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Trusting Adam Lambert! 07/09/2012

: Massive response to  

by ! Plan on hearing it all weekend & 

AOL Radio ‏@AOLRadio

Be sure to tune to New Pop First for @AdamLambert's next single, 'Trespassing,' now in rotation:


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30 minutes until #NowTexasTango tickets go on sale! Get details here on how to purchase & get ready to get your seats!


From Twitter Party August 28

Olya Lambert @DREAMaboutADAM
when will be your single? you promised it and forgot!!!

Adam Lambert @adamlambert

oh Olya- I didn’t forget. I just can’t say yet. For promotional strategic

reasons.Trust a bitch!

Adam Lambert ‏@adamlambert

ARA ♔ ‏@sweizzGlambert


SARA ♔ ‏@sweizzGlambert

@My_intuition69 @adamlambert I SWEAR I MADE IT YESTERDAY!!

Brad Bessey ‏@BradBesseyProd
Hope for @AdamLambert as @AmericanIdol judge? @EW says if Enrique Inglesias passes offer could go to Adam

JB ‏@Flyteness1
@BradBesseyProdhttp://Deadline.comhas reported it like it's a done deal already?

Brad Bessey ‏@BradBesseyProd
@Flyteness1 @DeadlineTV Nellie Andreeva has gr8 sources & she says it APPEARS to be done. Holding on 2 off chance Enrique doesn't close.


Adam on E!  Fashion Police on September 14 at 10 PM EST

@monalee62 YAY!!! Adam on Fashion Police


Photos by Brenden-John.

Requesting Trespassing Starts Monday! Thanks to @LadyBRinehart

Hi y’all! So a new single means a new request campaign o/ 

Like before, we're going to focus collectively on some of the bigger stations that take request from everywhere, like Z100 NY, Q102 Philly, etc. 

You only need to call ONCE per day (we’re not trying to spam), but try to hit all the national stations. Texting is also a great, quick way to request multiple times if you so choose. Please also call your local stations to request at the same time. Should only take about 5-10 minutes out of your day, so let’s be united in our support and have fun :D

Remember to be positive and polite. Don’t get discouraged if they don’t play; this is a show of focused presence/support as much as anything else. And most importantly, don't let anything take away the fun of being a fan of someone so amazing :3 

Start Date: MONDAY SEPT 10TH

Time: ANYTIME during the day or night, whenever works for you 

*Z100 NY: 800-242-0100 | text 55100
*Q102 Philly: 800-521-1021 | text 71021

KTU NY: 800-245-1035 | text 31035
KISS-FM LA: 800-520-1027 | text 41027
CHUM FM: 416-870-1045
Fox All Access: 877-268-6815 


NOTE: SNOL requesting will come soon, but here it's site for peeps to find stations that air locally.


And this too:

Donate here:



Thanks to Christine Goodwin


REMINDER: Classic Rock Magazine Roll of Honour - 

Event of the Year. Queen + Adam Lambert are on the 



Adam in A Russian Magazine thanks to @Lambertlust


Attention, Lambert Nation -- Glambert has named the Pharrell Williams-assisted "Trespassing" as his next single off his chart-topping album of the same name! [Idolator]

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  1. Adam amazes me. Even with his beautiful eyes covered by a sign he is still drop dead gorgeous! Those lips! aaaaaahhhh!!! Jennifer

  2. We trust you, Adam - we just don't trust American Idol.

    Like the radio edit - now DJs/PDs - PLAY IT. It's better than anything on radio right now - it's different - it's fun - his voice is fabulous - it'll go up the charts - irresistible.

    Thanks, Gloria (love the lips, too)

    as ever, lee


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