Wednesday, 30 January 2013

China's Waiting! 30/01/2013



Adam Lambert on Shenzhen Daily Newspaper in China today - Scan by @glitterpupp First AI to 

hold a solo Concert in China


@adamlambert new interview on Sina 

Entertainment main page http:// 

Look forward to participating in any filming
  After talking about the 2013 work arrangements, Adam - Lambert 3 at the end of this tour, he will continue to the creation of his new album: "For this new album, I already have a lot of good ideas, and I can not wait to created out of them. "Not only that, this year, the Adam also looking forward to expand into the entertainment from the music scene. Last year in the U.S. drama "the girl lies" Halloween special focus on cameo role of the "Vampire" - Adam Lambert, its the fit role modeling and singing strength, the perfect interpretation of the role. Adam said: "I hope more involved in drama or movie! 2013 I hope to become more busy as a work of art, then I'm happy!" (TG / text)

We Are Family  TOMORROW!

 Adam receives Unity Award and performs at We 

Are Family Foundation 2012 Celebration Gala 

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Link to World's Biggest Birthday Card!

Happy B-Day!!!!!! Love Ya, Adam!!!!!! The fan art is the gift, enjoy!!!!! @adamlambert

More Birthday Wishes!

Adam in the Toronto newspaper 24HRS. 

American Idol‏@americanidol: Wishing a big 

happy birthday to @adamlambert! 


@vh1divas: Celebrate our 2012 #VH1Divas host 

@adamlambert's birthday with his 25 most glamorous looks 


The World Almanac‏@worldalmanac: Happy birthday to @oprah Winfrey and @adamlambert, 

from The #WorldAlmanac.

@dorianmagazine: Happy birtday mr Glambert! @adamlambert

Kris Allen ‏@krisallen

Happy Birthday @adamlambert! 31!

Adam Lambert ‏@adamlambert

KrisAllen rub it in!!! ;) thanks man

Happy Birfday;) therealadamlambert & @scarlettcherry #goodtimes


Sauli-Questions and Answers


Playlist of my favourite Adam Lambert video edits I've done http:// 


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Let's all give this a few hits and get it to 2000000!


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