Thursday, 28 October 2010

Adam Time Warp!

Jamie, you have outdone yourself! Great job!

Adam Lambert: My Fans Support My Choice To Be Openly Gay

Short Article regarding E! True Hollywood Story


                                     Screencaps taken and enhanced by @aquariussue7

Is this one of the best versions of Sleepwalker? Yah!

Help us get it onto Canadian radio Now!:

Radio Interview from Australia (Adam starts at 8:00)


Adam in Toronto Soundcheck of WWFM

Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

Thanks to @xsexualxdesirex

Birthday Gifts for Tommy waiting in LA taken by his roommate Dave

                                              Screencaps enhanced by @aquariussue7



World's Best-Selling Music Compilation Series Announces November 9 Release Date for 'NOW That's What I Call Music! Vol. 36'

Includes IIHY by Adam Lambert!

PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARDS Adam wasn't listed as a nominee in any category! We need to type his name in the 'Other' Box. WE CAN DO THIS!

 INSTRUCTION FOR VOTING ON-LINE (Follow instructions once and then its easy to repeat) MINIMIZE SCREEN to avoid scrolling (CNTRL - ) (UPDATE!!!!!! From @LittleMsBig!!! Please Read! "You don't have to keep typing his name . After the first time just click the "Other" box then click a few times in the name strip and his name will be there in a drop down window for you to click. Same thing with the song.") 1. At Home Page, click on 'Vote Now' or 'Nominate Your Favorites' 2. Vote as a Guest (No registration required) or as a Member Click on Continue 3. Click on 'MUSIC' (There are 4 categories.) 4. Click on 'Favorite Male Artist' 5. Check 'Other' Box 6. Type in Adam Lambert 7. Click on 'Cast Your Vote' 8. Click on 'Next Category' twice (Under 'Cast Your Vote') 9. Go to 'Favorite Song' 10. Check 'Other' Box 11. Type in 'Whataya Want From Me' (We need to vote for this song, so we don't have vote-splitting!) 12. Click on 'Cast Your Vote' 13. Click on 'Next Category' twice (Under 'Cast Your Vote') 14. Go to 'Favorite Breakout Artist' 15. Check 'Other' Box 16. Type in Adam Lambert 17. Click on 'Cast Your Vote" 18. Click on 'Next Category' (Under 'Cast Your Vote') 19. Go to Favorite Pop Artist 20. Check 'Other' Box 21. Type in Adam Lambert 22. Click on 'Cast Your Vote" 23. Click on "Favorite Male Artist" Under 'MUSIC' again, and repeat process!
 Let's send a message that Adam belongs on the final Nomination list! .

                              Signing after the show Honolulu #2 and enhanced by @aquariussue7

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  1. HOLY FU*K!!!!!!!!! Thats the best Sleepwalker! WOW ADAM :) Lucky Audenience Adam sang his heart out to you :)Katie

  2. Wow! That Sleepwalker is fabulous! What a treat while I had my breakfast this morning! Love it!

  3. Mama Mia!!! I just got goosebumps everywhere on my body!!! That is the best version I have ever heard of Sleepwalker, aside from the acoustic version - this is truly a masterpiece - WOW!!! Never has Adam sounded or looked better & he looks positively yummy!! This version of Sleepwalker outdoes the one Adam did on NYE Gridlock. Talk about being the voice of the century - Adam certainly has it in spades!!

  4. Wow great version of sleepwalker! My 8 year old son watched it with me and sang along at the top of his lungs! LOL!

  5. I try to post a comment here. I enter it here. Then your site gives me a choice of who to log in as - none of which are immediately familiar. which will show my twitter name of hotmud? I try Wordpress. It wants me to sign in, but no links, so I go back and it threw away my message. I'm ot happy.

    My first message was filled with glee and compliments. My enthusiasm has waned.

  6. Hotmud... Im so sorry. I do love hearing from you. All the comments here have to be approved by me cause there is no way to edit them on this site once posted. So your comment will not show up right away. Not sure about the Wordpress issue. Feel free to email me or tweet. Thanks for trying! Greatly appreciated...

  7. Tx. I know it isn't your fault. It's just the tools that you are using - I was just in username/ password hell! and then to have it erase my message!

    I just said how much I loved your "time warp" photo and your cute reuse of the "time warp" phrase! Very clever! (per your usual!)

  8. Hello Glamily! My computer was down for only 24 hours . . . I'm up and running again! Yeeeaaah! Thanks for all the Pictures, Videos, News, Reviews, and Recaps! These Guys are so yummy! Puppy Dog Tails, Sugar and Spice . . . and everything nice! Sleepwalker was awesome as it always is! Does Sir Adam Lambert's shirt say "Lust For me?" Love the Time Warp (Glee) Video! I can see why some people just want to follow them around! They look like so much fun! Like Peter Pan's Lost Boys Club! Just call me Wendy, cause I would love to hang with them anytime! I have been voting at the peopleschoice website and trying to do so on a daily basis! Gosh! I sure hope he/they wins/win all these awards! I'm also voting for him/them in the Category Favourite Rock Band . . . "From New York to LA, getting high, rock n' rollin' . . . If I had you, life would be a party, it'd be esctasy!" Can someone get me some Canadian Website Addresses, so that I can request his/their songs? Are we only doing Canada . . . what about other States/Countries? Is the game plan to push "Sleepwalker" now? Because I've been pushing them ALL pretty much! Well, I gotta go and do some more voting at the peopleschoice website! I'm so excited . . . because I get to buy Sir Adam Lambert's Infinity Necklace tomorrow . . . my Halloween Treat! Good Knight ALL! Stay close and sticky sweet! Glamily Newbie! I love you ALL!

  9. OMG! First the fabulous "Time Warp" compilation and then Adam's amazingly powerful version of "Sleepwalker!" That combo sure made my night!!

  10. i don't know a url from a catfish ! give us non-techies a break. i just want to say something in plain english, not "select a profile !


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