Monday, 3 December 2012

On The Way Home! 03/12/2012



Liza Kucherenko þ@Liza_Kucherenko
@shoshannastone Is it real? It's a billboard for 18th March in

shoshanna stone þ@shoshannastone 
@Liza_Kucherenko yes! 



mmadamimadamm þ@mmadamimadamm
UPDATED TABLE OF THE 2013 NON-TOUR TOUR to take into account Shoshanna's confirmation




Adam at the Airport Today via @glam_alidol


glam_alidol alidol
i want to post a pic ..... /o\


We love you too!  Thanks for being the source for all the ADAM news, pictures and videos from Asia!


alidol @glam_alidol

adam‘s airplane was delayed ,left at 10pm beijing time
@glam_alidol: @adamlambert ‘s interview with CCTV will be aired on Jan.5th…

@glam_alidol: great audio of @adamlambert at hennessy last night . six songs…by fans not official
Six Song Set from Shanghai!
Naked Love
Never Close Our Eyes
 Are You Gonna Go My Way (with Aurea)
Thanks to @GaleChester
Thanks to @adamlambert
Adam Lambert ‏@adamlambert
Duet w Aurea was so fun!

@glam_alidol: great pix adamlambert at hennessy… very cute

MAMA Articles
More from Shanghai!
Wanting 曲婉婷 ‏@WantingQu
"FaceTime"! With @AdamLambert !:) Yup he rocked the house last night no surprise!


Article and photo:
Vietnamese Article with Beautiful Pictures!

Fan Video
Adam Events

- December 2012 -

December: Magazine, Worldwide. Fiasco magazine cover and interview. [Web page]

December: Magazine, Japan. InRock magazine, 2nd half of last months’ interview and more pictures of Adam. Available November 15th. [Source]

December 01: TV, Ukraine. repeat The Queen and Adam Lambert Kiev concert airs at 23:55hr. [Source with world clock and livestream info and Here]

December 01: TV, US. Maxim’s Top Sexy Beats repeat on Fuse at 8pm ET. [Source]

December 01: Shanghai, China. Press conference for the Hennessy event. [Source]

December 02: Concert Shanghai, China at a Hennessy event. [Source | Source | Live stream]

December 08: Benefit Concert Cyndi Lauper & Friends: Home for the Holidays. Presented by True Colors Fund. At the Beacon Theatre in New York City, NY at 8pm. [Source | More info |Ticket info]

December 09: TV, Japan. Live at Summer Sonic 2012 on WOWOW repeat at 5:00-5:30pm.Repeats Dec 28th at 24:00hr. [Source | Source]December 10: TV, US. The Wendy Williams Show ‘divas’. Syndicated show, check your local TV listings. Airs at midnight on channel BET (Dec 11). [Source | Web page TV listings | TV listings Canada | TV Guide]
December 10: TV, US. Adam Lambert Unplugged repeat on Palladia channel at 2pm ET. [Source]December: Radio, Hong Kong. Interview with Alyson Hau, Teen Time a Radio 3 program. Airs weeknights 9:00pm – 10:00pm local time. [Teen Time web page | RTHK webpage | Possible listen live | Listen live | Listen live via Tune In | Podcasts]
December 12: TV, Japan. Mezamashi Live (Aug 15, 2012, Tokyo) repeat on Fuji TV NEXT at 1:00-1:30 am. [Source]
December 13: TV, US. VH1 Behind the Music repeat at 11:30pm. [Source]December 14: Radio Concert Star 101.3 San Francisco, CA at The Warfield, 7pm. Tickets will goon sale Friday, October 12th at 10am at or listen towin. [Source- more info |Livestream]
December 16: TV, US. Hosting and performing at VH1 Divas live at 9/8c. The Shrine Auditorium, Los Angeles, CA. [Source | Web page | Buy tickets | Press release | Possible live stream | Possible online stream]December 22: TV, Japan. Mezamashi Live repeat on FujiTV NEXT at 14:20-14:50hr. [Source/More info]
December 31: Concert Nusa Dua, Bali. Adam Lambert Live in Grand Ballroom, Mulia Resort. [Press Release | More Info]

- January 2013 -January: Magazine, Japan. InRock will feature a 2013 calendar with Adam in it. Available December 15th. [More info]

- February 2013 -February 17: Concert Seoul, South Korea at AX-Korea. Tickets on sale November 26th. [Source & Ticket info]February 2013 Concerts in Japan: [Source/Info]February 19,20 & 21: Tokyo at the Shibuya Public Hall at 7pm local time. *Feb 21st Pre-sale Tickets for Udo Premium Members on Nov 26 at 11 am. [More info | More info | More info]February 23: Kanazawa at the Kanazawa Bunka Hall at 6pm local time. [Info]February 25: Nagoya at the Club Diamond Hall at 7pm local time.February 26: Osaka at Namba Hatch at 7pm local time. Pre-order on e+ Oct 24 to Oct 29, general sale Nov 10 e+ and Ticket Pia. [More info | More info]

- More information via @mmyy9 here

- More information via @bani_ here

- March 2013 -March 01: Concert Manila, Philippines at the Mall of Asia Arena. [Tickets will be available soonTicket info | Source | Screencap | Mall of Asia webpage]March 16: Concert Moscow, Russia at Crocus City Hall. [Source | Concert & Ticket informationHere and Here | FB page | Twitter list]March 22: Concert Helsinki, Finland at Hartwall Arena. Tickets on sale Nov 26th [Source | Web page | Twitter list | More ticket info]

- Rumors/Unconfirmed -

December Interview. [Source]

March 18 2013 Concert in Kiev, Ukraine. Waiting for official confirmation. [Source | More Info]

March 20 2013 Concert in Russia, St.Petersburg. Waiting for official confirmation. [Source]

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  1. thank you for all this wonderful information sweetie you're the best

  2. I love everything.

    Still watching that duet about once every hour - lol.

    That fan video of Shanghai is marvelous - really got the feel of being at the event - terrific.

    And all the pics - hair up - hair down - all variations on the facial hair - whatta chameleon.

    Having so much fun as even more gigs pop up. Hope he has a nice relaxed time with Sauli in Bali - sure deserves it.

    Luv, lee

  3. Thanks for everything that you do for Adam! I love the GBR video that you posted on here! It's freakin' cool! I'm also rockin' out to Adam's new #TeamHairDown and the beard look that he's got going on right now! Hope he keeps this look for quite a while! It makes him look soooo mysterious and such a yummy midnight snack dont'cha think? lol

    BTW, I am a female not a guy and I also go by another name some others may know me by as MidnightWhispers! Love, Peace And Happiness To All Of You! Adam has brought so much of these three things as well as so many beautiful people into my life in the past three years! Can't love this man enough!

  4. like becca said--you give us all the great info about Adam & Sauli!! Thanks for all you do!!!!


  5. great post I just want to know if Adam made it home safe. Thank you for all your hard work.

  6. These are just the best pics ever! Thanks so much to all involved. Adam never ceases to amaze me with his talent and he's getting hotter by the minute. Can't wait for him to tour Oz. Impatiently waiting for an announcement. Thanks Gloria.

  7. So I log on here and see that first picture...Oh God! Thank you so much!


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