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Such a Doll! 31/08/2012


Oh god he signed a pillow case. #she

Randy Jackson

The dawg days are over at "American Idol" ... TMZ has learned Randy Jackson is officially LEAVING the judge's table ... but will still remain a part of the show as a "mentor."

Sources connected to "Idol" tell us ... there's some concern among the brass that Jackon is not well-suited for the mentor role ... but they feel they need him because he's the glue that helps keep the show together.

As for his replacement ... sources tell us Nicki Minaj's deal is 99% done ... but still not a sure thing just yet.

We're told the honchos are keenly aware Mariah Carey isn't a fan of Minaj and doesn't want her at the table ... a fact producers LOVE because they think the conflict and tension will be good for the show.

And ... we now know A.I. will once again go with a 4th judge ... we're told producers are gunning for someone from the country music world for the third seat. Seat number 4 is up in the air.

Finally, altough "A.I." wanted Diddy or Kanye West ... we're told they are definitely out of the picture.

Thiiiiiiiiis ... is getting intense.


I do have a doll collection but nothing as good as these!


@adamlambert doll from Integrity TOYS (Adam Lambert)

@collinstoysAdam & Sauli Dolls


Adam Lambert - New Doll from Osaka Show - By @CollinsToys - More here:


New Show Announced!  Octobert 29th in Texas!



First Look: Adam Lambert Gets Spooky, sings on Pretty Little Liars


Thanks to @spreckles

Gale Whittington ‏@GaleChester
Photobucket Video for Scorned by @GaleChester Take 40 Q&A Adam Lambert Australia 8-22-12 Take40 ADAM LAMBERT Q&A...

Adam in This Week's OK Magazine (Australia)


Kathryn17 ‏@Kathryn17

Adam Lambert article in Australian’s OK magazine:

The ever-flamboyant Adam Lambert chats to OK! while in OZ

Adam Lambert has come a long way since he first stepped out onto that American Idol stage three years ago. Now, with his second album, Trespassing, hitting stores, the singer’s in a reflective mood about his journey so far.

What’s been the key to finding success after appearing on a reality show?
I’ve never been somebody that’s ever really satisfied, which is a blessing and a curse but, as an artist, it’s a motivating force.

How have you become comfortable with fame?
It took a second to adjust. Strangers knowing who you are is a weird feeling. But it’s also flattering.

You have some crazy fans…
They are crazy, but it’s all coming from a place of love.

(something)Most about
Performance. but I also really enjoy he studio process especially with this album because I got to take the time to do it.

You worked with Sam Sparro on this album - how do you know him?
We worked together on my last album, and I’m a big fan. We wrote two songs on this new album that I really believe in.

Your album has a big party vibe to it, do you like to party?
I love a good party. Lately I find myself working a lot and trying to stay focused. Plus, when you’re traveling, a lot of partying isn’t going to agree with that type of schedule, so there’s a time and a place.

Would you be interested in being a judge or mentor on a talent show?
I would love that; it’d be fun. I’d be honest, but I’d try to be nice about it.

Can we expect an Australian tour from you soon?
I hope so. I hope to put a tour together for this album.

Trespassing is in stores now.

shoshanna stone ‏@shoshannastone

fans paid $5000 to see Adam's intimate Australian show?! WOW!

shoshanna stone ‏@shoshannastone
the last bit of this interview actually made me laugh out loud. 'so that's a nice slap in the face'.


@tuke18: Check out my Adam pic on @Rock2MusicWW magazine!! Send email to for a free copy


oops - about time.

Oops. So all you Glamberts are probably wondering why it's taken so long for us to publish a review for trespassing. Well let me tell you it's not because we don't adore them album to bits. We do. So much so it's on repeat on the iPod, on constant rotation at the offices. We have been enjoying every digitally encoded bit, that it completely fell off the to do list. LOL

Having said that, the lack of a push in Australia for this album is criminal. I hope that Adam's label is not solely resting on his fan base for sales as this album deserves a wider market push for sure.

On Trespassing, Adam cements his own sound style. Delivering an incredibly solid and well produced album that normally, after such a previous smash hit record, would mean a new album would sound rushed and 'samey'. But not Adam. It's a diverse sensual and uplifting lyrical triumph that has heart and real soul.

Tie that into the mans indisputable vocal chops and you have a pop/rock album that fulfills the real meaning of the overused term "journey".

Underneath is a 'Standout' - if you had to pick.

Enough of my babble. I am off to listen to it again. For you non Glamberts - go and grab the album and have a listen, you will love it.


Pic 1 Sept issue of INROCK Mag.

and more thanks to @christy0907

Adam  Tweets More Yesterday

Kathy @KatluvsAdam
@adamlambert why are all your tweets from yesterday gone???

Adam Lambert @adamlambert
@KatluvsAdam my Mom didn't approve. ;)

Adam Lambert @adamlambert

Hahah y'all can't take everything I say so seriously. Sarcasm and Bullshit are alive and well on my twitter feed.

Keisha Renee' ‏@KeishaRenee
Living my life Cuz its GOLDEN ✨🌟✨


Adam Lambert ‏@adamlambert
@KeishaRenee get it gorgeous!!

Keisha Renee' ‏@KeishaRenee

“@adamlambert: @KeishaRenee get it gorgeous!!”<

Adam Lambert ‏@adamlambert
So is genuine love though too. @KeishaRenee

Adam Lambert @adamlambert
@1208h love that avi!


@adamlambert Can you see the blue moon tonight. Hasnt been one since 1997

Adam Lambert @adamlambert
@FlyinBlackHorse I thought the blue moon was on Friday?

Adam Lambert ‏@adamlambert
“@tHefunkySpice: @adamlambert even straight guys like your hair!” well thank heavens. I can rest well tonight.

Makayla @xIIHY4lyfx
@adamlambert Awww, you're cute. Tell me, how do we know when you ARE serious?

Adam Lambert @adamlambert
@xIIHY4lyfx yeah I suppose it doesn't always translate over twitter. Guess I guess ?:)

Adam Lambert ‏@adamlambert
“@HBglambert: @adamlambert Hi adam Do u still have blond hair?” I hope so.

Hous of Alina @glamalicious_
@adamlambert 'Never Close Our Eyes' Remix sounds great at the club. Loves it! Dance dance dance!

Adam Lambert @adamlambert
@glamalicious_ which one?! The R3hab remix is MAjor. But there are other killers too.

Chiara @Kiki_Violet
@adamlambert hi Adam, do you still have dark eyebrows? Hahaha

Adam Lambert @adamlambert
@Kiki_Violet yes I do. An no I didn't Forget to change them.

Medolive @Medolive
@adamlambert still jet lag haunting you?:)

Adam Lambert @adamlambert 9m
@Medolive sorta. But had a great, productive day. Worked out, ate lite and healthy all day, went shopping w Sauli...

J E S S Y H A P E @jessyhape
@adamlambert You're horny

Adam Lambert @adamlambert
@jessyhape naw.

ForeverGlambert :3 † @IwaGlambert
@adamlambert what do u think about eva simons ?? u follow her ^^

Adam Lambert @adamlambert
@IwaGlambert I dig her voice !! Sick'

Adam Lambert ‏@adamlambert
Night night!!

Here is a listing of the tweets Adam Deleted: 


Adam Lambert has been making us swoon since 2009 when he graced the “American Idol” stage. Although the powerhouse singer did not win the competition, Adam continues to rock the radio with his funky music. We could talk about him for hours, but here are the top five things we love about Adam Lambert



Another of my @adamlambert videos Adam Lambert JB Hi-Fi Signing 26/8/12, Melbourne, Australia: @youtube


Adam Lambert's Mezamashi peformance aired on Japanese TV today Adam Lambert's Mezamashi peformance aired on Japanese TV today 



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  1. Is Keith Urban not yet confirmed as judge? WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE THEY WAITING FOR TO ANNOUNCE ADAM?

  2. Thanks for the accolades. I love making the Adam dolls and am so glad you enjoy them.


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