Friday, 18 January 2013

Adam Not Amused? 18/01/2013

Adam's Amused/ Not Amused??

Watching @AmericanIdol - the judge panel is PERFECT. credible, entertaining, and balanced! fab! LUV this First episode! #idol13

Perfect 4 420 . Xxx


Thanks to @illuxxia

PS.. It's season 12.... but probably ok to skip it!

Adam Lambert þ@adamlambert

2:22, 2:23 XIIV

Adam Mentioned


We've ALL Got it! The Adam Lambert Virus!!



On Air/Ryan Seacrest ‏@OnAirWithRyan

.@Frank_Ocean and @AdamLambert recieve nomination for @GLAAD Media Award!



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Music That Rocked 2012

Adam Lambert - Trespassing: Speaking of voices, it doesn't get much better than my friend Adam Lambert. Trespassing is a driving, dance, anthem with attitude, a mean beat and Adam's incredible voice.


Singapore Ticket Sales!

HypeRecords ‏@HypeRecordsSG

GLAMBERTS, ARE YOU READY? Tickets start sales 25 JAN 2013 (Friday) through SISTIC! ADAM LAMBERT LIVE IN...


American Idol Promo featuring Adam

Adam Rejected this Song



Get ready to have your mind blown: @adamlambert recorded @therealxtina's "Just a Fool" first .

Adam Lambert þ@adamlambert
Ain't this lush?


Adam Lambert þ@adamlambert


Adam Lambert þ@adamlambert
Just posted a photo

Adam Lambert þ@adamlambert

Adam Lambert þ@adamlambert

1h ♛ Ωuεεη Λιεx ♛ ♛ Ωuεεη Λιεx ♛ þ@xAdamsEmpire
@adamlambert Isn't that Egyptian God Bastet ...or is it Pasht? x)

Adam Lambert Adam Lambert þ@adamlambert
@xAdamsEmpire ;)


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Request Cuckoo!

Star 101.3FM (San Francisco HAC station) has played Cuckoo. It is now on their Mediabase request form


Let's all give this a few hits and get it to 2000000!


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  1. I'm going to assume Adam was messing with us on his tweet about idol


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