Thursday, 21 March 2013

Boyfriends to Helsinki! 21/03/2013

@Lambski_pics: Adam and Sauli (through a window) on the train leaving Russia

Sauli in St. Petersburg!  Thanks to glamberttttt nooraa_♕

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Glamberts waiting at Helsinki Train Station:  Thanks to @xWhenLoveFails 

@adamlambert Welcome to Finland Addy!! We 

Finnberts waited for u at the railway station but 

we heard that u got off at Pasila 

I can feel the disappointment of Finnish fans 

who were waiting at Helsinki railwaystation and 

Glamily got off one station earlier.

Thanks to  ‏@SvetssV

Complete Ustream of St Petersburg

On Youtube

Whole @adamlambert concert in Saint Petersburg MP3 (ripped from ustream)






Broken English



Dragon Attack and Shady






Thanks to ?

Thanks to @Lyudmila_Geneva


Adam In Kiev with photos:




Thanks to jskystyle


Check back Later!


  1. Why is adam doing all these concerts over seas but there isnt any tour for u.s., someone said cause more money for him there. i defended said thats not it he loves all his fans. i live close to new orleans where i saw last concert. was kinda bummed he wasnt coming again. this guy was talking to is with radio station. he said ill be flying out of state to ever see him again. he wont ever come near here he cares about where money is not fans. i said but fans from all over fly to n.o. to see him last time i talked to some fron new jersey and texas. it dnt matter he said thats when he was trying to build fan base and sell tickets. but now he can b selective. is this true. we wnt ever get a concert down south again? i saw an interview he said new orleans was on list of favorites. plz answer its been bothering me awhile now but afraid to get on here to ask. ty

  2. It was so great starting the morning with the videos you posted. So excited about Finland. Thank you, Glenda

  3. I wrote a question here ystrday but i dnt know how u get the answer. it was bout why theres no concerts in states and will ther ever b again in all parts of country. my email is i dnt know if post here and if so how do see them what to click on. or do u email to us?


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