Sunday, 19 August 2012

Summer Sonic Osaka! 19/08/2012

Enhancements: Screencap:  


WWFM  Summer Sonic Osaka

Playlist of videos from Osaka thanks to riddle601b:


Just out of my first @adamlambert gig in Osaka! Never moved so much at a show in my life. Didn't want it to end but id have died if it hadnt
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Thanks to @bbkunie


I've been to 100s of gigs in my life & always thought I enjoyed myself at them but NONE compare to Adam tonight. i'd have danced til I died.

No one threw underwear on stage, it was a tshirt.

@adamlambert Glamberts who aren't keeping tweets positive will be blocked. #glasshalffull


RT @adamlambert Glamberts who aren't keeping tweets positive will be blocked. #glasshalffull SAME RULES APPLY HERE W GOSSELINATORS!:)

  adamlambert “@BorneoBert: @adamlambert Really liked @TommyJoeRatliff's guitar break in Broken English last night. Love that song.”. Yeah he killed it!

@adamlambert is this a good time to ask you about your single announcement? *puppy dog eyes*

Adam Lambert ‏@adamlambert
@spreckles single announcement got held up by some record label logistics. Whats new?! I'm pushin' trust me. Cover looks FLY though.


.@adamlambert 's trespassing was featured on the most famous chinese show 快乐大本营.video :


Super Sonic Day 1

@mmyy9: さきほどツイートしたラジオ番組 の録音 Live at Summer Sonic 2012 (Aug 18 Tokyo) played on the radio on Aug 19.

All the concert videos posted here:

@mmyy9 "Summer Sonic Tokyo Exclusive" Trespassing CD (CD+DVD) + Towel set (HMV booth, August 18)

Liam McEwan's Adam Lamber Hour thanks to @GaleChester


August 19: Festival Concert. Osaka, Japan. Summer Sonic 2012. [Website | More Info]

August: Australia. Promo meet & greet in ‘Sydney or Melbourne’. Time & place TBC. [Source]

August 21: TV, US. 2011 VH1 Do Something Awards at 9pm & 11pm ET. [Source]
August 22: TV, US. 2011 VH1 Do Something Awards at 6pm ET. [Source]
August 22: Radio Concert Sydney, Australia. Take 40 Radio/Take 40 Live Lounge. Adam will be performing at The Standard in Sydney Australia. [Webpage More Info]
August 25: TV, US. 2011 MTV Europe Music Awards on Palladia channel at 9am ET. [Source]

Great Videos from London #1 thanks to TheFilmQueen


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  1. I'll be out of town for a few days, but will be checking in. luvya, lee


  2. Adam was beautiful in the concert at Sonic. His eyes were like lazers, and he just looked super human gorgeous.. Wow woww. I think it may be the most gorgeous every...He is so so can tell. It may be because he is doing so well, or it may be his personal life. Whatever it is? He looks great!!!


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