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Off Da Grid! 03/08/2012

Adam Lambert ‏@adamlambert

Off da Grid. Talk to ya Next week! ;)

(Thanks for letting us know Adam!  Have a great vacation!!)

From commercial in Finland for next Big Brother season thanks to Miachihu

Title:  "Be a Fan Bravely"


Trespassing Tour Articles

Who is the Greatest Artist Today?


Adam Lambert and Danielle Stori in London

Adam Mentions Everywhere!

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Adam Lambert Mention on Intentional Talk Got Heeeem ! 8-1-12


1Girl 4Gays

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@TalcVids re: QueenBert Videos!

FYI: We have finished our Queen & Adam London vids for Saturday, July 14th :) We filmed from GA floor which gives a different perspective than our Thursday night vids from front row balcony. Since was in the back of the GA Floor, it made it more difficult to record our HQ audio and still video the show. We do however, have 7 vids from London Night 3. It gets a little crazy at times with all the people, but she did zoom in on Adam for an 'up close' feel. We have combined our HQ audio with these HD vids. Hope you enjoy them! :) 

The playlist for the Queen & Adam, Saturday, July 14th show is here:

Our HQ Audio of the entire Queen & Adam Lambert London Night 3 (July 14th) set can be found here thanks to :,_England,_United_Kingdom_(Queen_+_Adam_Lambert)

We do have the entire set of Queen & Adam, Wednesday, July 11th, on video. Those are next on the 'To Do' list :) 

All of our vids of Queen & Adam, Thursday, July 12th, can be found on our youtube channel. Playlist here:


Adam Events

- August 2012 -
August: Magazine, Japan. InRock Magazine. Interviewed in London. Available July 15. [Source]
August: Third single off Trespassing to be announced. [Source]
August 02: TV, US. 2011 MTV Europe Music Awards on Palladia channel at 7:00pm ET. [Source]
August 04 – August 11: TV, US. Fuse Maxim’s Top Sexy Beats series repeat. [Schedule]
August 05: TV, US. 2011 MTV Europe Music Awards on Palladia channel at 7:00am ET. [Source]
August 06: TV, US. Majors and Minors repeat on The Hub CH 121 at 1am PT. Via Comcast.
August 07: TV, US. The Graham Norton Show repeats on BBC America at 9am ET. [Source]
August 14: TV, US. The Ellen Show 1/19/12 Season 9 Episode 81 repeat Adam sings Better Than I Know Myself. Check your local listings for times.
August 15: Festival Concert. Tokyo, Japan. Mezamashi Live 2012 hosted by Fuji TV Network in Tokyo, Japan. [More Info]
August 16: TV, Australia. Adam Lambert E! True Hollywood Story repeat on Fox Tel Channel 121 at 3:30pm local time. [Source]
August 16: TV, Japan. MTV Japan, Best of Adam Lambert at 20:00-22:00hr local time. [More Info]
August 16: TV, Japan. Music On! Artist File 27:00 – 27:30hr local time. [More Info]
August 17: TV, Japan. MTV Japan, Best of Adam Lambert at 15:00-17:00hr local time. [More Info]
August 18: TV, US. Adam Lambert Unplugged on Palladia channel at 4pm ET. [Source]
August 18: Festival Concert. Tokyo, Japan. Summer Sonic 2012. Airing live on WOWOW at 18:00hr local time More Info. [Website | More Info]
August 19: Festival Concert. Osaka, Japan. Summer Sonic 2012. [Website | More Info]
August: Australia, promo meet & greet in ‘Sydney or Melbourne’. Time & place TBC. [Source]
August 22: Radio Concert Sydney, Australia. Take 40 Radio/Take 40 Live Lounge. Adam will be performing at The Standard in Sydney Australia. [Webpage More Info]
August 25: TV, US. 2011 MTV Europe Music Awards on Palladia channel at 9am ET. [Source]
- September 2012 -
September: Magazine, Japan. InRock Magazine, available August 11th. Will have either an Adam or Adam and Queen poster. [Source]


Old Interview which I don't think I have seen!


More news added as it happens!


  1. thank you sweetie have a great weekend

  2. Well, we should all take a cue from Adam, take a breath, take a break, enjoy a little downtime. Gloria, you too sweetheart, this Queenberting has had you doing double duty ... relax for a bit!!

  3. I love that "duck" interview - remember it - enjoyed it so much. Thanks, lee


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