Saturday, 21 July 2012

Full Circle Fantasy Springs! 21/07/2012

Thanks to @blingham

Adam Lambert ‏@adamlambert

Excited for show at Fantasy Springs!! Full circle!

Fantasy Springs Tonight!


Adam traveled completely alone and got his own luggage!

Tommy and Sue!
Tommy in the lobby thanks to @A

Water Bottles at Fantasy Springs thanks to ?

@Janislandgirl @TALCvids @islandgirljams Just picked up tickets FS a little bit ago.Box office said they are now all sold out.Yeah!

Ladies! Go get a drink and gamble! Lol why y'all just waiting in the lobby? Go play!



ohhhh theres a rug for the vajayjays too

07.9 The End ‏@1079theend

@AdamLambert #Glamberts Here's Adam's exclusive interview w/ @CKonTheRadio At #EndFest2012!! BackStage!!

Interview Before the Show

Official Video


Download lossless mp4/m4a of official Endfest NCOE & Tresp vids
@RandomMedley Zebra
@bayoulady60 awesome show ... Adam was on fire @didilynnPF Lots of hip thrusting tonight-and laughing too @Christen_Tineke Adam Lambert humping the mic stand.. haha @Eryn4Adam Seriously short but it was so worth it. God hes amazing
Meet and Greet Pictures: Videos @ bayoulady60: - Naked love
Thanks to @chalpie 107.9 The End ‏@1079theend @Shadylady_1031 Trust us, he was a bit under the weather. He cut his set short by 10 minutes Cuckoo


  1. lol you used my Zebra pants picture from Endfest. I wish it was a better one. I get so excited at Adam's concerts that I just can't multitask. It's all I can do to keep from drooling like an idiot. I my say this to my dying day... there is nothing like seeing him LIVE in THOSE PANTS. @randommedley

    (any chance you could make twitter one of the choose your identity?)

  2. thank you best way to start a sunday morning

  3. What a difference 21/2 years makes ! Back then he was carrying he own luggage, now 4 security guards escorting him in!
    I love how loose he was at FS---that's our old Adam...not so family friendly ;)
    He was so happy to see Sauli---what a night!
    Thanks for great stuff, Gloria...

  4. That's me in that pic with Tommy Joe!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!


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