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8) Adam Lambert - Trespassing
While traditional pop may not have turned out too many barnstormers this year, Adam Lambert’s second album is a massive statement from the American Idol runner up, with Trespassing being an absolute barnstorming effort.
Thankfully throwing off the shackles of the pop ballad that held him back on his debut, Trespassing lets Lambert fully embrace himself as artist letting the guitars and eyeliner fully spread their wings.
The album might have made the headlines by being the first album by an openly gay singer to top the Billboard 200 in America, but Trespassing should be on more people’s radar’s for purely musical reasons.
An outstanding pop-rock album that revels in what it is and deserves to put Lambert in the upper echelons of the genre.


Adam in People Magazine-Year End Top 10

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VH1: Top 40 Most Watched Videos of 2012 - 's BTIKM at #4, NCOE at #36  via 



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Adam Lambert ‏@adamlambert

Yay we made it to a new age!!! Wham.

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Eunji Kwon‏@silvermouse97

Dear Earth, I'll never die before I meet @adamlambert

Eunji Kwon‏@silvermouse97
Adam is just too sexy to draw.. #FanartInProgress


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Let's all give this a few hits and get it to 1000000!


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