Sunday, 24 March 2013

Highlights of WAG Tour! 24/03/2013

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How Beautiful are these!

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Adam and Sauli are still in Helsinki (correction!)

Helsinki on Friday, performed by Adam Lambert to keep Asian cuisine.
Adam Lambert and Sauli Koskinen have been dating for over two years.
Adam Lambert and Sauli Koskinen have been dating for over two years.(MATTI MATIKAINEN)
Sauli Koskinen Adam Lambert's boyfriend was left after the concert in Helsinki. The star is quartered Centre in the heart Kämp hotel, where he found himself a pleasant place to eat.
Yume serves modern Asian cuisine.-I ate just Yumessa. So tasty, Adam replied, when a fan asked him on Twitter favorite food in Finland.
Lambert's tour ended in Helsinki and he does not, at least not yet gone home.

Helsinki Playlists:  

Best of Helsinki:

Liam McEwan's Adam Lambert Hour thanks to @GaleChester


Adam's Leaving Helsinki?

leaving the hotel?

@illuxxia yes he left, they got his bags in the car before he came out

Can't believe  :D waved at him and he waved back from the car  :D

Thanks to @ALambertFrance
Twitter Party and More

Thanks to @Lambertlust

Thanks to Q3

adamlambert @popjustice I just wish there was a subgenre called "SINGING" where we could be ranked and judged based on some talent meter.

adamlambert @popjustice yet Pop will always somehow feel like a high school popularity contest. And I will always b the drama geek-Singing his face off 

adamlambert @popjustice then there's the philosophy saying: don't hate the player- hate the game. So popularity contest it is- let's all play the game. 

adamlambert Game of thrones

adamlambert Ok now I'm being a real nerd. *pries himself away from iPhone.... 

adamlambert @popjustice I just want you to sign my yearbook. 

adamlambert I want u all to sign my yearbook. So I feel validated. "KIT"

Q3 Note: KIT = Keep In Touch

adamlambert Come to think of it- Facebook and Twitter are perma-yearbooks. We couldn't get enough graduations...

adamlambert @popjustice u know I value and appreciate your opinions.  :) no drama glamberts. #heel


Adam Lambert@adamlambert

And thanks to all of YOU who made the Lil WAG Tour the success it was!!

Adam Lambert@adamlambert

This calls for a twitter party!

Adam Lambert@adamlambert

Ask me something. (and umm I will answer what I feel like answering!)

Lyudmila Geneva@Lyudmila_Geneva

@adamlambert What is the size of tunnels in your ears?

Adam Lambert@adamlambert

@Lyudmila_Geneva zero gage.


@adamlambert will you come to sweden soon? I want to meet you so bad! xx

Adam Lambert@adamlambert

@FridaLarsson98 I was there last year. Where were u!?


@adamlambert what do you think about Nicki Minaj?

Adam Lambert@adamlambert

@PinkMonsterGlam she's a character all right.


@adamlambert Did you choreograph your whole show by yourself?

Adam Lambert@adamlambert

@MoonbeamJO no! @whoisjohnnyrice choreographed w @LoveMrSpencer and @ActorAllanLouis and I conceptualized the show.


@adamlambert what do you think of miley cyrus?

Adam Lambert@adamlambert

@billjebert she's cool. Met her in passing. Very on the level. Seems to be able to rise above the typical BS. Excited To hear her new music  


@adamlambert what's your blue suit made of?

Adam Lambert@adamlambert

@MissRachel526 some silk blend lol 

ian jones@ian190

@adamlambert Do you feel disoriented after ending a tour?  

Adam Lambert@adamlambert

@ian190 I had a couple glasses of wine at dinner. I feel great!  


@adamlambert what's the best food in Finland?  

Adam Lambert@adamlambert

@Not_Karol just ate at YUME. So tasty.  

lαɴι j@mslanijones

@adamlambert your 3rd album is going to be a rap album right?!  :P 

Adam Lambert@adamlambert

@mslanijones totally. So that the popular kids will think I'm cool. Lol  

Slava Pruss@Vladislav_Pruss

@adamlambert what is your favourite book?:-)  

Adam Lambert@adamlambert

@Vladislav_Pruss non-fiction: "The Velvet rage" very interesting.  

Adam Lambert@adamlambert

@Vladislav_Pruss also non fic : Acid Dreams. Fiction: weirdest I've read was House of Blue Leaves.  

Sara Nuwanda@GlambulanceASAP
@adamlambert I heard you were trained to sing opera for a bit! Is that true? Cause I'm an aspiring opera singer!

Adam Lambert@adamlambert
@GlambulanceASAP yeah I took opera in high school. For about a year. Hard work.


@adamlambert Would you like to come to Spain?  

Adam Lambert@adamlambert

@BalladOfElisa yes please!!  


@adamlambert any ideas for the direction of the third album? I'm so excited!  :).  

Adam Lambert@adamlambert

@sandraAML yes I do. I'm excited too!  

Adam Lambert@adamlambert

Ok friends. Getting drowsy. Lol catch u later.


The Adam posted this:

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  1. Happy Sunday. My comments lately have not been posted. Maybe I am not doing something correctly. I just want you to know I appreciate you. Today's post is wonderful. Glenda

  2. Just want to say how wonderful today's post is and how much I appreciate it. Glenda


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