Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Happening Now in Sydney..Tongue Diving!

What's This? 

The look of innocence?

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It Was a Good thing that ....

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Closer View of Fever!

Here's Something from Sydney !

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" many fans love all your interviews because you are so inspirational, you're not just multi-talented, you don't just look great and you're completely glamorous but you have so much to say and there's a lot of wisdom in that young body of yours so thank you very much for sharing with us all"

Pictures from Sydney

From Malaysia


                                              Melbourne thanks to @AintMsBehaving

More Videos from Melbourne

For Your Entertainment

Ring of Fire

Mad World

Slideshow from Melbourne:


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Adam Talks about Enter Sandman Performance


Pictures enhanced thanks to @aquariussue7... Aren't they amazing?

Radio Interview with Ant and Becks in Australia


Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

From Manila!

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and here is the latest adorable picture of Atticus and Beatrice via @lisarrific


Here's what it says when you get to the last category!


Come back every day and vote for your favorites in movies, TV, music and more! Be sure to come back on November 9th to vote for the top nominees that YOU chose!

So on November 9th, the nominees will be listed!

Vote here as well for  Favorite WEB Celebrity

 We need to type his name in the 'Other' Box. WE CAN DO THIS!




INSTRUCTION FOR VOTING ON-LINE (Follow instructions once and then its easy to repeat)
MINIMIZE SCREEN to avoid scrolling (CNTRL - )

(UPDATE!!!!!! From @LittleMsBig!!! Please Read!

"You don't have to keep typing his name . After the first time just click the "Other" box then click a few times in the name strip and his name will be there in a drop down window for you to click. Same thing with the song.")

1. At Home Page, click on 'Vote Now' or 'Nominate Your Favorites'

2. Vote as a Guest (No registration required) or as a Member
Click on Continue
3. Click on 'MUSIC' (There are 4 categories.)
4. Click on 'Favorite Male Artist'
5. Check 'Other' Box
6. Type in Adam Lambert
7. Click on 'Cast Your Vote
8. Click on 'Next Category' twice (Under 'Cast Your Vote')
9. Go to 'Favorite Song'
10. Check 'Other' Box
11. Type in 'Whataya Want From Me' Adam Lambert (We need to vote for this song, so we don't
have vote-splitting!)
12. Click on 'Cast Your Vote'
13. Click on 'Next Category' twice (Under 'Cast Your Vote')
14. Go to 'Favorite Breakout Artist'
15. Check 'Other' Box
16. Type in Adam Lambert
17. Click on 'Cast Your Vote"
18. Click on 'Next Category' (Under 'Cast Your Vote')
19. Go to Favorite Pop Artist
20. Check 'Other' Box
21. Type in Adam Lambert
22. Click on 'Cast Your Vote"
23. Click on "Favorite Male Artist" Under 'MUSIC' again, and repeat process!

Let's send a message that Adam belongs on the final Nomination list!


Good Review from Malaysia


Article from Hawaii


From Adam Official:

xoxo glam:

My Adam inspired tattoo :D

I got my first tattoo today!

idc how much crap i get for this, its for my mom who was killed four years ago when I was 14.

i got the lyrics from CLYG & Soaked. I couldnt decide so I put them together. for those that cant read it.. it says "Everything in me wants you back in my life, but your soul will be okay"

i love it so much. i picked the butterfly<3 and the butterfly is my mom. every June & July a black and blue butterfly comes around and we believe its her.



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  1. The love for Adam just keeps growing around the world. Let's throw some gliiter in the air tonight to send a message to Adam that the home fires are burning stronger and hotter than ever. Peace and love.

  2. What beautiful pictures!! Thank you so much for making this blog! We appreciate you!!

  3. Gorgeous picture of Brooke !
    She is sometimes out-shined by a certain glittery alien nearby, but this picture shows them both in equal glory.
    Very pretty !

  4. beautiful picture of Brooke and adam together.

  5. Love the quote from the DJ. Thank you for typing it out - cannot say it better.

  6. SleepwalkerAries21 October 2010 at 01:02

    These pictures are fantastic! And I love the defibrillator one! Thank you for always having everything I've missed when I'm gone from Twitter for the day!

  7. Yes, we have seen that look before :))
    and let us see it again. These photos showe their inner beauty as well.


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