Thursday, 21 October 2010

Tongue Diving Examined

Baby Paisley is Growing up... and the microphone tastes good!

                                                        Thanks to @ItsJooory (click on picture for gif)

and even bigger by @mindchnger

Jam285  Adam wanted so show Matthew mitcham that he knew how to dive, also, obviously.

TD Closeup at 4:20

Thanks to ?

TrentjCooper @adamlambert Well mr i must say the show was Amazing!! and our kiss was hot. Did u remember me from Mardi Gras? Trent C

This is a picture of Trent:

Ring of Fire



Broken Open

IIHY (can see TD better)


Playlist Sydney thanks to @ItsJoooory 

Screencaps thanks to @aquariussue7 and @scorptwtr

Pictures of Adam at Sydney Airport:

Fan Video Questions:


Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

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These pictures are all enhanced by @aquariussue7


Adam Gets A Pair of Hand Crafted Pants from Jordanna

Audio Interview

Lots more later... check back for updates!

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  1. I am UNFing all over this post... *licks screen*

  2. I tweeted about #14. Go to 'Favorite Breakout Artist' and someone tweeted me back to say he was nominated last year for this category and therefore not eligible this year. I did check and he was nominated last year but I don't know if this really means he isn't eligible this year. Does anyone know?

  3. Not sure about the Breakout Artist category but lets keep voting until we know for sure!

  4. Just when we thought it couldn't possibly get better .... he does THIS !

    My "normal" life is so gone - he has me hook, line & sinker, there is no hope ♡♡

    I love this man.

  5. I wonder if that guy that Adam kissed got to hook up with him after the concert! That kiss was so sexy! Adam is so sexy! I can't wait to see Adam & the Glam Band/Dancers in L.A. in December!!! Don't hold back Adam when you come to L.A., please!!!

  6. Did you sll see how Adam grabbed that guy by the neck? Just by the way Adam moves all of himself - his hands (I love this man's humongous hands!), his arms, his head - you can only begin to imagine what Adam must be like as a lover - I am so dead at this point!! Folks - stick a themometer in me - Iam so damn cooked & done by this man!!

  7. I just want to say what a great group of dancers and musicians Adam has backing him up. Early on, people were not happy with them sharing the stage with him. But, I say they make a Glamtastic concert even more so. And, you can tell Adam really does love them, as they do him. Aahhh...such a sweet Glamily.

  8. What an exciting concert...All I can say is "Some guys have ALL the fun"!!!

    I love Ken's pictures...WOW!

    xoxox Priscilla


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