Friday, 22 October 2010

Adam Plays BrisVegas


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Adamlambert Thanks BrisVegas. Gorgeous crowd!! 5 minutes ago via Twitter for iPhone  (about 10AM EST)




WWFM (partial)

Strut (partial)

IIHY Brisbane


  Look who's on the Jingle Ball Poster


Adam's Glamily Another Amazing Video by Suz526

Pictures from Brisbane enhanced by @aquarriussue7

New Version of Fever from Sydney

Strut Sydney

Post from RCA ED on Adam Official regarding Adam and future singles in US

No guys, like I said at the start...there's been no final decision yet about whether to pursue another single or not here in the U.S. (other countries may continue to work different singles, if it makes sense to the local market), and Adam won't vanish from the radio because the songs will keep playing as recurrents. Plus, radio isn't the be all, end all of the music industry anymore, not even here in America. When that pause between albums finally comes, we'll keep dropping new products (hint, hint) into the marketplace, working on projects here on AO, and working the press with news of Adam's ongoing activities, TV appearances, etc. Adam will get a chance to focus his creativity on some new songs instead of on endless public appearances and visiting radio stations for the 3rd time in 12 months, also giving everyone who isn't a complete addict a moment to actually MISS him again, in the process. I've seen comparisons below to Katy Perry (her singles are being fast-tracked because they have no staying power - quantity does not equal quality), Daughtry (just 3 singles off the latest album, which was released 4 months ahead of Adam's, also reflecting the current state of radio), but each artist is a different story. Anyway, we could go on and on, but just wanna say I appreciate the passion behind your comments here.

Read the comments here:

Corrected Picture of Tongue Divee Trevor


Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

                                                                      Thanks to @_ninni

Bribane enhanced by @aquariussue7

Keep Voting... Adam is doing well!
Adam wasn't listed as a nominee in any category! We need to type his name in the 'Other' Box. WE CAN DO THIS!

 INSTRUCTION FOR VOTING ON-LINE (Follow instructions once and then its easy to repeat) MINIMIZE SCREEN to avoid scrolling (CNTRL - ) (UPDATE!!!!!! From @LittleMsBig!!! Please Read! "You don't have to keep typing his name . After the first time just click the "Other" box then click a few times in the name strip and his name will be there in a drop down window for you to click. Same thing with the song.") 1. At Home Page, click on 'Vote Now' or 'Nominate Your Favorites' 2. Vote as a Guest (No registration required) or as a Member Click on Continue 3. Click on 'MUSIC' (There are 4 categories.) 4. Click on 'Favorite Male Artist' 5. Check 'Other' Box 6. Type in Adam Lambert 7. Click on 'Cast Your Vote' 8. Click on 'Next Category' twice (Under 'Cast Your Vote') 9. Go to 'Favorite Song' 10. Check 'Other' Box 11. Type in 'Whataya Want From Me' (We need to vote for this song, so we don't have vote-splitting!) 12. Click on 'Cast Your Vote' 13. Click on 'Next Category' twice (Under 'Cast Your Vote') 14. Go to 'Favorite Breakout Artist' 15. Check 'Other' Box 16. Type in Adam Lambert 17. Click on 'Cast Your Vote" 18. Click on 'Next Category' (Under 'Cast Your Vote') 19. Go to Favorite Pop Artist 20. Check 'Other' Box 21. Type in Adam Lambert 22. Click on 'Cast Your Vote" 23. Click on "Favorite Male Artist" Under 'MUSIC' again, and repeat process!

Let's send a message that Adam belongs on the final Nomination list! .
Amazing Pictures from Melbourne by @kittybaroque enhanced by @aquariussue7


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  1. so happy to see adam is going to be at the y-100 jingle ball :D cant wait to see if he will be at any others!

  2. love the picture of Sasha she is so beautiful.

  3. Holy *blink* Isaac *breaths* Just....ya....can.not.stop.looking. Wow.

  4. Hadn't notices Isaac until zoodlemouse's comment ...... YIKES !!

  5. Hi AQD...the tongue divee guy is not the guy in that picture...but the one to the left of him who you can only see a bit of. I was standing next to them and saw the whole kiss! They were there together. The guy Adam kissed is called Trent and he is very pretty.

  6. Lady Grey... thanks for pointing that out... I have changed the picture to the correct person..You were standing next to them? More details please!

  7. ty so much Gloria for keeping us updated loving the new blog set up !! loves ya

  8. Love your blog, Gloria. Thanks for doing it every day! One general comment: I notice that you don't post very many pictures of Taylor, even in group pictures. Everyone from the glamily appears in the above post, exept him. Taylor has a lot of fans, too, and it would be nice to see more of him when you show pictures of Adam and the whole troupe. Thanks!

  9. Beautiful pix, Gloria!!! Can't wait to see that calender! And the video from Suz526 of Adam's Glamily....OUTSTANDING!!!!
    You're the best!


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