Thursday, 7 March 2013

Watch Out Singapore! 07/03/2013

Adam Arrives in Singapore

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"Let me just say that Singapore's weather is 

beautiful n I always enjoy how happy the fans 

are.  The F1 race was going on during my last 

gig here so there were lots of noisy cars!  I 

covered Rihanna's "Stay" in Seoul, but I'm not 

sure if there'll be another unexpected cover in 

Singapore.  I'm a very impulsive artist.  We'll 

see what mood I'm in. I do get tired answering 

questions about AI but only 'cos I get asked the 

same questions all the time.  Which of the 

new judges would take to me most?  That's a 

new question!  Thank you!  Haha! I think Nicki 

n Mariah would be into me."

Thanks to IS500

We catch up with @adamlambert in an exclusive 

interview before his big show on Friday! 

just met Adam @universial studio. Ask 4 pic, staff said 

no time. Adam said yes! So lucky!!! 


Good Version of Shout

And Another:

Time for Miracles

HQ videos of Hong Kong:


Thanks to @glam_alidol

Adam Lambert Performs in China 
   2013-03-07 11:18:07   



Hump Day With Adam Lambert: Aura Of Attitude

It's no secret we love Adam Lambert and the energy and joy he brings to the otherwise sterile, manufactured world of modern pop music. But he's such a worldwide whirling dervish that it's sometimes difficult to keep track of where and when he touches down. So we're trying out a new weekly feature: Hump Day With Adam Lambert, which will hopefully keep us up-to-date with his appearances, performances, and interviews. And on those weeks when Adam's talents lie dormant, we'll bring you classic pics and performances.


@Boythunder913:We asked 3 qns frm e fans thru#HotFMGlambertQuestionIS :) it'll b on tmr morn on @hotfmsg

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