some fashion tips from @adamlambert

@lambertfever111 most important tip: wear what ever the hell YOU want. Who cares what anyone else thinks. :)

Most beautiful day! California sun is letting me have it!



Also expected is Adam Lambert as whispers are he will join Queen during their session as he has done on tour for the last few months.


@Sony_Music: One Direction, Cher Lloyd, Adam Lambert, Kelly Clarkson...all in one place! #PlanetPop! Get it now!


Thanks to @ 8    Shady on Promo of  Breakin In from Asia

Shoshanna said Adam will announce the next single before it drops

Adam Signing in Des Moines


Jerry Seinfeld sells out Staten Island's St. George Theatre within 30 minutes

But Seinfeld doesn't hold the record for the quickest sales at the St. George Theatre: Tickets for Adam Lambert, Tony Bennett and psychic and medium John Edward were gone in 10 minutes. 





Outlaws Of Love, Pop That Lock, & Thank You vids from WinStar with high quality distortion-free audio:

broken ennglish in two parts

Woz drives Adam to the airport:  http://www.star1025.com/pages/7709171.php

Adam Lambert ‏@adamlambert
@saulikoskinen1 is featured in the new FAULT Issue pic.twitter.com/L31WNkD6!

TommyJoe Ratliff ‏@TommyJoeRatliff

“@adamlambert: @saulikoskinen1 is featured in the new FAULT Issue pic.twitter.com/RdXbcwZ2!”daaayyyum!

@illuxxia: WHOA SAULI *__*http://bit.ly/LZhvLX(via Faulthttp://bit.ly/LZhyaA)

Sauli Interview


comment for Adam

Sunday Star Malaysia

Overall Rating - 8/10. This album is great, you can really tell how much Adam has developed as a music artist. Ok, some of the tunes weren't that good, but that's the case of most albums. Haven't really listened to his first album but with some of the singles I've heard from there, this new album is a big step in the right direction. And with 17 tracks on this, there sure will be something for everyone to love. My faves are Trespassing, Shady, Better Than I Know Myself, Never Close Our Eyes, Underneath and Naked Love. I'm glad Brian and Roger were able to recognise Adam's talent with vocals and they did concerts with him. So even if you're not that fond of dance music, like myself, but you want to hear amazing vocals with that hint of drive and power, Adam's your man. I think I have turned into a Glambert! :)


AdamLambertBE: Belgian Radiohost from @Qmusic_BE @SergeDeMarre promotes #Trespassing from @adamlambert on Belgian radio! youtube.com/watch?v=kd4mYc… thanks <3


[7-Cam Mix] Queen + Adam Lambert - Who Wants To Live Forever (Live) [2012.07.14 - London, UK]

Published on Jul 29, 2012 by PumpkinPriest


Ross Management & Productions Presents: American Idol Star Adam Lambert Live at
Fantasy Springs Casino Special Events Center. July 2012. Video by: David Ross. A rockin Sold Out Show! This video is dedicated to all the American Idols that didn't win...you rock!


Off Topic but Interesting!

@negativeneil My favorite album review of all time. 


Check back for more later!


  1. great post today and thank you for the FAULT article you rock girl. Sendinglove

  2. I love reading Sauli's interview. The more I read, the more I feel I'm getting to know him. He seems like a very grounded person and I like him alot. Good choice, Adam!

  3. From the beginning I loved Sauli...I love his beautiful eyes. He's a very simple person...and I'm glad that he could be the balance for Adam. Love Sauli XOXO

  4. Sauli's interview is absolutely beautiful!! So many quotable lines. He is very deep, very real and very special. So happy for him and Adam!!

  5. Know this may be a stupid question hope someone can answer for me. is the question/answer section the article translation from fault intervw for sauli? confused cause i can c first libe of article says adams name so english q&a dnt start that way. i dnt see anywhere else to read english translation of article to read. sry if this is dumb i just wanna read article and cant figure out where it is. i c everyone commenting on article but where is it in english. ty for anyone that can answer me.

  6. Pamela: I believe the whole thing is Sauli's interview.


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