Friday, 25 January 2013

Boyfriends Party! 25/01/2013

By the slimmest of margins (274 votes), Adam Wins!

Last Night!

Jackie G. checked in at Bootsy Bellows

Happy bday Adam Lambert

vivallaglam getting sexy at Adam Lambert's birthday party http:// 
At @adamlambert's b'day party with @sam_sparro#Surreal
Happy bday Adam Lambert (@ Bootsy Bellows) 

@alcoholharmony The Birthday Boy @adamlambert @ Bootsy Bellowshttp://

Dancing at adamlambert birthday with @alcoholharmony 

At Adam Lambert's birthday randomly dressed up as Jambie from Pee-Wee's Playhouse. #howdoigetintothesesituations 

@JoshPeace @sam_sparro and I have decided we're DJing @adamlambert's bday party next year. :-)

 ‏@sam_sparro FYI @adamlambert mom is hot and @brendanvaughn doesn't age http://

Of all the celebrities I've worked w/ or 4, Adam

Lambert is by far the most fun & down to 

earth. What a great guy 

jayrkalis With Adam at his bday party and he's 

drunk!!... as He should be...

Me and @brianlondon ! It's a party............ 


Joyrichla Visits at the Joyrich Headquarters  ???

@funkyfantastic @adamlambert @hellojonte 


: The FRIEND MOVEMENT created a twitter 

account  They have  

w/Joseph as part of their header photo

Follow @friendmovement1 and check out Adam's picture 

on their header!


Let's all support Energy Radio who continually play 

Adam's music!

Send your requests too!

Twitter:  @energy150778


Vote for Adam


Contestant Massacres IIHY with Adam version at the end


Adam in US Weekly

If you want to see great Idol performance, here isAdam on American Idol!


Regarding Free Counseling

Several people contacted me in December and early

January and I thought I saved all the emails.  Now I find

that I

must have deleted the file because I can't find any.  I do

want to be in touch with all of you so please email me

again right away.

Easy Links for All Adam Voting


Request Cuckoo!

Star 101.3FM (San Francisco HAC station) has played Cuckoo. It is now on their Mediabase request form


Let's all give this a few hits and get it to 2000000!


Calender of Events

Thanks to @TalcVids

Request Trespassing and Purchase:

Here's a link to watch a youtube video if it doesn't play in your country!

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  1. I watched two songs from the AI performances and I have chills from head to toe and tears in my eyes and a HUGE smile on my face. How is it that 4 years later, the magic is still just as fresh and real as it was that very first time. This must be love! LOL!


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