Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Honolulu #2

Honolulu #2 and today the gang is going back to LA!             

Next concert November 6 in Helsinki                           

                                 "E! True Hollywood Story"


Honolulu #1


Honolulu #2 Videos


Soaked...with some silence by the audience...beautiful!

Music Again


TCB Search by date added

Review from Hollywood #1

Professional Photos

The Boys Playing on the Beach

Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

Hawaii #1

Thanks to @ItsJooory (click to see gif)

Thanks to @shelnick on AO
New concert stats worksheet

So far only 40 tour dates verified and this doesn't include any of the International dates the total $3,495,374. .


enhanced by @aquariussue7

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  1. OMG - that last pic took my breath away! Thanks for all you do.

  2. Love that last pic of Adam, have never seen it before, right click save!
    Also, Adam tweeted that he is coming home today, thought he was staying in Hawaii a couple more days, guess not, bet he is really glad to get home for a while!
    Great post, Soaked is so gorgeous!

  3. Next concert November 6 in Helsinki

    And I'm going there! Can't wait! It's only 9 days left and I'm seeing Adam. Still can't believe I'm really seeing him! It's unbelievable!

  4. With so many concerts to date, he still manages to put his heart and soul into every performance. I've watched every video of every performance of the Glam Nation Tour (US and international) and attended 3 live concerts. He always leaves me wanting more and more and more and more.........

  5. That last pic is hawt (please excuse my icky fan-girl speak) && the pics from the beach are adorbs (damn did it again!) I love this blog so much! xxkisskiss

  6. Yes, that last pic is def a right click save, lol. Always fun to discover a new one!! Wonder where it's from. Thanks for posting!

  7. 10 days and I am going to see Adam in Norway included a M&G .... and two days later in Denmark also included a M&G... and the last concert in Hamburg, Germany. I am SO excited...
    Thanks for this wonderful page and for all the great photo's you and fans share.
    From Denmark

  8. The stats sheet didn't mention 7-13, Chesaning, MI. It was one of my favorite concerts! What am I talking about? All 9 I was were my favorites! This one was memorable because it poured just as Adam finished up. No one minded because we needed the cooling off...and not because of the weather!


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