Sunday, 16 June 2013

Pittsburgh Pride! 16/06/2013

More Videos near bottom of the page!

PITTSBURGH! I had SO much fun!!!! Thank you all for 

being so amazing today! Great ENERGY all around. ;)

But first, before the concert!

Thanks to @amazingfan

Hi Ang!  And where are Virg and Lisa?


Pittsburg Performance

Thanks to @virg1877

Thanks to @wild4adam

Thanks to @alikat1323

Thanks to @xh

Thanks to @tuke18

Thanks to @saweetmaryc

Videos (lots More Coming!)


Adam Signing

Naked Love/Cuckoo



Shady and Intro

Are you Going to Go My Way?

More Coming ASAP!


  1. Wow, just wow!!! Can't wait for Orlando!

  2. I just wanna say first of all Adam is hot as hell! and he's like an angel from darkness I would lovvvvve to meet him sometime ;)and great job guyzz

  3. Gloria, You are wonderful. Love the sound checks and live videos. I almost feel like I am there. XO, Glenda

  4. Thank you!! I'm a little behind and I knew I could come here to catch up! xoxoxox

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