Wednesday, 13 March 2013

USA Rejoice! 13/03/2013

adamlambert Amazing shotgun getaway to Bali 

the past few days. Lots of unexpected adventures! :) @whoisjohnnyrice @LoveMrSpencer @gunzandmoses !!

Johnny Rice@whoisjohnnyrice

Vacation is over, back to Work!! Whew! Do we 

have some stories/life memories @LoveMrSpencer @adamlambert @gunzandmoses. Bad Girls club!????❤????


Gili Divers Hotel

Lots More here:  

Peta:...he is a very talented young man with a nice heart and a huge personality. He is one of the most grounded celebrities I have had the pleasure to meet. I have met some with half his talent and twice his ego! I am in awe of him...


Adam booked for San Diego County Fair

July 2, 2013

Lambert, Train highlight fair’s lineup

County fair schedule also includes Switchfoot, Martina McBride, the Beach Boys and The Steve Miller Band

Toyota Summer Concert Series @SDFair lineup released (enter to win tix on our Facebook page)! 


Adam in INROCK April 2013 (Japan)

INROCK April 2013 (out Mar 15) Poster! TY! RT @poochlove2: INROCK4月号♪3月15日発売 (>∀<●)ノ ADAM!ポスター゜+.(・∀・).+゜

INROCK4月号♪3月15日発売 (>∀<●)ノ ADAM!

INROCK April 2013 will be available in Japan on March 15 at bookstores, CD shops, and convenience stores.

INROCK April 2013 (out March 15) available for pre-order on HMV  & Amazon  (More links later)



Thanks to GaleChester




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  1. plz let me know if you hear of any possible M&G for the Miami show thanks love ya girl XOXO


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