Sunday, 13 January 2013

Album #3 Happening! 13/01/2013

Adam Lambert ‏@adamlambert: Glamberts! I have so many ideas for my third studio album!!! So excited to start creating new recordings for you all! 2013 is gonna rock!!
Adam Lambert ‏@adamlambert: We have evolved together with For Your Entertainment and Trespassing.... #3 will be a brand new exploration! :)

RT TATTOOJO ‏@tattoojo @adamlambert if I had a dick it'd be HARD right now #girlboner!
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@shoshannastone which label will the 3rd album b under? logical conclusion is RCA but speculation is rampant & it'd b good to end it  :)

shoshanna stoneþ@shoshannastone
@namelessaddict RCA

@shirleyhalperin: @oriharakaoru it will be good, I think.
Gives him more freedom to make his own decisions without involving 19.


Who wore it best @johnnysanford @devinschmevin @adamlambert @hellojonte   ? #JOKING lol. Join the club and get your own via @studmuffinnyc

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Adam Lambert ‏@adamlambert for those of u who live in LA:RUN 2 see "For The Record: Scorsese" at Rockwell in Los Feliz. One of the best shows I've seen in yrs. vocals! 

thank you for COMING! You were damn supportive and we fucking appreciated it. Come back soon! Next time you'll get up on stage!


Hong Kong MTR station thanks to @stupendous



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Request Cuckoo!

Star 101.3FM (San Francisco HAC station) has played Cuckoo. It is now on their Mediabase request form


Let's all give this a few hits and get it to 2000000!


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Thanks to @TalcVids

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