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Pointing to Trespassing! 02/09/2012

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Don't mind my drunk ass singing along lol My favorite male performer of all time @adamlambert doing Trespassing 9/1/12



Me and the Fellas!! @saulikoskinenpictures @terrancespencer

Boyfriends finished by
@CollinsToys that I added to my collection. @adamlambert @saulikoskinen1




All Signs are pointing to Trespassing as the next Single!  (Including this deleted tweet)

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Getting ready for a late night show! Yes that's black lipstick! Lol

Adam Tweeted Last Night and then Deleted




Thanks to 4Msrmyn for screencaps


@adamlambert is down here!!!

julian montenegro ‏@JulianM6


Trespassing then cuckoo

@adamlambert amazing like always:) thanks for pointing at me during Trespassing. That song is a huge inspiration to me

@broadwayhottie 2m
@adamlambert you were incredible. Your voice is flawless, and your stage presence is infectious. See ya on tour! :)


#family!! @rainonme83 @ashleydzerigian @TommyJoeRatliff @saulikoskinenpictures & Jonny 😘😍❤✨


The show was Awesome!!! @adamlambert did amazing as always!! After the party it's the after party!!

Reyna ‏@RainOnMe83

Right! So much fun! RT @KeishaRenee: Highlight of my night was the 4am pool party!! #Swagg

In honor of Queen concerts and jacket I had @CollinsToys make me this @adamlambert doll. @BrianMayCom @TheBlondsNY
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Polish Interview



Translation of Sauli's Blog thanks to @moomimbert

Sauli's personal blog, 9/2/12, translated

Answers at last! :)

1 What is the last movie you watched that made you cry? -SexyDiva
S: The Color Purple!! It's an old movie from '85 starring Whoopi Goldberg. I watched it on the flight from Japan to LA. I cried so hard the flight attendant asked me if everything was okay. hah! Brokeback Mountain and The Help are also sure to bring the tears.

2 Hi Sauli! My 10-year-old grandson Joonas is a fan of yours also and we want to know, if you still play Angry Birds, how many stars have you got? -tuula
S: Hello Tuula and say hi to Joonas! I play Angry Birds every single day!! It's like nerve therapy to me. :) I couldn't live without those little birds! hah! There are at least five different Angry Birds games available by now, but I assume you're talking about the first ”base” game? I have, of course, collected all the stars and golden eggs from that one. Now I'm on Angry Birds Space. Which is a little bit more difficult. There's a new challenge for Joonas!

3 – Are you going to get the 24/7 service for the new season of Big Brother? -lintuinen
S: I have 24/7 already and I got hooked right away! Milla's visit in the house was a really good move!!

4 Have you ever had a déjà vu? -Rochelle
S: Hi Rochelle!! I get déjà vu a lot! It's such a strange feeling and really hard to describe. Last week I had two instances of déjà vu that felt very real. Where does this strange feeling come from? someone tell me? :)

5 You've said it's easier in the US for you to be ”out there” with fashion: is it more a matter of colors, materials, or just stylistic details in general? Or maybe how you put together outfits? -Kaarina / Miia vaan
S: I don't think it's about colors or materials. Compared to Finland, people here are more social, outgoing and bolder. This also enables me to be who I want to be, and I can wear whatever I like freely, without worrying about what people will think. I love clothes and putting together outfits. This week I bought new leopard print skinny jeans. :) Imagine those on the street in Finland... never!! hah!

6 What’s the last thing that made you laugh like CRAZY? -Rebecca
S: This happened this week! I was at the grocery store, putting groceries in my cart. I was on my way to checkout when I realized I had someone else's cart. :) There were diapers and baby food, etc... I don't know how I managed to do that. That made me laught like CRAZY!! HAHAHA!!

7 You were brave to take on a risk and a challenge by moving to California fairly quickly. Can you, or do you want to, tell us what your thoughts were that gave you the courage and confidence when you were thinking about it? -Hilla
S: I've always liked risks and new challenges. Life is too short to just think. It's best to do what your heart tells you. Anything for love! :)

8 How do you relax? What do you need to be happy? 2. What do you do when you are angry? -paulina
S: The best ways to relax are taking a hot bath, getting a massage, reading a book and of course going out to dance in the Hollywood night life every once in a while. I don't need a lot to be happy. Health, exercise, and of course love! Things that make me angry are intolerance and technology! ;)

9 How do you handle being away from your twin sister so much? I'm a twin myself and we're always together. -Twin
S: It's hard sometimes, but luckily there's skype and facetime! These inventions make it so you don't have to spend much time missing anyone. My twin sister and I are in touch almost daily.

10 Have you ever been to Lapland? Coldest weather you've ever experienced? Three things you couldn't give up? Do you know sign language? Who knows you best? -Johanna
S: I've been to Lapland many times. My father has family in Rovaniemi and we have a summer cottage in Laplans. Three things... hmmm.. My phone, Angry Birds, and my best friends... ;) I can sign my own name, so that's five letters. :) The person who knows me best is my twin sister.

Thank you everyone for the questions and sorry it took me so long to answer... whew!! I'm hopeless... hah!!


A Perfect Day Translation


Check back for more later!


  1. Thanks so much for this update. Like Sauli, it takes awhile to read all you give us. Great job:)

  2. Sauli, I just love you! You are the best &i'm SOOO happy you & Adam found each other!


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