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Mezamashi Live! 15/08/2012

Mezamashi Live includes Full Audio thanks to @bani_

Adam Lambert ‏@adamlambert

Congrats @GoCheeksGo and @BambolaBambina!
Cheeks @GoCheeksGo 56s

Thanks Adam! Glad you like :)xoxoxo RT @adamlambert Congrats @GoCheeksGo and @BambolaBambina!

Thanks Doll! Kisses and Loves RT @adamlambert: Congrats @GoCheeksGo and @BambolaBambina!


Thanks to @RadioDJSnoopy


Keiko Imaizumi (DJ for Radio HITS Radio, FM Yokohama) interviewed Adam today.


@DariaBatina: Earthquaque named Adam Lambert is storming in Japan!


Two TV cameras were shooting him and the band and the audience. Part of it will be shown on Mezanew and Mezamashi TV (Fuji TV) tomorrow.

Thanks to @honey_holic


Adam wore grey Tshirt w/ a statue of liberty painted, grey gradianted jean and Rick owens sneaker boots #mezamashilive


And @adamlambert #Trespassing is now at #4 in Best Sellers in Pop on @amazon JAP


Just finished the tv taping! Trespassing yellow hair!!



Keiko Imaizumi (DJ for Radio HITS Radio, FM Yokohama) interviewed Adam today.

Keiko Imaizumi ‏@RadioDJSnoopy



Gem ‏@argeneau

HQ scan of Classic Rock Mag review of @QueenWillRock & @AdamLambert at Hammersmith Apollo!


Last Time

Thanks to @vegas1024  via Wal
This Time

Thanks to @socialcyanide_


The details are sketchy …but @adamlambert will be on #fifiandjules show Monday 27th ..No “I love you game” this time I promise 

@adamlambert on @ellen I think it's a repeat. he kills "Better than I know myself". Dying. #amazing

Reweeted by Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert ‏@adamlambert

OHAYO “@socialcyanide_: @adamlambert gets felt up on Japanese t.v. XD


MTV Buzzworthy ‏@MTVBuzzworthy

PHOTO: @AdamLambert got a HUGE new tattoo.'m confident it's Latin for "TIME FOR UNICORNS."

Adam Lambert ‏@adamlambert
@MTVBuzzworthy no it's Latin for "I wish MTV would play more music videos" lol

MTV Buzzworthy ‏@MTVBuzzworthy

@adamlambert HOW could you not be excited for Snooki's baby? Can't you just be happy for her?? 😱😜😁

Adam Lambert ‏@adamlambert

@MTVBuzzworthy haha. So excited for her.


Sauli (in a wig)

More soon!

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