Saturday, 30 October 2010

Adam Lambert in LA

Who took this picture?  Posted by @lambertslovelee
Hi everyone! Over the past few weeks I have been posting amazing pictures via @aquariussue7. As of today, she is going to be posting her enhanced pictures directly on this blog.  As well as having a great talent for enhancing new Adam and the Glamtroupe pictures, Sue has thousands of her own that she has both taken at concerts and collected.

There may be a few glitches here and there (oops!) so we will try to keep on top of it.  Thanks for sending her some love. Thank you so much for your talent and willingness to help Sue!

Next concert is in seven days on November 6 in Finland! 
Hopefully Adam and the crew will have some great down time to reenergize for the next phase of GlamNation!

Enhanced by Aquariussue7 Honolulu Show 2


Virgin Radio using @Lambertglowbug's video of Sleepwalker


Enhanced by Aquariussue7 Honolulu Show 2

Honolulu, Enhanced by Aqauriussue7

Great Interview from Montreal


On the Charts!

hooplamagnet IIHY was #15 at AT40!

Adam Lambert Climbs Another Notch on 'American Idol' Alum Album Sales Chart


Enhanced by Aquariussue7 Honolulu Show 2


Monte and Lisa celebrated their 6th Anniversary Yesterday

Monterrific Having dinner with the most amazing woman ever ( @Lisarrific ) exactly where we got married 6 years ago tonight.
 (tweeted around 7 PM EST)

Shared by @Lisariffic

I see they found the razor again! Enhanced by Aquariussue7


Taken 1 year Ago At Indy Idol Concert by Aquariussue7

Enhanced TCB Providence via @Lambosessed


More Up Close Videos from Hawaii via @thefilmqueen

Fever Hawaii #2

SW Hawaii #2

WWFM Hawaii #2

Broken Open Hawaii #2

More here:


Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

The Eyes have IT!! Enhanced by Aquariussue7 Honolulu Show 2

Enhanced by Aquariussue7 Honolulu Show 2

Enhanced by Aquariussue7 Honolulu Show 1

Enhanced by Aquariussue7



Yesterday was the final day for voting for nominations...We wait til November 9 for the announcements!

Please send me any links for where we should be voting for Adam and I will include them on this blog daily!


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  1. Much luh to you, Sue! And thanks, as always, for this FABULOUS blog - I look forward to it everyday! <3 <3

  2. These photos are beautiful BEYOND BELIEF!! What a talent. Thank you so much, Sue

    Elizabeth from Canada

  3. Hey fellow Non techies! Go to Name/URL and put your first name in to leave a comment... you can do it!

  4. Great vids and pics ty

  5. Thanx for the tip Gloria!

  6. These pictures are to die for!!! Thank you Sue for these!! - your talents are amazing & thank you Gloria for a great blog today & always!! These photos certainly woke me up!!

  7. Hello Glamily! First, I want to say "Happy Halloween!" to those who celebrate this Holiday and have fun with it! May you get more Treats than Tricks! Second, I want to say "Thank You!" to Aquariussue7 for ALL the wonderful work you do! You are truly a professional and it shows in your work! You have given us your best shots and this only enhances the journey along the way! Third, I want to say "Thank you!" to the person who took the top photo of Sir Adam Lambert! Amazing photo! I love his hair style the best in this photo! His Eyes, Ears, and Lips have to be the 3-Day Type! If I ever got the chance to kiss him . . . I would lock up on those three parts mentioned above for at least 3-Days! Oh Sir Adam Lambert . . . Marry me! . . . I wanna have your Babies! I'll gladly share all my make-up with you . . . anytime . . . anyday! Fourth, I want to say "Happy 6th. Anniversary!" to Sir Monte and Lady Lisa! May you live a very long and very happy life together to enjoy your 60th.! Beautiful Photo - Beautiful Couple! (Going to try and buy your CD Sir Monte! Thanks for the heads up!) Fifth, I want to say thanks to ALL for all the Photos, Videos, News, Reviews, and Recaps! Sixth, "Thank You!" guys for letting me know where we can go vote and for which song(s) we should be voting on! Group effort . . . ALL on the same page! Seventh, I want to say "Thank You!" for letting me know about the People's Choice Awards! I got a late start on voting and had I known earlier . . . I would have started earlier! In what little time I had . . . I got several hundred votes in . . . but would have voted closer to a thousand if given the opportunity! And, he is worth every vote and then some! I guess this is what you do when you care for and love someone very much . . . they become #1 in your eyes and the rest of the world disappears for that moment in time! Love . . . a strange little word . . . but so powerful when applied! Eight, by the way, my Brother-In-Law works for Mattel Toys and I think that top photo would make for a fantastic Ken Doll! Sir Adam Lambert . . . if you are watching . . . Please give me a Barbie Kiss and let's turn you into a Ken Doll! Can you imagine! Besides, most Ken Dolls are boring . . . but not Sir Adam Lambert! Marry me! I wanna have your Babies! Glamily Newbie! "If I had You, Life would be a party it'd be ecstasy! - #1 - Tuesday Knight, Costa Mesa, California, July 27, 2010"

  8. Thank you Sue for your the blog! My daily eyecandy!!! yummmzzzz!!!


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