Thursday, 18 October 2012

Arizona Fair! 18/10/2012

Adam at the center of it all RT KeishaRenee: My Family!! Band and Crew!! 


Arizona State Fair Concert!

Good Interview!

Thanks to @blueskynews

1. Kickin’ In
2. Shady
3. Trespassing
4. If I Had You
5. Pop the Lock/mashup
6. Thank You
7. Outlaws
8. Chokehold
10. Broken English
11. Naked Love
12. NCOE

13. Encore: Cuckoo




Adam Lambert fans, let me know if you like this and I will finish it in the next few days ;)


Pretty Little Liars!


Adam's Beauty Tips

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Adam's Schedule

October 23: TV, US. Pretty Little Liars 3×13 ‘This is a Dark Ride’ [airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC Family] Adam will guest star in the Halloween special and perform two songs. [Taping week of July 23 | Source]

October 29: Radio Concert Grand Prairie, Texas. 102.9 DFW NOW, Texas Tango at the Verizon Theatre. Tickets go on sale September 7th at 10am via [Webpage | More Info |Livestream]

- November 2012 -

November: Magazine, Japan. InRock Magazine, available October 15th. [Source]

November: Magazine, Japan. KERA! available Sept 15th. [Source]

November 03: Concert Napa, CA. Live In The Vineyard [Uptown Theater]. [Source | More infoMore info]

November 13: Concert hosted by 94.5K FM. Cape Town, South Africa at the Grand Arena, GrandWest. Tickets on sale September 14th at 9am from Computicket. [Source | Source]

November 16: Concert hosted by 94.7 Highveld Stereo. Johannesburg, South Africa at the Coca-Cola Dome. Tickets on sale September 14th at 9am from Computicket


Here's a link to watch a youtube video if it doesn't play in your country!

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  1. At times I find it hard to express just what it is about Adam Lambert. I think it is his energy. He is always so on and so present. You never get the sense that he wants to be anywhere else doing anything else. He loves to entertain us and there is that constant flow of positive, loving, fun. He is my best friend, though he may never know it. He never fails to lift my spirit no matter what mood I may be in. Turn Adam on and he turns me into a happy, dancing crazy old lady. LOVE HIM TO DEATH!


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