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Trespassing is the Way! 05/09/2012


Your Favorite Guys!!

Adam Lambert ‏@adamlambert

@LoveMrSpencer Living


timesmasher ‏@timesmasher
@1029NOW Cool! Will you be playing Adam Lambert's "Trespassing" soon too? Just saw it got added to your playlist.

102.9 NOW 102.9 NOW ‏@1029NOW
@timesmasher haha you are good! Should be ready to go tomorrow night!

Yes, KDMX, Dallas Hot AC station, has officially added Adam’s “Trespassing” to its playlist. Let’s wait tho until 1st spin b4 requesting. RT

Support the Next Single!

Great Adam fans who are organizing this effort


Adam Lambert looking Gorgeous!  More here:

Adam's Three Latest Follows are interesting!

Jason Sky (image builder), MAC cosmetics ( he should be the spokesman) and
E! Fashion Police

Full Interview

Complete Performance at Matinee via Libracats

I want to personally THANK Adam Lambert for an 

AMAZING performance at AMAZING FESTIVAL this 

past Saturday!!! I also want to 

thank each & every one of you who came and 

packed the place! All the hard work our team puts into 

our events shows and it's all for YOU!!


@VseZvezdy_2012 Adam Lambert SUPER Poster (full size)!!! in the new issue of the Russian Magazine "Vse Zvezdy 19"!!!

Sunny future for Sony Music

To stay relevant in the music industry, Sony Music Malaysia has taken a bold step in making a foray into the live performance arena.

“It’s very unusual for a recording company to organise concerts and previously we did not do so. Recording companies usually organise only promotional tours but we went into a 50:50 joint venture with Marctensia Concerts Sdn Bhd to organise (American Idol runner-up) Adam Lambert’s concert here in October 2010,” said Lim.

“We did that as a stepping stone to generate more revenue and by doing so, we get the rights to sell the merchandise for the concert as well. After co-organising Lambert’s show we now know how it’s done. We followed that up by organising a concert here in July last year by David Archuletta (another American Idol runner-up).”


Vote for Adam/Queen


Thanks to ?

MTV Australia Asks The Singer His Picks For ‘Video Of The Year’

Guerilla Gig Video

Berting Going On here:

Adam's After glow!


Lots of Pictures!


Happy Birthday Freddie Mercury!


Michelle Obama Adresses the Democratic Convention
(I'm not American and don't have much of an opinion on the presidential candidates but I like a good speech!)


Here's a link to watch a youtube video if it doesn't play in your country!

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  1. Thanks for including the video of Michelle Obama's brilliant speech. Most Glamberts will be pleased to know that nearly every speaker at DNC last night made at least a passing reference to marriage equality.
    I should comment here more often because I read every post, usually watch every video and follow every link. Your blog is more valuable to me than I can ever tell you. Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into it.

  2. I haven't listened to the speech and really hate our current political situation but I have to hope that those who will cast a vote will choose a candidate that supports equal rights for all Americans.

  3. I don't feel that politics should be included in this blog! Take it somewhere else!

  4. Michelle Obama's speech was so moving and I didn't get to watch it last night so thank you so much for posting it here! I voted for Obama four years ago and I hadn't made a decision whether to vote again this year at all. It had nothing to do with President Obama but mre to do with the Republican party because they refuse to do anything to help this country. All they seem to care about is what they want and their wants is to run this country into further debt. Why? I don't have a clue but one of the best Presidents that we've ever had was President Bill Clinton and he's backing Obama for re-election. After listening to Michelle Obama, my decision has been made and my vote is going to re-elect Obama. I just can't see voting for the Republicans and adding to the debt that this country is in and voting for someone to tell the women in this country what we can and can't do with our own bodies. I also want someone who believes in equal rights for everyone, not only in marriage but for health care.

  5. hey sweetie sorry for being so quiet lately and not commenting things here have been busy but never doubt i check in daily with you. thank you for all you do sending love and light


  6. I absolutely LOVE your blog, and have been reading it since day ONE! This is my go to place for all things Adam! It is not my go to place for politics. Please don't spoil such a wonderful blog with politics from ANY side? Twitter and FB are a good place for politics.

    Thanks so much for all of your hard work every day on this great source of info on our beautiful Adam!

    <3 Anne

  7. I also love this blog and read it every day, but I would rather not read anything political on here, even though I think everyone has a right to their opinion. Sharron.


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