Sunday, 17 March 2013

Moscow Concert! 16/03/2013

Had a beautiful post all ready this morning and just as I was finishing it, I deleted by mistake!  It's been that kind of day!  LOL

Adam Lambert@adamlambert

Please RT to help empower the lives of 

Canadian LGBTQ youth! #CampfYrefly

@glam_alidol i don't know who took this pic . 

but @adamlambert u r so gorgeous in this pic 

Here are a few good links:

All the best Videos from Russia

@adamlambert I hope you're not mad at glamberts for such behavior at a concert in Moscow just ... we were very happy
@_Fuuuuuuuuuck_ mad??!! What? Rumors! I loved the audience last night! What would I be mad about??

@adamlambert Why do the musicians in your 

band always look so miserable in the pics? Do 

we have to pay them to smile? ;)
@TrespassingAL hahah they're modeling. Lol models don't smile- they smize.

ICYMI: Madonna gave an epic #glaadawards speech last night on the Boy Scouts, Pussy Riot and @andersoncooper. Watch: 
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Minsk Concert Review:


Adam Lambert in Shanghai  my best video picks 4 full set. Overdue as most weren't on YT


More tomorrow :)


  1. So sorry the post was deleted. I am so happy to get to enjoy this post. XxOo, Glenda

  2. I'm sorry you had such a crappy start to your morning! Maybe you had your Monday on Sunday! Thank you for taking the time (and having the patience)to post again today. I appreciate you and your blog so much!


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