Monday, 13 August 2012

Japanese Promo Today! 13/08/2012

Nice image of AL in Japan today...I cleaned it up and enhanced it for clarity! Enjoy...


Adam did a photoshoot and interview for In Rock Magazine

@mmyy9: "Adam looks like a Greek sculpture" RT @YukoKato_INROCK:

mmyy9 ‏@mmyy9

"Adam keeps checking the pictures they just took, he seems to like each one of them, keeps saying 'cool!'".

Band and Sauli have arrived in  Tokyo

@bbkunie SAULI & THE BAND AT THE AIRPORT <33 nbsp="nbsp">

"Interview done, Adam left for next appointment"RT @YukoKato_INROCK: インタビューも終わり、アダムは 次の仕事に行きました。祭りの後& #12398;さびしさを感じています。アダ&# 12512;は今日BFが来てくれるんで、なん& #12363;嬉しそうでした。

mmyy9 ‏@mmyy9
(cont) "His boyfriend is coming to join him today so he looked happy."

mmyy9 ‏@mmyy9
@s_sayeh He's already in Tokyo. Some fans met him at the airport.

bani ‏@bani_
AND, some Japanese fans greeted S and the back band members at the airport already.

Look what they had to listen to on the plane! 🚧🚧🚧


@adamlambertJP: . @adamlambert will be appearing live on "Sukkiri" morning tv show tomorrow!

Seven Videos from Yesterday!

Thanks to @
2012-08-12 - Summersonic Promo

2012-08-12 - TV Asahi "Event Search"

2012-08-12 - Oha4! News Live - NTV (1:47)

2012-08-12 - Mezanew - FujiTV (0:55)

2012-08-12 - Zip - NTV (0:47)

2012-08-12 - MEZAMASHI - FujiTV (1:43)

2012-08-12 - Sukkiri - NTV (1:51)

@Ziamp: OMG CANADA RULES! Watching BreakfastTV (CITYTV) in Toronto, & they were playing SHADY by @AdamLambert bckgrnd of Live TV!


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  1. Soooo cool. IIHY - Really, Really good - it's perfection!!

  2. Ohhhh, I'm getting to like this blond Adam!

  3. Yes - think I'm getting to like the blond Adam, too. Really looking forward to vids of his performing in costume with this new look. Always entertaining - lol, lee

  4. yay sauli gets to be with Adam and loving the new hair it makes his eyes seem bluer

  5. Lil boy video of if I had you just toooo cute. Pretty good too story line filming very impressive. Adam needs to look him up and let him perform song with him on stage for new tour closest to kids hometown. I'm so happy to c adam inspire kids he should b so proud. Thanks for brining that.


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