Saturday, 9 October 2010

Here I Am!



Uploads of all the songs from Tokyo #3

Tommy Joe Ratliff Corner

Adommy kiss from Tokyo #2


Very adorable tweet from Japanese fan:


Adam in a Finnish Magazine
Adam says Happy 10th to Donor's Choose

Meet and Greet.... LOL!


TCB Speaks...Who can Translate Japanese?


'American Idol': Adam Lambert's Twitter milestone cements status



  1. Do I need to subscribe again to get your blog here??

  2. Hahaha. I wonder how exactly she asked him to do this??!!

  3. Thanks for checking out this new site. I'm not sure what is going on with the old one but hopefully I will hear from them soon. Regardless of what happens there, I will be posting daily. I'm actually liking this site and I can export all the old posts and pages from Wordpress here if necessary. I will let you know if you should subscribe here over the next few days! Thanks for your support! XO Gloria

  4. WOW!! When I first came here, I didn't know hat was happening! When I came back, I saw your comment, so I felt I was still on this planet!
    It's kinda strange, but I'm sure we could get used to it. Just used to the other one, I guess.
    Anyway, still contains everything we need to make it thru the nite!!! Thanx for you never-failing work ethic and philanthropy!

  5. Just found you again...scared when my email from you wouldn't work anymore. Yes yes continue your site its so great...will I get it in my email incoming mail still? THANKS FOR YOUR DEDICATION!

  6. Thank god. Here you are! I was having withdrawal. I need you every morning with my coffee. :) I'm dying to see Music Again from Tokyo (3). The one where Adam says "I love you Tommy". There is a video but you can't see anything...only audio. Gahhh. It's torturing me!!!!


  7. Thank heaven and Adam you're still here!!! I began withdrawal the moment I saw the first "removed" message on WordPress. Really hope a subscription will be available, because it makes me smile every day to see you in my email. Can't thank you enough for my favorite site! Peace, joy, love, gratitude and Adam - Jan

  8. Yeah! You're back. I don't know what's going on but I'm glad you're resourceful. I need my AQD!


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