Thursday, 27 September 2012

Twirl Away! 27/09/2012

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Toronto area Glamberts:

There is still room for one or two at our first dinner/karaoke night on Saturday, Sept 29th starting at 7:00 PM. Lots of Adam songs available!

 If you are interested, tweet me @Adambertdaily or email  Subject line:  Adam


Christie Goodwin ‏@ChristieGoodwin

Picture of the Day: Adam Lambert


@rovela taping watching Russell brand & Adam lambert @ Warner Bros Stage 12

Comments about the show here:

Adam's Version of Ring of Fire!

20+ Spins  for Trespassing is the Prize!!

mia farrow ‏@MiaFarrow

Beautiful talk, beautiful song, beautiful guy! I love @adamlambert #equalrightsforall

Outlaws of Love

Onward to China!

we think adam will arrive at shanghai tomorrow night


Trespassing ‏@TrespassingAL
@glam_alidol Oh, no. Do you know if there will be lots of other fans going to the airport?:)

alidol ‏@glam_alidol

@TrespassingAL the client don't want too many ppl. we promised less than 200,we will control


Interview from Australia

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  1. Aside from the hundreds of reasons that L can give for my obsession with Adam Lambert, one thing has always touched my heart and my mind; his intelligence. He speaks from the heart and unfiltered as we all know, however he makes a point in a way that everyone should easily understand. I hate politics, I would never suggest that anyone enter into that arena. Still, if Adam were ever inclined to run for office, he has my vote! He is someone that I could get behind 100% and know that he would always do the right thing for ALL people.

  2. I was there! at the 9:30 Club. Stood on line for hours - got in close with a good view - he was in fabulous form - looked incredible - funny, off-color, sweet - love him to pieces. Hope he made big bucks for such a great cause. Such a terrific thing to do - fly cross-country with his band like that. A beautiful man in every way. luv, lee


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