Thursday, 21 February 2013

Tokyo Concert #3 21/02/2013

Thanks to @brianlondon

Playlist for Tokyo #3

(Constantly updated)

Upotetun kuvan pysyvä linkki

Upotetun kuvan pysyvä linkki

New Videos from Seoul

More here:


 Tokyo 1

 Tokyo 2


adamlambert @misshellirrific hahah zero body piercings.

@adamlambert Thank God you answered that were obsessing abt it since AdamLambertJP tweeted out this>

Adam at M&G Tokyo day2 


Awwww so beautiful guys :3 I love you <3 font="">

WHOA Billboard changed their calculation method this week. Utube views now count. Radio spins becoming less 


Tokyo #2 Stay

Thanks to @joannalizzy


Calender of Events
International Tour Dates

February 19, 20 & 21: Concerts Tokyo, Japan at the Shibuya Public Hall at 7pm local time.
February 23: Concert Kanazawa, Japan at the Kanazawa Bunka Hall at 6pm local time.
February 25: Concert Nagoya, Japan at the Club Diamond Hall at 7pm local time.
February 26: Concert Osaka, Japan at Namba Hatch at 7pm local time.

Thanks to @TalcVids

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  1. I am so enjoying the videos. So amazing. Love Adam's comedy bits. He is just so special. Thank you Gloria


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