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Adam Talks Judging Possibility! 21/08/2012

#2 in the US now \o/ #Adam4IdolJudge http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v307/lady_rinehart/adamjudge.png@shoshannastone @adamlambert

ADAM LAMBERT TALKS AMERICAN IDOL TALKS IN AUSTRALIA!http://popledge.co.uk/?p=26668#adamlambert

Adam Lambert ‏@adamlambert

Aww thanks Glamberts ;)

@vegas1024 Sorry other dude idc about you. Adams eyes look like they're glowing *____* twitpic.com/am5wmk



ATTENTION!!!! Adam will be on Sunrise THIS Friday 24th.
Possible live stream
Start times:http://bit.ly/P8Fi9GWP

@makoto113jp! Look close and you'll see Sauli in the background (on the left)!


New Burning Man Picture from Sauli's Public FB

Comment posted by photography Hans Haveron

Thanks to @gelly14


: Wow! In our  poll about 

95% of ya would prefer  over 

 as American Idol judge!

OMG... this article was retweeted by 


Adam Lambert talks Idol, Olympics and tattoos during 

Australian trip

IT has only been three years since pop star Adam 

Lambert was launched on the world stage by American 

Idol but he is firming as a favourite to return to the show 

as a judge.

Lambert said he was confident he could juggle the 

demands of his own career and help steer aspiring pop 

stars through the show.

The Trespassing star who is in Australia to promote that 

album would join Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj on the 

revamped judges panel for the next season.

''I am still waiting on the green light; I am still being 

considered as far as I know and it was really lovely to 

talk with them,'' he said.

and this!

Yesterday Adam followed Mariah Carey who is definitely on the Idol Judges Panel this season!

Could it be true?

IMO: Adam wouldn't be saying these things if he didn't know he
had the job!

http://www.facebook.com/RobCookVideographyjust in case you didnt believe @adamlambert was in Sydney. view from his hotel room #adamlambert


They've arrived in Sydney!! \o/ RT @2pussycat:

Tommy was cold and tired... Isaac wanted coffee..

Adam was a skinny sexy bitch

tattoojo: HE'S HERE via Amillion2one http://bit.ly/PAhCO0

Thanks to @Amillion2one  Short video of arrival in Sydney


From Australia Today!

todays shoot with @adamlambert 

        More pics of Adam featured in the inflight entertainment guide.

On Japanese TV

Retweeted by @BrianMayCom


Forbes: Queen + Adam Lambert was in Top 10 concert revenue this year | Какой доход приносят звездам концерты в Москве ►http://money.ru.msn.com/reviews/calc/253071/3/?pic_no=6#title

Complete Audio of Two Summer Sonic Performances by Adam!



More Adam Events This Month

August 21: TV, US. VH1 2012 Do Something Awards at 9pm ET. Adam is nominated for the Do Something Music Artist. [Source]
August: Australia. Meet & Greet in ‘Sydney or Melbourne’ time & place TBC. [Source]
August 22: Radio Concert. Sydney, Australia. Take 40 Radio/Take 40 Live Lounge. Adam will be performing at The Standard in Sydney Australia. [Webpage More Info]
August: Radio, Australia. Interview Nova ‘Smallzys Surgery’ Date & time TBA. [Source]
August 23: Radio, Australia. Interview with JOY 94.9 Katie Purvis. [Source]
August 24: TV, Australia. Sunrise TV morning show details TBA. [Source | Source]


@TheWonderPigs @adamgasm1982Hi guys - yes, Adam will be performing live in the studio on Friday morning. First song 7.40am. Come on down.

August 25: TV, US. 2011 MTV Europe Music Awards on Palladia channel at 9am ET. [Source]

August 27: Radio, Australia. Interview with FOX FM 101.9 Fifi and Jules. More info TBA. [Source | Source]
August: Radio, New Zealand. Interview with ZM Online Polly Gillespie air date TBA. [Source]
August 31: TV, Japan. Mezamashi Live [Aug 15] on Fuji TV Next at 14:05-14:45 JST. [Source]



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