Friday, 29 October 2010

Glamberts Rule!

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             Love seeing new polls and knowing I can count on Adam being way ahead in most of them!
                                 On occasion when he is behind, the troops  will rally!

 For this and all the other ways we continuously support Adam on the road to superstardom, Glamberts rule!
                                      Great Job! Pat on the back to all! Group hug!
                                                        Way to support Adam!

Sleepwalker was featured this morning as New Music on ChumFM (they promised via twitter that it would be played more as of today)

CHUMFM Sleepwalker Poll: 
 I was a bit  disturbed when I saw the results... on closer examination, the results displayed are for Chris Brown...SW results will be announced today so please throw some votes on the poll now!  Who did we seriously overlook?  Sleepwalker Poll

Hawaii!  Adam Up Close and Beautiful!

Soaked Hawaii #2

Aftermath #2 with toe views

Strut #2

Music Again #2

IIHY Honolulu #2

TCB Hawaii #2

More here:

(will add more later cause I plan to watch every single one!)


Kuala Lampur Reviews Adam!

So many newspaper/magazine articles


Screencaps by @aquariussue7

More from Tokyo thanks to @_bani


Adam Mentions His Acoustic EP

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Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

                                                    Gifs by @ItsJoooory from Hawaii

Two pictures thanks to @cynthilu in Hawaii

Enhanced by @aquariussue7

Screencaps by @aquariussue7

Monte's Interview with @rhyden...all six parts now uploaded

Musical Interlude Featuring Monte!

PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARDS Adam wasn't listed as a nominee in any category! We need to type his name in the 'Other' Box. WE CAN DO THIS!

INSTRUCTION FOR VOTING ON-LINE (Follow instructions once and then its easy to repeat) MINIMIZE SCREEN to avoid scrolling (CNTRL - ) (UPDATE!!!!!! From @LittleMsBig!!! Please Read! "You don't have to keep typing his name . After the first time just click the "Other" box then click a few times in the name strip and his name will be there in a drop down window for you to click. Same thing with the song.") 1. At Home Page, click on 'Vote Now' or 'Nominate Your Favorites' 2. Vote as a Guest (No registration required) or as a Member Click on Continue 3. Click on 'MUSIC' (There are 4 categories.) 4. Click on 'Favorite Male Artist' 5. Check 'Other' Box 6. Type in Adam Lambert 7. Click on 'Cast Your Vote' 8. Click on 'Next Category' twice (Under 'Cast Your Vote') 9. Go to 'Favorite Song' 10. Check 'Other' Box 11. Type in 'Whataya Want From Me' (We need to vote for this song, so we don't have vote-splitting!) 12. Click on 'Cast Your Vote' 13. Click on 'Next Category' twice (Under 'Cast Your Vote') 14. Go to 'Favorite Breakout Artist' 15. Check 'Other' Box 16. Type in Adam Lambert 17. Click on 'Cast Your Vote" 18. Click on 'Next Category' (Under 'Cast Your Vote') 19. Go to Favorite Pop Artist 20. Check 'Other' Box 21. Type in Adam Lambert 22. Click on 'Cast Your Vote" 23. Click on "Favorite Male Artist" Under 'MUSIC' again, and repeat process!

 Let's send a message that Adam belongs on the final Nomination list! .


Anti-Bullying Video to Aftermath by @drmrboy1974


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  1. Stunning pictures!

  2. Always a good job reporting the latest. Thanks!

  3. I hope you'll keep including the links to the various polls, you're making it so much easier to vote daily so THANK YOU. So you know, I'm from Livejournal (gaeln) but can't get the stupid comment as: thing to work right so...bleh.

  4. you've done it again. amazing post. hugs for all your hard work.

  5. These pictures of Adam are exquisite; whenever I think you canot improve on perfection, more stunning photos of Adam surface & I am in 7th heaven!! Thanks, Gloria!!!

  6. Great job as always, Gloria! He's been looking soooo tired!!! Hope he can really get the rest he needs.
    I have the feeling that he went HOME for Halloween...not too far from Hawaii and will celebrate his favorite holiday there! Deserves a break!


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